Recording Studio Tips

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s leading music company, is part of the famed NBC Universal Studios in Burbank, CA – Hollywood, where any of today’s biggest, hottest (and loudest) recording artists lay down the tracks to which you sing and dance.

Recently, UMG decided to build seven new music mastering rooms inside a large commercial building, and they put in a call to Delta H Design, a renowned West Coast acoustics and studio design firm. Delta H Design is well-known for its high-end, trademarked ZR AcousticsĀ® and for designing audio production spaces with crystal clear acoustics and world class acoustic signatures using everyday construction materials.

The Casting Call – a Tall Order

Hanson Hsu, founder of Delta H Design notes, “For the world’s leading music company, the one vendor selected is responsible for the entire project… and Universal’s biggest project requirement for their new recording studios may be summed up in one word: perfection.”

For Delta H Design, that meant meeting exacting project requirements: excellent sound signature, extremely high acoustical performance, and great noise isolation values.

Who Will Play The Lead?

Based on past experience, Delta H Design had just the right answer at their fingertips. The Solution: THX Certified Sound Reducing Drywall.

What makes THX certified sound reducing drywall so quiet? Technically speaking, it is an 11 layer, internally-damped, CPG composite drywall panel specifically designed and engineered to meet THX requirements for demanding media and privacy environments, including commercial theaters, recording studios and home theaters.

Can You Hear Me Now?

“The first time we used THX certified soundproofing drywall was because a customer requested it. We did our homework, read the reports, looked at samples and decided to try it,” says Hanson Hsu. “I was impressed by what I heard… or did not hear… and now UMG is the latest in a long list of projects for which we specified it in the design and construction.”

This was the result of Delta H Design’s ZR Acoustics with soundproof drywall: In terms of STC (Sound Transmission Class), soundproof drywall pushed the rating up by seven points… that’s a good thing. As for saving space, wall sections went from between 12- and 15 -inches thick with standard drywall to a slimmed-down 6.5 inches. The quantity of needed materials dropped as well. Also with their old techniques, Delta H Design used twice a many materials to construct a studio. Using soundproof drywall allowed Delta H Design to cut total costs as well because less material means less labor.

While checking out Delta H Design’s completed audio solution, Paul West, vice president of Universal commented, “All I hear is the dispersion pattern of the speakers.” In you-and-me speak, that means: “All I hear is…nothing.”

NBC Universal Studios UMG Division’s response was short and to the point. “Perfect.”