When making Multi-Media Content, Flash or Online video Clips for a client’s web web site or CD Rom Project, the very last thing you want is to get him in difficulty with the law. If there’s a want for music in a task, utilizing royalty totally free music is crucial.

Right here are some general songs ideas that you might discover useful:

one) Discovering the appropriate kind of songs

There are hundreds of alternatives when it comes to royalty free music and producing the correct choice can be hard. Right after all, most Television generation businesses have tunes supervisors on personnel whose only task it is to select appropriate songs for initiatives. Deciding on music is an art in itself. In basic, you will find that your customers would desire to use something they heard on the radio, anything from their preferred album and so forth. Regrettably, that’s copyrighted things and licensing an N Sync tune for your subsequent ‘how to’ video clip or CD-Rom may possibly cost you a fortune. What you want to do is find buyout audio that seems equivalent to today’s well-liked tunes. It’s a little more challenging to discover than your standard ‘canned’ tunes. A great deal royalty free of charge tunes may audio like audio from a 70’s sitcom or worse, a cheap porno flick.

A excellent place to check out is Royalty Free Music Web. All their tracks are developed by set up file producers with grammy and gold document credits so you get songs that appears as up-to-date as what you could listen to on the radio.

Our idea: Constantly use songs that appears just a little far more energetic than you consider you may require. You may possibly listen to the tunes over and above whilst you’re putting collectively your project while the finish user could only listen to it a number of moments.

2) Much less is not a lot more in production music

When you are seeking for background music for a venture, pick audio with some affect. I know it is meant to be background music but if you decide on substantial power tracks, your complete venture will leave far more of an effect. Listen to a sampling of today’s Television set commercials and you are going to find that most of them use very effective tunes. You want your function to produce an affect and keep viewer’s interest and a sturdy, potent soundtrack can do that.

3) When ‘legal’ songs is not lawful

The usage license on your buyout audio CD may possibly be quite liberal but it is not a license to steal. You can use royalty free tunes on all of your tasks and as you have the lawful right to use the songs, your customers can be certain not to get into lawful troubles.

However, that license is only extended to you, the purchaser. You can’t transfer that license by copying your CD and supplying it to any person else or by promoting the CD. This might be news to you but there’s no this sort of point as a ‘used buyout songs CD’ If you don’t acquire the tunes from the producers of the tunes, it won’t be lawful even now. So, next time you search eBay for royalty cost-free tunes, make sure you are acquiring a new CD, not a used one particular or it will be ineffective to you.

4) You get what you spend for

Whilst we’re on the topic of Ebay: You may possibly discover offers for total 4 or 6 CD libraries for $75 or other ridiculously low charges on Ebay. The real truth is, these CDs might not even be really worth that minimal cost.

A single good top quality royalty free songs CD will cost you between $29 and $sixty nine (some even more) If it’s significantly less than that, here’s what you are most likely to get:

Discontinued titles that have been close to for ten, twenty or far more and not only sound dated but may also have presently identified its way unto hundreds or countless numbers of other projects for the duration of the many years to make your very own venture audio dated.

Homegrown CDs that are designed in somebody’s bed room studio. You can simply understand these CDs as they generally don’t have any ‘real’ instruments on it, only synthesized stuff. You can clearly listen to the difference among those CDs and anything produced in a genuine studio with genuine musicians.

5) CD or Obtain?

With the event of substantial pace web, you don’t actually have to wait around anymore to obtain your Royalty Free of charge Songs CD in the mail.

A relatively new ‘Pirate Party’ has emerged out of Sweden in the last few years. This party, founded in Sweden, and currently under the leadership of Rick Falkvinge has gained some momentum having landed a seat in the European Parliament. However, what’s really on their agenda?

So far, the key men from the Pirate movement have used arguments about how you cannot stop new technology from emerging, and to some extent, I agree. Rick Falkvinge explains how new technology traditionally replaces dying industry. Here’s their sketch:

“Well, not too long ago in my country of Sweden, men used to go out and cut ice and deliver it to the people and get paid to keep people’s food cold. Suddenly, the refrigerator came along. People did not need their ice to be delivered anymore. The Ice deliverers went out of business and were replaced by fridges.”he claims.

