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2 Secrets used by Pop stars, Songwriters and Music Producers to Make Hit Music

Independent musicians the world over strive to make the elusive hit song and to become a big success. Several times independent musicians claim that there music is so much better than what is heard on the radio or what’s currently topping the charts. Though subjective in many cases this may be true. If a band, artist, or songwriter’s music is really that good why cannot they or have not they made a hit song? It is simply because they have not connected with and collaborated with the right individuals.

Think about it. Is it possible to be really successful in the music business or in any other business for that matter without networking with other people? NO. If you’re a DIY (do it yourself) type of musician like me it may take a while to grasp this concept. When you hear a song on the radio, on TV, in Film, on the elevator, in the local caf, at the club or in a major concert hall make no mistake about it there was a network of individuals that collaborated to make it happen.

Connecting and Collaborating with others are the 2 secrets used by pop starts, songwriters and music producers to make hit music.


Connecting with others in the music industry is absolutely essential for finding success and eventually making a hit song. We all know of talented individuals who for example can sing like a diva or play guitar like Hendrix but who never seem to get to the next level. Why? Because they are soloists. Think of a soloist in a choir. Without the choir backing her up the chance of the song being a success greatly diminishes. Don’t be a soloist when it comes to your music career or you could end up singing in the shower for life.


Instead, develop a networking mindset and collaborate with other musicians and industry professionals. If your music is really good people will recognize it and naturally be drawn towards helping you reach your goal because when you succeed they will succeed. On the other hand if your music needs work, collaborate with people who can help you take it to the next level. With the Internet reaching out to others is really as easy as sending an e-mail or picking up the phone so don’t be afraid to connect and collaborate with others.

Make Hit Music

Finding musicians to collaborate with can be as simple as joining an online music community like MakeHitMusic.com and browsing member profiles. In the community you will find groups like Music Producers, Singer/Songwriters, Vocalists, Promoters, etc. By visiting these groups, reading member bios, listening to or previewing their music or offerings you can easily identify others that can help you succeed. And, if you are a business or offer services for musicians then the same applies. Depending on what you do, figure out how you can help others or how they can help you make hit music.

With chat, e-mail and many free online phone and video conferencing tools available – talking to, seeing, and getting to know other musicians, industry professionals or likely clients is easier than ever before. So get busy. Connect, collaborate and make hit music.