Professional Recording Studio

I get a lot of requests for reasonably priced high quality recording Studio windows. In general a studio window is used to separate the console or control room area from the live performance room. This is not however the only application for the Tru Acoustics windows. They are used in Radio stations as well to separate the different live rooms and to provide visual contact for the D.J.’s. The windows have been used by CNN News in Atlanta to allow visitors to watch the live broadcasts, yet not disturb the news caster. The uses for these windows is virtually endless.
There are a number of things to look for when purchasing your studio or control room windows. The first order of business is decide what amount of soundproofing you need and can afford. The windows from Soundproofing America, Inc come in 2 varieties. The first is our Tru Acoustics 45 STC studio window. This is a high quality window that has a integrated glass unit consisting of two 1/4″ laminated glass panes that are fused together leaving a sealed 1″ gap in between the layers of glass. The glass panes in this window are set at a 7 Degree slant which directs the reflective sounds that would reflect off the glass towards the floor. This helps when recording in the live room. Most of our studio windows come with aluminum frames that are anodized bronze colored or silver, and the windows can also come tinted or mirrored for one way vision through the window.
As a general rule the 45STC windows are used in Home recording studios, however, they have also been used in high end professional recording facilities. The sealed dead air space between the layers of laminated glass helps with the soundproofing effort. These are things you need to look for in a quality recording studio window.
Now the next higher grade studio window is what is referred to as the Tru Acoustics 56STC studio window. This window is quite similar to the Tru Acoustics 45 STC window with the exception of an additional layer of ?? laminated glass that is mounted vertically in the window frame. This high quality window is what would be used in a commercial studio. This is a professional grade studio window that gives you a 56 STC (Sound Transmission Class).
The cost of the windows depends upon which grade window you need and also the dimensions of the window itself.
These windows both come with a full 2 year guarantee and also come with complete installation instructions. There is also a mandatory installation kit that will need to be purchased with any of our studio windows.
Now you have an idea of what to look for in a professional grade recording studio window. Thanks for stopping by to read about this great product. For more information about the Tru Acoustics Studio windows and about out High quality Sound Vault Studio doors, call the professionals at Soundproofing America Inc. We are ready to help. As Always, Dr. Bob!