Well, that’s a fine analogy, except, it doesn’t really apply to P2p does it? You see, the refrigerator may have replaced ice deliveryman, however, the refrigerator did not share other people’s work in order to freeze the ice or cool the food. Yes, the refrigerator caused a shift in the economy and put the ice men out of business. The ‘fridge’ was the ‘new’ technology. But, people used the same food on the ice as they did with the fridge and they still paid for both the food and the fridge and even the ice deliveryman.

Music, Film, TV, media is like the food in the fridge. It is not as if the food disappeared just because there was a change in technology. I mean, people still buy food and refrigerators in Sweden, right? Music, which has fueled the use of new technology, has been created through hard work. People are still paying for food. But, with p2p, they aren’t paying for music.

Now, you might say that music has always been the ‘software’ that helped sell the ‘hardware’. In the past, records meant people had to buy record players, cassettes sold tape players and on for sometime now this applied to cd players (made by companies who owned the software (music), dvd players, ipods, computers and now it ultimately applies to world wide web access. At the end of the day, you have Creators who help sell the ‘hardware’, it is mainly access to creative content that has assisted in selling you broadband. Why do you think broadband has expanded so rapidly?

Falkvinge thinks that we need to ‘sacrifice’ a sector of our culture and industry in order to safeguard civil liberties. However, that kind of attitude is exactly what will fuel the fire underneath Big Business and Government ‘bonding’ that has taken place over the past year.

It is this whole ‘share’ word that the p2p community keeps using that is not ringing true. The last time I checked my dictionary the word ‘Share’ meant giving part of something you own to someone and as a result, you no longer have that part or ‘share’.

P2p users are not ‘sharing’ culture. Sharing is when you give someone a portion of something and once you give it, you no longer have that portion. End of. P2p users don’t share. P2p users ‘duplicate’. They ‘copy’. (Isn’t that why they are so hung up about copyright control?) They believe they have the right to copy whatever they want from whomever they want worldwide. Likewise, P2p users do not do anything ‘cultural’ during this duplication process. It is their PC’s that are doing the ‘copying’and they don’t need to know anything about the people that they are supposedly sharing the contents of their PC’s with.

Copying whereby everyone EXCEPT the creators are getting value and compensation is wrong. So far, nobody on the planet can truly come up with a justifiable argument for why ISPs, websites, users, or anyone else should all receive a benefit from using someone else’s work while the creators who have made those works are being oppressed.

P2p is an amazing form of distribution. But, still, the results and benefits of the technology remain imbalanced. The creators are being exploited to the benefit of the consumer, the ISPs, and the website owners.

The Pirate Party and a good portion of the P2p community somehow believe that artists and musicians should not be compensated or make a living from their work. (I realize that not all file-sharers feel this way; however, there is a great movement from this sector proclaiming that artists should not make a living from their music outside of gigging and perhaps t-shirt sales.) In fact, many will deliberately misinterpret Lawrence Lessig’s book ‘Free Culture’ to promote this viewpoint even though Lessig clearly states “A free culture is not a culture without property; it is not a culture in which artists don’t get paid. A culture without property, or in which creators cannot get paid, is anarchy, not freedom.”

So, how do you claim ‘free culture’, anti-censorship, pro- civil rights, anarchy and the oppression of an entire sector of the culture and economy all under one Pirate flag?

The head of the Pirate Party stating that artists don’t have a right to earn a living from their music. Musician’s study and hone their craft for years. Just because technology can duplicate their works doesn’t mean that a solution should not be found that compensates for this injustice. The technology is P2p, the technology is Internet. Music is music. It has not changed. It is still of huge importance in our culture. The mp3 + P2p or any other content delivery system + Broadband is simply a combination of a relatively new format for music with a new distribution system and new ‘hardware’. Music is like the software that sells the hardware. Music has not changed, only the format. We were keeping food cold whether it was on ice or in a fridge. Still food.

An ISP provider today generally can supply your phone, TV and Internet. A Provider like Virgin Media or Sky has to pay the creators of the television programs money to give you access to watch them down the same digital pipe that supplies your Internet. Yet, they don’t pay any of the creators of the Internet content a single penny. In a highly competitive TV world, if they were only to show programs they acquired for nothing rather than the premium content programs they have to buy to attract subscribers, then the subscribers would all signed up to their competition, would not they? Although music is premium content on the Internet, they are allowed to circumvent the free distribution of music whilst making huge profits from the traffic it produces. Come on, look at the margins that telecom companies are making and with the projected expansion of broadband, it would not be hard to generate money to be distributed to artists.

