The Musicians

To succeed as an artists or musician in the music industry.

For any artist, songwriter, musician, and or performer. Even if you don’t have a strong desire to start and or manage your own Independent label, if you are even remotely serious about experiencing any level of success in the music industry, you absolutely MUST gain as much knowledge as you can get your hands on so that you understand the industry in which you have a desire to succeed.

You must research, study, and try your best to understand basic music contracts, indie labels, major labels, publishers, who does what, where, and when. If you think your just going to put together a few songs, mail them out to a few people on a list, and or get noticed playing in some club one night, then GOOD LUCK!

Artists, musicians, and performers absolutely MUST be proactive in advancing their careers. Your attitude MUST be that you will manage, publish, and promote yourself until a better manager, publisher, and or promoter comes along that has more resources than you, at which time you may decide to partner with to expand on what you have already accomplished yourself.

This approach is what separates the men from the boys, or the successful V.S. the Non-Successful.

As an artist, musician, or performer, you have got to begin today learning as much as possible about every aspect of the industry, and this is best accomplished by a logical approach, and having a resource with which you can turn to for advice as you continue your journey and develop yourself into a professional artist.

You will gain much more ground when you are approaching Major Music Labels, Music Publishers, and or Independent Music Labels if you approach them with an attitude of wanting to join their team, as more of a partnership. If your approach is I think my music is good, I want you to give me a contract to sign, and a bunch of money and fame, then again GOOD LUCK!

You will get the attention of music industry players much faster, and with much more respect if your approach is backed up with proof that you have been working hard to establish, develop, and promote yourself, and that you are not looking for someone to dump a ton of cash into you, but rather you are looking for someone that has some resources that you dont have, and that you believe in your music and talent enough to believe that if they can join in and add additional resources to take your product to the next level, that you believe that you and them will both benefit greatly from the partnership.

Heres an example, lets say that you have written and completed a demo of two or three songs, and you have maybe seven or eight songs written but have not yet recorded.

Which do you think would look better when you approach a small but fairly successful Indie Label. Lets look at the first, not so favorable approach.

You mail them a demo CD with your phone number, or you go to their office and drop off a CD with your cell phone number written on the front of it. This approach more or less screams I AM LAZY, AND I WANT YOU TO HANDLE EVERYTHING AND MAKE ME FAME AND FORTUNE

Now lets take a look at a more favorable approach, one which will most likely yield success, or at least open the door for more discussion and or dialog. Lets say you set up a meeting with the head of a small indie label, and sit down with them and tell them that you have a demo CD with three songs, and seven other songs that have been written, but not yet recorded. Then you inform them that you have already gotten a copyright on the recorded material, as well as a copyright on just the lyrics of the other songs.

You then proceed to tell them that you are currently promoting the three songs that are recorded on various promotional web sites, and that the three completed songs are available for purchase as singles on Amazon.con, Rhapsody, Emusic, and Napster, and that last month there were a total gross sales of $32.00 You then continue to explain your current promotional strategy, and that you are looking for a independent label, or team that believes in your music, and can take where your currently at, add some additional resources, and boost the product up a few more levels.

You then proceed to explain to them that you plan to continue self promotion, and working to get sales up on a daily basis, and that you truly believe that with your work ethics, passion, and drive, and their additional resources that as a team all of you can turn this into a profitable venture.

Now you tell me, which approach do you think would open, and keep the doors open for you?

Even if the small independent label that you are meeting with couldnt bring you in at that time, they most likely would be so impressed with your professionalism, and your approach, that they would most likely be more than willing to refer you to anyone and everyone they know in the business to try to help you.

Again, if you are serious about succeeding in the music business, you absolutely MUST take a proactive approach towards developing yourself as a true professional artist, performer, and or musician.