Wedding Rings Designs

When it comes to picking out wedding rings, there are only two people that matter – you and your intended. No one else in the world can possibly say what will fit personal tastes and what will still hold special meaning 50 years down the road.

As you look for the perfect rings, it is a good idea for both the bride and groom to take an active role in the search. Since you will wear wedding rings for a lifetime, finding rings that please both of you will be important. The choices out there are great. You should prepare for some serious decision making.

Picking out rings will involve a need for the bride and groom to answer a few questions together and perhaps even separately. These include:

Do you need matching sets? If the answer is yes, you’ll find there are many available. From elaborate filigree designs in platinum, silver and gold to diamond creations and even simple bands, matching sets have been and remain in style.

What metal do you want? You will find here the choices set in stone, but there are alternatives. The typical choices include gold, silver, platinum, white gold and even titanium. Each has its own appeal.

How elaborate do you need your wedding rings? Some couples prefer basic, plain bands. Other couples prefer designs that are elaborate. The choice is yours, but it is one you will have to make to narrow the search for special rings.

Do you need stones in your rings? Knowing this in advance will help make the process of looking go much more smoothly. If jewelers know you need diamond wedding bands, for example, they can pull out only those that are good enough.

Once you have answers to the basic questions, the hunt for perfect wedding rings will likely go much more smoothly. If you’re choosing matching rings, remember the set will have to please both of you. This might be a difficult process if he wants a fancy ring since it will be his only one and she prefers a more traditional metal band.

Remember, when picking out wedding rings that there’s nothing set in stone that says the rings have to match. If you each have distinct ideas about the “ideal band,” choose according to your preferences. If nothing strikes your fancy, there are other choices out there for wedding rings. These include:

Having them made. If you have the perfect ring in your mind, but you cannot find it in a store or online, draw it out. It is likely a jeweler can create the perfect ring for you.

Get your loved one’s ring engraved. This is one way to take a plain wedding band and make it spectacular. Have the ring engraved with a special saying, the wedding date or even just a simple “I love you.”

Look in antique shops. Antique wedding bands generally offer a special something that new creations cannot match.

Finding the ideal wedding rings can be an adventure or it can be a nightmare. Be honest with you and your intended. If you both agree on the “perfect” set, fantastic! If you don’t, it’s not worth arguing over. Each of you can have the perfect ring to wear for a lifetime if a little communication goes into the selection.