PMD Recording opened as commercial recording facility in 1997. After 4 years of commericial audio recording work, we expanded our services to include music production and digital media services. Read on for more…….


Music Production

The decision to focus on music production has been incredibly rewarding. Our company has changed greatly to be most competitive. Although we have worked on the highest level projects, we pursue independent level work. See the “Events” page for more information on recent projects.




In 2001, the company upgraded its facilities to a private mixing/mastering/overdub studio. For larger tracking sessions, we make use of various commercial, private studios, and other spaces when necessary. We also have a several 48 track remote recording systems. We do almost all mixing and overdubs in our own studio.

One benefit of this new business structure is that we record and mix in any space that is ideally suited to our clients. This provides our clients not only unlimited creative recording options but also the ability to use and pay for only what is required. This can be a big factor in achieving the highest professional results on a tighter budget.



Digital Media Services

What exactly is Digital Media Services? We define it as any type of transfer, manipulation, replication, or archival of digital media (recordings). It may also be described as “Entertainment Media Services”. We draw on our computer science background to provide high level systems for a wide variety of audio/video data needs. Recently, we have performed these types of services for national acts such as the Dave Matthews Band, Alicia Keys, O.A.R., Jon Mayers, and others. Whatever the job, It is mission critical work with tight deadlines, and of the highest quality. Example services include:

– Tour Archival Systems (Dave Matthews Band, Alicia Keys)
– Project conversion from/to any DAW format
– Project Archival from any DAW format
– DA78-to-DAW transfers
– MX2424-to-DAW transfers
– Mission Critical CD-R/DVD-R manufacturing
– Archival (Tape, CD-R, DVD-R)
– Consulting on live-recording and related archival solutions