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In May 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore was released. The film received both criticism and rave reviews. The documentary explores the many ways that mankind is contributing to global warming. It also brought to light the fact that many are choosing businesses to work with based on whether they’re environmentally friendly. Corporations ranging from Wal-Mart to music recording studios are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon.

With the growing trend in going green, companies resistant to change are likely to find that they get left behind by their forward thinking competition. Concern about the environment started slowly in the recording studio industry, but it continues to grow.

The Premises, located in London recently completed a three-year refurbishment of their suite of 14 recording studios. The renovations included converting Studio A to solar power. This is thought to be the first solar powered recording studio in the UK. Recycled materials were used whenever possible, and careful planning was used to make certain that energy demands would be low.

In the United States Serenity Studio moved ahead of rivals by being the first music recording studio to go green. This studio specializes in large vocal groups, bands, acoustic sound, and recordings by and for children. The studio was designed with 16-foot ceilings without any parallel walls. That contributes to the recordings having a very warm sound.

When in full operation this studio uses between 900 and 1000 watts of power. The power is generated by a solar system with 14 Siemens 75 watt solar panels. A battery bank stores energy for nighttime use.

The beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui is home to Grace Recording Studio. This studio displays its appreciation for the environment in more than one way. The Maui studio is located on one-half acre where beautiful gardens and fruit trees are lovingly cared for. From the studio one can enjoy fantastic views of the ocean and surrounding islands. In such an idyllic location it is not surprising that Grace Recording Studio uses solar power to generate 100% of its own electricity.

The location of this Hawaiian studio makes solar power a awesome choice for meeting its energy needs. Grace Recording Studio installed 48 photovoltaic solar panels along with a 7000 kilowatt converter. The solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

It’s important to note that the use of solar power does not decrease the quality of the services provided by these studios. In fact, the technology used in the creation of the solar recording studios is usually more advanced than in others.

This music recording studio has a large format console running Radar V S-Nyquist that delivers 24/192 kHz. This is the conversion that captures the minute nuances and the unique texture desired by recording artists. Additionally, the S-Nyquist converters are used with 48 channels of Pro Tools HD. Through the combination of this advanced technology this Maui recording studio provides great flexibility along with amazing sound quality.