The Hi Song

There are two simple ways to download a free Ipod Nano song, or even songs for any other Ipod come to think of it. A lot of people are confused by this, so I am hoping you’ll find that this article will help you.

The starting point for several is to take the songs on their CD collection, and download them to their Ipod. If you start here, then you’ve immediately got any songs to listen to, and you do not need to pay any money to do it! It might be done like this:

Step 1-

Start your computer, and make sure you’re connected to the internet. You need the Itunes program, so download that if you’ve not already done so, and be sure you’ve the latest version. Neither the download nor the update take very long.

Step 2-

Now we need to rip the songs from your CD collection to get them on to the computer. This isn’t difficult to do, Itunes can do all of the work. It can take quite a bit of time if you’ve a lot of CDs, so allow an hour or two if you’ve got a lot of music to rip.

Step 3-

Use the USB lead to connect the computer and your Ipod. As soon as the two pieces of equipment recognise each other, simply use drag and drop to move your chosen songs onto the Ipod. Ipods are not necessarily quick, especially the Nanos, so you may have to wait a bit while the download finishes. .

Step 4-

When you’ve finished this, you can listen to your downloads. That really is all there’s to it for the first way to download free Ipod Nano song.

Another way of downloading free music is by finding a good free mkusic download site, and downloading any music from it. This isn’t simple though, as many of the sites claiming to offer “free” downloads will make you pay a per download fee, and any can even be dangerous to your computer or Ipod, by infecting them with unwanted software. .

If you can find any download sites that you can trust, you’ll probably find it well worth your while. Most of the best sites will charge you a one off fee to join the site, which goes towards the upkeep of their servers and software. This should ensure that the site will have good quality downloads, and download at a reasonable speed. I have done any research into these sites, and ome of the best of these might be found in the links at the end of this article

I hpoe this article has helped you to comprehend better how to download free Ipod Nano songs. Once you’ve gotten used to the method, you should find there’s no limit on what you can do with it. If you did find this useful, why not pass it on to a friend using the link at the top right?