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Have you and your band decided it is time to make a recording? It’s an exciting time for you and you need to ensure that the Recording studio you choose is easily accessible, offers the best equipment and has equipment hire and repair should you’ve forgotten anything or an important piece of equipment breaks.

Finding the right space is easier than you may think. You need a space within simple reach of all major motorways and London is the obvious solution. In London you’re central and there’s a awesome public transport network if some of the band members or backup singers don’t drive.

Obviously you don’t need to be within the congestion zone, so finding something that is within simple access of public transport, major motorways and outside the congestion zone is key to the luck of your days recording. This way you won’t have people not arriving due to transportation or accessibility problems.

There are studios available on the ground floor level for simple access that have a control room for recording and monitoring. There is even an experienced engineer on hand to help you when you need it to ensure your recording goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

The studio is close to restaurants and shops, so you can take a well-deserved lunch break between sets or take a leisurely walk to the shop to relax and breathe in some fresh air.

There are also two rehearsal studios available, one of six hundred square foot with a kitchen, shower and air conditioning and a second one thousand square foot studio with equipment storage, lounge, kitchen and shower.

What’s more should one of your guitars or your keyboard break during recording there’s equipment repairs on site and anyone using the studios get priority repairs. If the repairs are going to take longer than anticipated, there’s also equipment rental so you know that your recording can continue as planned and you’re not paying for something you cannot use while repairs are being carried out.

Both studios come with backline amps, PS systems and microphones and when recording in the control room you choose which microphones you prefer to use to ensure your recording day is a pleasant one.

If you’re recording over a couple of days there are storage cages available for rental, this enables you to lock your expensive equipment away and enjoy a night out in London to unwind after a long day of recording.

Whether you’re looking for rehearsal space with recording options or just a space to record in for a day, being close to London is the ideal choice. You are central within simple access, you’ve the advantage of ample space with simple load bays and safe parking and you’re within close proximity to public transport, restaurants, shops and hotels.

You may wonder why hire a recording studio when you can build one at home, but by the time you’ve insulated the room, bought all the equipment and started recording it will cost you a lot more than hiring a space that has everything available for you.

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