Sound Engineer

Music can be best described as the therapist who can heal all soul. You will agree with me if I state many a times we listen music when we are sad and even when we are in a jovial state of mind. Due to individual difference the taste do vary from person to person but then at the end of the day we all love music. Sound and melody should have a standard co-ordination as then only you can get the true essence of rhythm.
Do you know who is a sound Engineer?
In general terms, a sound engineer is someone responsible for any aspect of the sound at live shows. Many people think of the sound engineer as the person who stands behind the big sound desk at a show and mixes the sound the audience hears, also known as front of house (FOH) sound.
There are other roles for sound engineers at shows, however:
1.A monitor sound engineer takes care of the sound the band hears in their monitors on stage. If you’re ever heard a band says, “can you turn down my guitar a little bit” or something similar, they are talking to the monitor sound engineer.
2.Systems engineers take care of setting up amps, PA, speakers and such for the band and the other sound engineers. Keep in mind, however, that it is common for all of these roles to be taken on by one sound person at smaller shows. Having a whole team of engineers is a luxury usually reserved for large, well funded tours.
Sound engineers don’t have to work strictly in music. Some engineers end up doing sound at conferences, for speeches and any other venue that requires projection of sound for an audience.
Want to make a sound career as a sound Engineer?
After you having a clear idea who a sound engineer, and knowing his role and responsibilities, am very sure somewhere you are giving a second thought in making a career choice. Its advisable to ones who are passionate about music should think of making a career in sound engineering. But questions like where to take the training and how feasible will be to do from the chosen institute. Off late sound engineering courses are in great demand in youth. Most of the young generation choose it for their wonderful career.
For taking the valid decision and avail the best knowledge you should do a thorough research and then should draw a decision.
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