Sound Engineer

A sound engineer is a person who is responsible for the recording, manipulation or the duplication and mixing of various sounds, voices and music.

Often this process is undertaken in a recording studio with a great deal of technical equipment. In these types of studios for instance, a sound engineer can help a musician or vocalist to create the exact types of sounds they might require. They can influence the volume, mix several sounds and instruments together to create an impression of depth. By adding richness the sound engineer can edit out sounds or errors which do not enrich the final piece of music or sample of sound.

However, there are several other types of roles a sound engineer can undertake and these can take place in a variety of venues and locations. For instance, at conferences, symposiums and conventions, sound engineers are required in order to ensure that speech makers are heard properly and that the sound has a clarity that all attendees can understand. Another example of where a sound engineer is required is for live concerts or gigs. These types of events can range from everything from orchestral pieces to heavy metal shows. A sound engineer can ensure that high levels of sound quality can be maintained throughout the length of the live performance.

In order to undertake these types of technical tasks, many sound engineers have attended a music production course or one or two sound engineering courses. With these types of training, an engineer can learn the detail of very sensitive and complex technical equipment such as mixing desks, recording equipment and digital audio work stations.

At Alchemea we have a range of sound engineering courses which can prepare any would be audio specialist in everything from the basic of sound production to the finer art of various sound software packages.