Portable Recording Studio

Music recording abilities and technologies have evolved and changed dramatically over the last few years as heavy mixing boards and other equipment have been replaced, or at least supplemented by portable laptop computers and software programs like ProTools and others.

You may be wondering which types of equipment to buy, whether you need to purchase recording software, and how to set up your own studio to help you take your recording abilities and expertise to the next level. The good news is that you may not even need to buy very many pieces of large, bulky equipment at all. The majority of new laptops are powerful enough to run sophisticated recording software that can easily take the place of traditional equipment, and can allow you to have a mobile recording studio as well.

If you have never used recording software like DigiDesign Pro Tools,Steinbergs Cubase, Apples Logic, Cakewalks Sonar or Abletons Live before, you might need to consider taking a class or receiving online instruction and support. These software programs contain many features, so many that even people who have been using them for years often realize that there were features that they were not aware of until after taking a course. There are many websites that offer online support and instruction, depending on the type of software that you purchase. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your recording studio software however is to experhyment on your own. It goes without saying that you should get in quite a few practice sessions before you attempt to do a live recording.

Whether or not you decide to create a physical studio in a fixed location is up to you. It may not be necessary if you are planning on traveling a lot, but you’ll still need to have any basic equipment, including a few high quality microphones. If you are anticipating working on recording projects that will require multiple sessions and or if you are not anticipating that you’ll be traveling very much, you may need to think about a combination mobile and traditional studio. You can still use your software for the bulk of the work, but you’ll have the benefit of actual physical equipment as well, and know that you’ll have a dedicated space to work on your projects.

Regardless of the type of studio that you opt for, you should plan on investing in a powerful laptop computer and a high quality recording software program. You will be surprised to discover all of the truly creative and innovative things that you’ll be able to incorporate into your recording projects when you use one