Music Production Major

Music gear are stage speakers, sound equipment, DJ equipment, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc. Actually music gear includes both musical instruments and equipment. There are various major companies and labels that serve different regions and markets like Yamaha, Gibson, Marshall, Roland, Crate, Fender, Crown, Pearl, etc. Let us have a look at some of these major players in music gear industry.

– Roland corporation:

Roland Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments. It was founded in the yr 1972. It is now one of the leading manufacturers of electronic musical gear. The major products this company manufactures are synthesizers, electronic percussion, digital pianos, and home keyboards.

It is also famous for its microphone models. The various models that this company manufactures are DR 80 C, DR 50, and DR 30 types of dynamic microphones meant for the stage and the studio while CS 15 is a stereo microphone kit.

As regards monitors and speakers, MA 15D, and MA 7A are stereo micro monitors that have the capability to deliver high quality sound in confined recording environment. MA 1EX is incredibly small USB powered speakers. The chief characteristic of the headphones of Roland is that they’re flat, and that they provide accurate sound quality and sophisticated visual manifestation with aluminum housing plate.

Yamaha Corporation:

Yamaha Corporation was founded in the yr 1887. It was then a piano and reed organ manufacturer under the name Nippon Gakki Company. Yamaha has grown to become the largest manufacturer of musical instruments around the world.

The various Yamaha speakers are an enormous success in the digital music world. The microphones include 3 way, 2 way, large, small, high power, medium power, and other variations. There are also switch able, single amp and bi amp drive models.

Shure Inc:

Shure Incorporated, based in the United States and founded in the yr 1925, mainly manufactures microphones and other audio equipment. Initially the company was under The Shure Radio Company named Sidney Shure. Till 1933 the company manufactured only radio systems. Their field expanded when they started manufacturing microphones, phonograph cartridges, mixers, digital signal processing and most recently headphones. They are also known for winning the Grammy award.

The SM and Beta series of dynamic and condenser microphones manufactured by Shure are very well known in the music gear industry. The SM series microphones are used world wide for live vocals, and vocal reproduction for guitar, drums, bass instruments, etc.

The KSM series of microphones are mainly used in studio recording. The microphones of Shure are popular because they’re comparatively inexpensive, sound good and extremely durable. The 55SH series II microphone that was manufactured in the early fifties is still popular among musicians and radio personalities.


It is a brand for professional music and recording equipment like mixing consoles, loudspeakers, studio monitors, digital recording equipment, etc. Mackie is probably best known for its mixers. It provides the full surround mixing and monitoring capabilities, professional digital production console with selectable operation, built in control for pro tools, etc.

The list of brands is very extensive in the music gear industry. But the ultimate goal or objective of all company is to provide good equipment at a very low rate.