Wedding Rings Design

Whether you have just decided to get married and are shopping for cubic zirconia wedding rings or you’re already married and have chosen to replace your former rings with something new, there’s nothing quite like the flawless image of a sparkling simulated diamond accenting your hand. If you’re in the market for a new set of cz wedding rings, below are five fascinating facts to keep in mind:

Cz eternity rings symbolize eternal love. A wedding band represents an unbroken line, which is said to represent everlasting love. Whether you choose a textured or high-polished design or you prefer something with gemstones, the unbroken circle of your rings will reflect the commitment that you have to your spouse.

Cubic zirconium is harder than most other gemstones. Because it measures an 8.5 on the scale of hardness, it has earned the distinction as being harder than all other gems with the exception of a diamond, ruby or sapphire. What does this mean? When it comes to cubic zirconia wedding rings, the hardness of the stone will add to the durability and longevity of the ring.

Diamond simulants shine more brightly than most other gemstones. A cubic zirconia is designed to imitate a flawless diamond, which means its ability to shine is one of its most important characteristics. A genuine diamond has a high reflective index of 2.41, whereas a cz is close behind with a reading of 2.15. In comparison, these numbers indicate that these simulated rings will come close to the brilliance of their diamond competitors in terms of light reflection and shine. As an added bonus, these rings offer the look of flawless eye clean diamonds.

Faux diamond wedding rings are ideal for newlyweds. Because of their affordable price, cubic zirconia wedding these rings are a wonderful way for couples to begin their lives together without being in debt. While any may choose to spend a lot of money on their wedding rings and either use their savings to pay cash or go into debt by using a credit card, others are opting for cubic zirconia rings and using the money saved toward life’s essentials.

Cubic zirconium rings are ideal for travel. Whether you’re out of town on business or pleasure, you will likely want to take your wedding rings along for the trip. If you were to wear genuine diamond rings, how much would you be losing if those rings were lost or stolen? With cubic zirconia wedding rings, you would be sad over the loss but you could still replace them without depleting your savings. Whether you currently have a diamond ring set that you just aren’t comfortable traveling with or you want to start your married life with money in the bank, cubic zirconia simulated diamond rings may be the answer you’re looking for.