At the moment, the Pirate Party indirectly stands for the oppression of the artistic community.

How could p2p, the Internet, social media and the apathetic masses really help out here? Thanks to the Pirate movement and their radical stance about oppressing the artistic community rather than suggesting a solution and the RIAA taking a radical stance against new forms of distribution rather than embracing it from the onset, we are left with an apathetic majority of people who will be effected by the new laws which are being formed through a joint-venture between the Government, The Telecom corporations, and The Big Industry that everyone claims ripped them off all these years. These new laws will ultimately invade your privacy unless the apathetic majority wakes up and begins to look at potential solutions.


If we don’t try to come to a compromise that suits everyone, government is going to march in and that’ll be the end of it.

1) The Internet needs a Compulsory global license for Music to enable websites to calculate their margins and contributions for the use of music and other media would become more standardized, which essentially reduces costs, and create a fair playing field.

2) A levy on the ISPs needs to be introduced. The Internet needs to be levied at its access points. Telecom companies are your Internet passport. They are the gateway between you and the media on the Internet. Telecoms are expanding rapidly even during a global recession. The telecoms generate huge revenues and turn over massive profits. They are selling connections and bandwidth based on the premise that people want to access culture. A weighted percentage of their profits should be allocated to the compensation of the creators of the media that people are accessing (copying). This would allow a passage of ‘free culture’ on the Internet whereby piracy could become obsolete. This levy could be introduced without raising the cost of Broadband to the end user.

3) Government subsidies: The government wants to see jobs being created. As the impact that a levy on the ISPs and a compulsory license for music on the Internet would essentially help create a cultural expansion on-line, so would the impact on job creation and artistic development. This would help free up government resources into the regeneration of music at the grass roots level rather than the mass seizure of resources that has been wasted on fighting piracy.

When it pertains to actual estate transactions, you need to leave your choices to a legitimate real estate professional. The professional will certainly function as a manager for the residential properties you are marketing or purchasing. The professionals typically work independently or as a group. They can provide various type of solutions as long as it is related to real property things. What are things that you can expect to obtain from a Seattle full-service real estate management? Discover how a realtor could assist you out with your real estate requirements.

These are things that a property management group can help you with.

1. Residence Owners Association Management

If you are a company that provides homes to your consumer, a property management team could help you out with the maintenance, budgeting, construction specifics and ability to establish up things in your household homes or condos. The administration company is an expert in taking care of your properties also.

2. Home Management

All kinds of homes are taken care of well by full-service real property management in Seattle. From the smallest to the largest residential properties, you could delegate your purchases with the management team. You do not need to acquire solutions from actual estate companies in various other areas due to the fact that there is a lot a lot more that the realty management solutions in Seattle can supply you.

3. Commercial Residential property Management

The administration team is not simply qualified of taking care of your homes. If you have a company that requires dealing with, a Seattle real property management can offer complete service. Dealing with contract, the administration company can supply 24-hour property management for emergency situations. Preparation of income tax return and application of insurance is likewise managed. Use this web link for more info.: seattle full-service real estate management

4. Getaway Home Rental Administration

Other than offering the Seattle location, leading quality real estate management includes help for your properties outside Seattle. You can delegate your holiday residential properties to reliable teams in Seattle.

5. Location Brokerage firm Services

In addition to household and commercial administration, Seattle realty management also features brokerage solutions in the area. Either you are purchasing or marketing a residential property in Seattle the companies will certainly manage to lend you a hand with the procedures.

6. Development Solutions

Realty firms that supply full service administration can likewise deal with both small and big investors for the advancement of retail and high end household homes. The procedures that could be handled by the firms would certainly consist of application of permits, laying out of budget plan and filing of agreements.

Those were only the standard solutions that are offered by genuine estate managers. A whole property firm has a lot to provide when it pertains to their specialties. You could visit your realty supervisor today and talk regarding your needs. They will certainly have methods to make every offer easy and the most effective for you. Seattle full-service realty management can do greater than just offering or getting of residential properties for you. Acquire n touch with your real property manager and begin fulfilling your goals.

