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Okay folks listen up today I’ve an interesting question for you.

Can anyone tell me and then argue logically possibly the top five greatest historical and technological innovations within the music industry?

Surely there would be the usual suspects, the Beatles, Elvis Rolling Stones Motown possibly, Brit Pop even and who could forget the great rock ‘n roll swindle of the 70s that was the Sex Pistols but what about delving slightly behind the scenes?

How about thinking slightly differently as I say and stopping to think about any of the technological innovations that made the recording of the music possible?

OK over the years music and rubber have possibly not been the most glamorous of bedfellows and can at times of conjure up quite a lot of dubious images but let’s be serious for a few minutes.

At this point most people will probably be laughing or sniggering at the back and thinking what on earth is he going on about but if you let me develop idea further you’ll notice there is any credibility to it and more than meets the eye.

OK the basic logic behind this premise is as follows. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve recorded and what magnum opus have just recorded it is not going to amount too much if people aren’t able to listen to it properly.

OK, joking aside, this argument has a lot more logic and substance to it than you would normally think Yes in the entire pantheon of “musical rock ‘n roll fame etc then acoustic foam doesn’t possibly initially rank up there with other such developments such as Marshall amplification, SSL recording desks etc but there is not a recording studio any place in the world that does not have acoustic foam jammed into every nook, cranny and crevice

So, once again, lets hear it for Acoustic Foam!

The bottom line here’s that it doesn’t matter how good your music is, how talented the band or singers are, if you can’t get your music out to the people then you might as well not be there.

As I said, at this point, enter stage left, Acoustic Foam.

Most recording studios in the world are located within any forms of urban location. OK I know there are the exceptions that prove the rule etc like Compass Point, Nassau, George Martin’s former place at Montserrat before the Volcano kindly caused them to move (proof if ever there was needed that foam rubber can’t solve everything) and Virgins Manor Studios but by and large most studios are located in the mist of urban sprawls.

Take London for instance, you have Air Studios in Oxford Street, You used to have (if it is still there) Virgins Townhouse studios in Goldhawk Road and of course EMI’s grand old lady of them all, Abbey Road Studios in…..Abbey Road.

Now, how long do you think these places would have lasted if they had succeeded in permanently annoying the neighbours? About five minutes I reckon knowing any of the neighbours that these places have and so noise reduction is right up there with a decent recording deck.

So folks, if you have finished laughing. I reckon that Acoustic Foam that makes the largest part of internal noise reduction systems is pretty vital?

I rest my case.

Thank you and good night