Wedding Rings Design

Wedding rings often look all the same. A diamond resting atop a ring of gold. But custom wedding rings are always in a class of their own. To acquire unique wedding rings, a bride and groom cannot simply walk into a department store. An artist must be found, specifically, an art jeweler who makes designer wedding rings. Here are five designers whose work exemplifies personalized Custom wedding rings.

Mette Laier from Denmark makes fun, playful wedding rings for men and for women. One wedding ring set locks together when put on top of each other. Separately they are two elegant bands with indentations whose function only the wearers know. It is a secret connection only you and your partner share until you are together and can lock the rings together. Another interesting example of Mette’s work are gold wedding ring that form a whole heart when the rings are joined. When the rings are separated each band has half of the heart engraved on the top of it.

Christine Dhein’s custom wedding rings have been featured in Lark Books 2,500 Wedding Rings, 500 Pendants and Lockets, 500 Earrings and 500 Necklaces. And all of her designs are classic and elegant, with a twist. She says, “In my work I am exploring the feeling of metal and rubber on the body; the sensations of cold against hot, hard against soft, motion against stillness. I want to share the pleasure of these sensations with the bodies that wear and view my pieces.”

Asa Lockner from Sweden creates a stylish designer wedding ring. It is a white gold and diamond wedding ring, with a square setting with a diamond in the middle. His ring is a simple wedding band that is raised on top of his finger. Men tend to hate those thick bands and this solves that problem by creating the mass at the top of ring instead of all the way around the band. These are a designer’s dream, simple yet elegant, affordable, wearable women’s and men’s wedding bands.

Jennifer Dawes is an artist from California. She only uses sustainable materials in her unique wedding rings, so all the jewelry is green, may we say. She creates classical rings with a new twist. Her “Hewn 3 Stone” diamond solitaire wedding ring has an oval center diamond with round diamonds nestled on either side of the ring. It is a to-die-for wedding ring. You can choose to add two jackets on either side of the ring. The jackets are pave set with 9 diamonds. This dresses the ring up to make it even more of a showstopper. This wedding ring is simply stunning and very feminine. Jennifer Dawes is known for her diamond wedding ring work – but also for many types of wedding bands with or without precious stones.

Chao and Eero, a Finnish husband and wife team, create very modern custom wedding rings. Like the work of Mette Laier, most of their rings have a component where the two rings when put together make a whole. These are sexy rings and an edge. One set is made from white gold with pave set diamonds. The ring is cut on a diagonal and makes a v shape on the finger. This is outlined with pave set diamonds. The men’s wedding ring is larger in size with one small v shape of pave diamonds on the front of the ring mirroring the women’s wedding ring. They are individual and make a whole when put together, just as the couple makes a whole when together as a wedding ring set. Another ring by Chao and Eero is made from yellow gold, white gold and diamonds. The men’s wedding band is a solid flat yellow gold band with a half circle white gold soldered on the top of the ring. The women’s wedding ring is a half round yellow gold band with a similar half circle of white gold and diamonds set in pave setting in the half circle. Yet again when the rings are put together they make a circle and on their own stand as individual rings with strong design.

Unique wedding rings take more time and thought to create, but wedding rings will be on a couple’s fingers for years, decades and sometimes for centuries. In this writer’s opinion, it’s worth the time to find an artist whose works resonates, then to approach them to ask them to design a custom wedding ring for you – instead of simply buying a wedding ring set from a jewelry store.