There is nothing else much better means to find great house financial investments compared to via the support of the very best realty provider in Seattle. If you need a remarkable, full-service real estate management, then Madrona Real property Services, LLC is the appropriate area for you to see. The company was founded by Bradford G. Augustine, which has been in the sector for more than 30 years. His substantial experience in business brings the company. For more details, please phone call 206-623-7662. You could additionally see our web site madrona real estate services in seattle for even more information. We are a company that is driven by honesty, stewardship and an eye for specific to ensure our customers that they obtain excellent services. The firm is a professional in management, advancement and brokerage of real estate business. If you are searching for a room, we could locate properties consisting of industrial and household, space and homes both available or for lease. We also offer solutions for HOA, Non commercial, commercial, and employment rental management. We are constantly ready to serve people, households, or companies. You could see our site at 1320 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122. We are open Mondays through Fridays from 8AM to 5PM. For general material on seattle home owner associations management company, also have a look at sell a real estate property in seattle.

Many people are making an excellent living selling thier samples, tracks, and cd’s, on the Internet and off, even if they are not with a major record label. Just look around on the Internet. People are paying $30 to $60 for small beat and and sound packages, $50 to $100 for small loopsets and beatsets, $100 to $300 for Instrumentals, $100’s to $1,000’s for complete tracks and samples, and for the few lucky ones like Jay-Z and J D. . . “Money aint a Thing”! They sell millions of their cd’s. There are thousands of people and even companies looking for new music everyday! Let them hear yours!

Whether you dream of Making It Big in the Music Industry, or are just interested in making any extra cash doing what you love, this article is for you. You will see the resources you need to make your own beats, loops, instrumentals, finished tracks, and complete demo cd’s. You will also see the resources you need to make money doing it. With that being said, let’s get to the part you are waiting for. . .

Part I: Make Your Own Beats, Instrumentals, Samples, Loops, Tracks, and Complete Demo CDs. . .

To do this, you will need a few things. First you will need recording studio software. Recording studio software is nothing more than a program that allows you to mix beats, melodies, chords, samples and loops to make your own customized instrumentals and tracks. They also allow you to record yourself as you sing or rap to your track and to make a copy of your tracks to cd.

You can find this type of software all over the Internet. Just do a search for “make your own beats” or “recording studio software”. As you search, you will notice that on average, this type of software will run you between $50 and $200. Don’t Buy Them (you’ll see why shortly)! Now you’re going to need beats, melodies, chords, samples, and loops to customize with your recording studio software, aka: soundsets and loopsets. Again, just do a search for “beats” or “loops”. They mostly come in packages of about 200 soundsets for $30 and 300 loopsets for $60, or 600 soundsets for $75 and 900 loopsets for $150. Don’t Buy Them Either!

Alright, so at the minimum, $140 gets you the low-end studio software, 200 soundsets, and 300 loopsets. . . or if you want a little better quality studio software and more soundsets and loopsets, you can spend about $425 for high-end studio software, 600 soundsets, and 900 loopsets. That’s absolutely everything you need to make your own beats, instrumentals, samples, loops, tracks, and complete demo cd’s. But why did I say Don’t Buy Them?

Because you can get it all, the studio software and over 1,100 soundsets and loopsets for under 30 bucks with Hip Hop Starz Record Producer and Mixer Studio (see “about the author” at the bottom of this article). This is an unheard of price for absolutely everything you need, and it is of such good quality, I have dedicated an entire page of my Snoop Dogg website to it. It is loaded with many features you will find on the high-end software selling for $100 or more. Also, they are currently holding a Win A Record Contract Contest with Doug E Fresh. Use the software and enter to win!

So now you know how to make your own beats, instrumentals, samples, loops, tracks, and even complete demo cd’s, and this brings us to our next part. . .

Part II: Make Money Doing It. . .

There are many, many ways to make money with your own music. The first thing you need to do, though, is break it down into pieces, or components we will call them.

There are 4 key components to any track, or song. You have soundsets, which are nothing more than beats, sounds, scratches, etc. You have loopsets, which are your soundsets when put together in a loop. You have instrumentals, which are completed tracks with no voice or lyrics. Finally, you have completed tracks, which are basically just instrumentals that include lyrics.

