What Do Music Producers Do

So, you want to know what kind of music contracts to look for…This is an absolute fact, music business contracts, recording contracts and music contracts come in all shapes, sizes, formats, lengths and purposes. Templates for all sorts of music business contracts can comes as bundles, collections or packages. Will you know which ones you need for your business or career?

But you must be on the look out for bad deals or tricky or useless contracts. You want to make sure these collections originate from an established guru in the music industry and are not derived from any fly by night web marketer looking to make a quick buck. Do Your Due Diligence before you buy anything!

You may also want to make sure you are able to edit any area of these contracts at any point so that they fit your every business need and your every client’s need. These packages can contain anywhere from 10 to 100’s of contracts so choose carefully and according to your business’ needs.

A large set of music contracts and templates associated with these types of music business contracts need to include the documents that are outlined below. This is not an exact set of music contracts and recording contracts, this is just a stellar list to follow when searching for the correct package of music business contracts for your company. There are hundreds and hundreds more out there but these are without a doubt an impeccable list to begin with.

1.Agreement of Distribution
2.Agreement of Foreign Agency
3.Agreement to Pay
4.Artist Management Agreement
5.Artist Producer Agreement
6.Artist Producer Contract
7.Artist recording contracts
8.Artist Tech Rider
9.Assignment of Copyrights
10.Booking Agreement
11.Broad Rights License
12.Broadcast Agreement
13.Broadcast Release
14.Cooperative Promo Agreement
15.Commercial Music Agreement
16.Composer Agreement
17.Concert Performance Agreement
18.Co-publishing Agreement
19.Short Form Copyright Assignment
20.Copyright License
21.Employment Contract
22.Event Sponsorship Agreement
23.Exclusive Songwriters Contract
24.Exc. Musician Agent Agreement
25.Exclusive Songwriters Contract
26.Foreign Agency Agreement
27.General Partnership Agreement
28.Independent Contractor Agreement
29.Joint Venture Agreement
30.Limited Partnership Agreement
31.Artists Management Agreement
32.Master License
33.Mechanical Rights License
34.Mechanical License
35.Merchandise Licensing Agreement
36.Parental Consent
37.Partnership Agreement
38.Photographer Agreement
39.Prod Dist Promo Agreement
40.Producers Assistant Agreement
41.Producer/Manager Agreement
42.Producer Royalties
43.Producer Talent Agreement
44.Production Agreement
45.Publisher/Record Co Contract Publicity Agreement
46.Publisher Royalty Agreement
47.Publishing Agreement
48.Record Company Contract
49.Record Company Terms – Dist
50.Recording License
51.Receipt For Master
52.Record Co/Producer Agreement
53.Royalty Agreement
54.Royalty Schedule
55.Sale of Property Agreement
56.Single Song Option
57.Sound/Light Contracting Agreement
58.Studio Contract
59.Songwriter Contract
60.Sync License
61.Talent Release
62.Technical Consultant
63.Union Booking Contract
64.Video Release
65.Vocalist Contract

I wish you happy searching for the correct package for your business and good luck! I hope this list is of a future aid to those whoever are in need of that extra bit of info or help to get their business up and running in an organized, timely and most importantly legal manner!