Music Recording Studio Equipment

Recording your own original rap songs can be very fun and profitable. I’m sure that all rappers would agree that creating a new song from scratch is one of the most satisfying things you could ever do. Because the cost of recording equipment and studio time has dropped dramatically, it seems that everyone is attempting to experhyment with recording rap songs. The most important aspect of your recording is the quality of the record. This is how you will be judged. The quality separates the serious artists from the beginners. Achieving a high quality rap song is not as hard as you may think.

The first step to recording a high quality rap song is to find high quality beats. Most up and coming rappers record songs using already used radio instrumental. This can become boring and repetitive. Try to set yourself apart from the majority of aspiring rappers try to get original rap instrumentals from professional producers. Obtaining top quality instrumentals is not hard at all. You can buy beats online from web beat makers. The advantage of this is that mostly the cost is much cheaper when you shop for instrumentals online. Getting a high quality background instrumental track can be the single most important step when creating a rap song.

The next thing that you want to do is to find a good and affordable recording studio. These days, you don’t need millions of dollars in studio equipment to record quality songs. Check around your area for local recording studios and give them a call. Ask to schedule a tour of their facilities and ask to hear samples of their completed works. All recording studios specialize in different genres of music, so be sure to stick with one that is knowledgeable in the genre of music that you are recording. Another option is to build your own home recording studio. You’ll need a computer, a recording interface, a microphone and any headphones at the very least. A couple grand will mostly cover the cost of a new home studio. Then you will want to spend time learning how to use this equipment.

The final step to recording a top quality rap song is to find a great recording engineer. Do not under estimate the power of a professional engineer. The right engineer will make your song sound 100% better, even with less than quality equipment. Recording engineers are like barbers and beauticians, one you find one that you like, you stick with them. Once they get used to your style of music and recording they can really save you time and money when working in the studio. Engineers can be found by traveling to local studios, searching online and even word of mouth.
As human, we all have the desire to create. Writing and recording you own original rap songs can be one of the most pleasurable experiences imaginable. The rap industry is very competitive, so if you are attempting to break into the industry try to obtain the highest quality rap instrumentals possible with your budget, record on the best possible recording equipment, and work with professional and talented engineers. Follow these steps and watch the sound quality of your music step up dramatically.

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