When you look at music from this angle, broken down into components, you will start to see many ways to make money with your own. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this report, people are not only paying for completed tracks, they are also paying for the components individually. If you can create you own, good components, people will buy them.

Again, search the Internet for these components. Doing so will not only show you how much you can sell your components for, but also where you can sell them. As long as people are listening to music, there will always be a demand for it, and I cannot see people stopping anytime soon.

If you are wanting in learning how to make money with your own beats in more detail, I recommend you check out Bob Bakers website (see “about the author” at the bottom of this article). Bob Baker is a writer, indie musician and former music magazine editor who is dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more CDs and increase their incomes through their artistic passions. He is also the author of the Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook, as seen in the major motion picture The School of Rock . . . and in VIBE, Music Connection, Electronic Musician and American Songwriter magazines. This is the guy you should listen to. Here are any of the things you will find at his website. . .

– 197 Promotion Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Independent Musicians.

– 101 places to submit press releases, get reviewed, uncover PR connections and promote your music on the Internet. Supplies the exact website and email addresses for submitting your music news.

– The 29 most important elements in creating sizzling music publicity materials. Make sure your media kit gets noticed by editors, writers, booking agents, program directors, and other industry people.

– 50 ways to promote and sell your music on the Internet.

– And more, including his coveted Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook.

I hope this report has proved useful to you and I wish you all the best as you learn how to make your own beats, tracks, and even complete demo cd’s.

Barcelona is one of those cities you can visit again and again. Its fantastic location, in reach of some of Spain’s most gorgeous coastline, together with its history, architecture and huge cultural programme is what makes it one of Europe’s most desirable city destinations.

So, how can you max-out on culture when you visit Barcelona? Here are just a few suggestions:

1. The Picasso Museum

Barcelona is awash with museum, both public and private, and the Picasso Museum is a must-see on any tourist’s itinerary. Picasso trained in Barcelona, and so the museum displays a comprehensive selection of the work he created whilst studying in the city. It is an important collection that shows his technical skills and his growth as an artist. In addition, there is a collection of over 40 ceramic pieces, which were donated to the museum by Jacqueline Picasso in the 1980s. Housed in magnificent medieval palaces, and with classical music concerts as well as the art collection, the Picasso Museum is not to be missed.

2. The Architecture

Costing you nothing but tired feet at the end of the day, you can view the history of Barcelona through its buildings. From its Roman Walls, visit the Gothic quarter, where the Cathedral, public and private buildings all take you back in time to the city’s Medieval period. See Modernisme buildings that are also World Heritage Sites and modern buildings such as those built for the 1992 Olympic Games, and you’ll have walked through thousands of years of Barcelonian history in just one day.

3. Festivals

Like any major city, Barcelona hosts a number of festivals each year. One of the most desirable and best-known is the Barcelona Grec Summer Festival, which encompasses a wide range of productions and performers. In addition, festivals such as the Ciutat Vella Flamenco Festival and the Barcelona Guitar Festival give visitors a true taste of Spanish art and culture.

There’s a whole lot of other cultural activities and events to keep you busy on your visit to this amazing city – and you’ll want to come back for more

It was not too long ago that the selection of wedding rings for men in jewelry stores was limited to gold and platinum wedding bands. Nowadays, the selection of men’s wedding rings is just as varied as those for women. The reason behind the big switch is demand. More and more men are opting for more than a traditional wedding band. If you hadn’t considered more than a plain wedding band, the following information about what is now available for men may offer you an alternative.

Probably the most widespread change in the wedding band that you can choose is the type of metal. Gold and platinum are no longer the only choices you have for a wedding band. There is also Tungsten, two-toned gold, stainless steel, and titanium. A Tungsten wedding band is a good choice for a wedding band because of its durability and quality. A wedding band made of Tungsten will not tarnish, is difficult to scratch, and has a natural shine. Tungsten does not contain an alloy metal so it probably will not cause an allergic reaction.

Can’t decide between gold and platinum? A two-toned gold wedding band is the answer! A wedding band that features metals with opposite properties is appealing to men who are interested in a wedding band that looks good at both work and play. This type of wedding band is usually inexpensive. Stainless steel has made a come back in the jewelry industry. Like Tungsten, stainless steel is very durable. It makes a handsome wedding band for a man who wants a stylish wedding band without frill and an expensive price tag.

