Mixing Studio Information

Our private mixing and mastering studio is centered around the a modified Trident 24 series mixing console (pictures above do need to be updated).

Mixing Studio Equipment Highlights:

– Modified Trident Series 24, 36+24 Channels
– Big Ben / Aard Sync II
– Pro Tools HD-1, 16 Channels to console (16 via Apogee)
– Nunedo 3.0, 40 Channels to console (24 via Apogee AD8000 – DA 16)
– Wavelab 96k mastering workstation w/ Apogee PSX 100, Avalon 2055 EQ
– 2 Neve 2254E (Averill Custom), Manley VariMu, Crane Song STC-8, Alan Smart C2, 2 Distressors, 2 Universal Audio 1176LN (new), LA-2A (Vintage), 2 LA4, Chandler LTD-2, 2 DBX 166, 2 Aphex 651(Audio Ugrades)



Tracking Studio Information

We track everywhere. We enjoy recording at DragonFly East (private studio in Haymarket), Alive, Crystalphonic, on-location, houses, warehouses, or anywhere else within reason. Our studio is great for overdubs on just about any single instrumentalist or vocalist.

Live Recording System

Our live recording system is an excellent ensemble of studio gear packaged for portability. Up to 48 channels can be recorded, with 48 track safety. The CAD pre-amps compliment our Neve and API’s nicely. We can deliver the projects ready for all major DAW systems

Live Recording Equipment Highlights:
– CAD Maxcon II/ 32 channels
– 8 API – 4 Neve 1272 Pre Amps
– 2 x Tascam MX2424, 48 channels to console
– 2 24-track/24-bit Tascam Hard Drive Recorders
– 6 DA-78 Tascam Digital Tape Recorders
– 2 x Alesis HD24 Hard Drive Recorders
– 32 channel transformer isolated splitter snake – 250′
– 16 channel snake 250′
– Microphones Neumann KM184s, U87, 3 MD-421, 7 x SM 57, Buyer M-88, AKG Solid Tube, C480, D112, and more…