Musicians For Hire

Back when many of you older musicians were growing up the term digital download was not even thought of. If someone was going to hire musicians and to have your music it had to be either played on the radio or purchased in a physical form such as a record, an eight track tape or a cassette tape. And so today the business has various formats of digital media, which allow copies of your music to be emailed across the globe in mere seconds. To any this is great to some, not so much. The biggest downside of this is that without a copy protection algorithm your tune or tunes can be bootlegged and offered for free between millions of people so there is a likely for lots of royalty loss that could not have occurred say back in the seventies.
The upside is that you can reach many more likely fans and hire musicians this way and there is the likely that you can make a lot more sales across the world in service marketplace than you would have done by yourself way back when.Ok, so where does that leave the musical community as a whole today? That truly depends on whom you ask. Many, if not most songwriters hate it because they loss out on a lot of money for something that they toiled long and hard over creating. A lot of new bands love it and hire musicians because even though people are really stealing the music for free on the Internet, it increases the count of folks that attend the shows at the clubs so they make more money that way.
One thing is for sure, no matter which person you ask or which answer you get, the industry is very well divided about this issue and there is not really a right or a wrong answer. With progress there come changes and sacrifices that have to be made and in this day and age of the modern business of music, the loss of royalties is a fact of life and is here to stay for the foreseeable future of the industry. The best thing that you can do is network with other music professional at places like myMusicCircle and you can hire musicians. This will allow you to try and stay ahead of the curve as much as possible and hopefully do the damage control first and then just be prepared to roll with the flow as things change. And believe me, they will continue to change.