The best seller of men’s wedding jewelry is Titanium. The reason Titanium is so popular with men is style. The hammered Titanium wedding band is particularly popular with men because it has a rugged look. Men who opt not to wear a wedding band often do so because they consider wearing jewelry to be feminine. A Black titanium wedding band is also a big hit with men. Its color is definitely an attention getter, especially when combined with a diamond or other metal, such as gold.

With the new styles of wedding band available to men, bridal sets are becoming more popular. These sets are a great choice for couples that need to share in the same style of ring. Another reason a couple may choose to purchase a bridal set is because wedding rings are typically less expensive when purchased in a set. The only foreseeable problem is the couple having to choose a single style they both like.

With some devoted function and good tunes perception, it is feasible to produce some great sounding tracks sitting proper in your residence and with the aid of minimal instruments. To be able to reach a stature whereby you can deliver a first rate keep track of and quality sounding combine of a specialist amount, you need to invest some time and some concentrated effort. As the good quality of function increases, you want to commence looking into the advertising and marketing elements of your career. This may be accomplished through studying promotional websites, actively playing at get-togethers and other gatherings, press releases, and so forth. and may possibly even entail employing a marketing and advertising business to get your identify out there.

First Stage – Take a crash course!

There are a variety of dance songs tutorials are available, which will aid you at first to get heading. Listening to audio of well-known artists that pursuits you’ll also help. The top favorites contain the likes of Deep Dish, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and so forth.

Be influenced!

DJ Jack Easy is an case in point of a effective dance tunes producer. He was operating as a DJ of a pirate station when he acquired addicted to property music. He obtained himself a set of decks and began to function. Following obtaining into music production, by the time he was 23 years outdated he’d set out more than 250 information.

Jack Smooth’s songs stands out because he helps make his personal tunes fairly than remixing other peoples songs. This ought to be an inspiration for any person who desires of creating it huge in the subject of dance songs manufacturing.

Happen to be new in the music-doing globe? Do you need to have new perspectives for&nbsp your overall performance?

To assist your objective of becoming an artist, hiring a audio producer provides numerous advantages. They could guidebook you by means of emotion, pitch, rhythm, phrasing, etc. They offer for an aim ear. As your partner, they will support you produce the superb audio for your vocal or musical functionality.
how to produce beats at home
A producer with very good qualification is a good assist to maximize your expertise. They play a important position to produce the best-concluded “sound” of a songs creation and productive recordings. If you possessing made the decision your songs finished completed, never left it into the fingers of a person who has no creation expertise.

Like actors who want good directing, artists also require a reputable tunes producer to optimize their occupation odds.&nbsp A producer principal work is to produce good goods into the industry.

Certified music producers recognize and know all methods, how to use different samples and seem placement mixed with a contact of musician abilities. They can use their creativeness and cleverly make new mixtures of conquer versions, audio tendencies and sample from other productions.&nbsp The essential to be a reliable producer are encounters and info for delivering finished merchandise that are ready for the industry.

Below are some tips you need to have to know before selecting a audio producer:

1. What is your particular need to have?

2. what type of songs style is your toughness?

three. How substantial is your talent level and how significantly is your price range for the task?

Here is a common problem that one of my subscribers expressed to me recently…

“I’m 16 and the main problem is, I know what I want to write, but when I do write it down I just think it sounds lame”

Now she’s 16 years old, but I’m pretty sure that this problem transcends all ages.

The truth is, nearly every thing *I* put down I also think sounds lame too… at least at first. We all have to understand that in most cases you will never write a ‘great song’ the first time around. It doesn’t happen that way.

I always jokingly tell those who are aspiring songwriters that “you aren’t in the business of writing songs, but more like… you’re in the business of editing them”.

By that I mean, you’re not necessarily ‘song writing’, but rather ‘song crafting’. That’s why they call it a craft, and that’s how you should be thinking. It’s about constantly editing and re-arranging your song until you see it fit to be heard by other listeners. When you have a song down, don’t just let it stop there. Trust me, it ain’t finished.

There may be exceptions to the rule, but mostly – you will still have work to do.

Listen to the verse… could it do with a change of melody? Does it tie in well with the chorus or Pre-Chorus? Does the song make sense lyrically? Step out of the song for a moment… would you dig the song if you were an outsider listening in? Does the song bore YOU? What could you do to change that?

Now, you don’t have to go mad here. Don’t nit-pick every little knock and cranny – that will only drive you crazy. Take in the first instance of what you feel could do with re-working, then DO IT. Change it up… and make it better.

Critiquing your own song is probably one of the most difficult things to do in songwriting – but it CAN be done relatively easily. It involves you really having to stand apart from your song and looking at it a little objectively.

By listening to the song from other people ears can do wonders for your songwriting.

After you have done this, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag… BUT only for a limited audience.

What do I mean by that?..

…I mean, you should now play your song to a fellow musician, singer or songwriter. All three if you can. If it’s somebody you respect, then even better. Here’s the ticket: There is no better way to drastically improve your songwriting then when you actually begin to listen to your song though another songwriters/musician’s ears – of whom you respect. That’s the ultimate.

In fact, I’ll say that one more time so you can engrave this phrase in your mind…

There is no better way to drastically improve your songwriting then when you actually begin to listen to your song though another songwriters/musician’s ears – of whom you respect.

If you don’t have a friend who’s a songwriter or a musician that you admire and/or respect, then go get one. Honestly. Befriend one. Develop any sort of relationship with one. FIND one. It will be the greatest move you ever make in songwriting.

Eventually, you will not have to keep asking for feedback from them because you will soon be able to listen to your song ‘through his/her ears’. That’s why the above paragraph is so crucial to your songwriting success.

I’m convinced that should you follow the advice in this article that your songwriting will reach to it’s highest degree. Not only that, but you’ll achieve a higher level of songwriting in a shorter space of time.

Finally, remember you will get better as you write more and more. By definition, if you do something more than often, you will get better at it. So keep at it and for goodness sakes, ENJOY it

Soundproofing a studio can actually be a fun task once you know how to approach this project.
The first order of business is to find a space that will be dedicated to the studio project. Oft times home studios are constructed in a basement of the home, however this is not always the case, especially in places like California, where there are no basements.
Once you have picked out just the right area for your studio, the next step is to take measurements of the space and to begin gathering your building materials. If you are planning on framing the walls with 2′ X 4′ studs, then it is always a good idea to stagger the studs. In other words to have one set of studs that stick out further than the adjoining stud. Basically this would make it so the the drywall would attach to mostly all other stud and thus the walls would have less contact points with the structure that would reduce the sound transmitted through the walls.
Now a full tilt studio would consist of 6″ staggered studs and the wall cavities would be filled with a rock wool material or the bonded acoustical cotton batts. The next step would be to apply a layer of 1# mass loaded vinyl directly to the face of the studs. The MLV is a lead substitute that contains no lead whatsoever. The MLV would be stapled or nailed to the studs, provided the studs are wood. If you’re utilizing steel studs, then you would need to use self tapping sheet metal screws.
Tha MLV would act as a soundproof barrier that would act as a membrane across the face of the studs. You would over lap all of the seams of the MLV where ever possible and then caulk the over lap as well as around the perhymeter of the membrane.
Once the MLV is applied to the studs and sealed, we come to a crossroad. You have a choice here. Your first option would be to use sound clips and furring channels in order to float the walls of the studio. The Sound clips and furring channels is a very effective method of floating the walls so that they are resilient and also so they are conpletely independent from the ceiling, the floor and the adjoining walls.
It would take me a longer time than I have here to campletely explain the Sound clips system, but suffice it to say, that floating the walls and the ceiling in your studio is the most effective method from stopping sound from going in or out of your studio.
The last step in building your studio walls is to add the drywall to eather the studs or to the furring channels if you are floating your walls. I always recommend 5/8:” drywall from US Gypsum or other reputable drywall manufacturer. You can also use quiet rock in this application, but that will add dramatically to the cost of your studio. I mainly recommend adding 2 layers of 5/8″ drywall to your studio walls using a product called Green Glue the would be sandwiched between the 2 layer of drywall to give the drywall extra damping capabilities.
This article covers the basicas of building and soundproofing the walls in your studio. The same methods work for the ceiling as well. In other articles we will be talking about floating the floor in your studio, but until then, thanks for reading about how to build a soundproof recording studio. As Always, Dr. Bob O.

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