Music Production Equipment

There has never been a more exciting time for independent, home-based productions. If you have the creative spirit and the vision for an independent production, or if you want to setup your own recording studio, this is the time to launch your dream.

Audio and visual technology is so advanced, so easy-to-use and so affordable that mostly all directing-producing dream can now come to life. The technology to record, film, edit, produce, package and market has never been so accessible. So accessible in fact, that private productions can now be recorded and distributed right from your home-based studio.

Are your dreams one CD, one DVD or one Blu-ray away? Then, let’s get familiar with the products that will help bring all the pieces of your dream together and start building an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment.

Media – The first thing you will need is media, meaning the CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs upon which you will record your dream. If quality is important, Blu-ray is the way to go. Blu-ray discs allow for the highest quality duplications. And so today Blu-ray discs are also available for inkjet or thermal printable discs as well as water resistant inkjet discs. When it comes time to distribute those CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays, remember that first impressions last a long time. Selecting the right Jewel cases and packaging materials will make sure your recording arrives in great shape and stands out from others.

Duplication – Selecting the right duplicator begins with a decision about duplicating volume and space allotment. While there are manual and robotic duplicators, there are many different sizes of duplicators.

Manual Duplicators – Stand-alone manual duplicators are capable of reproducing 100% duplication of all CD configurations, DVD configurations including Dual/Double Layer discs and Blu-ray recordings.

Robotic auto-loading duplicators – This is the time for mass production. Robotic autoloaders make it easy and affordable. No project is too big for robotic duplicators so let’s get that best seller out and about. Choose either compact, mid-size or the large-size multi-drive towers, there is a volume duplicator for your project.

Printing – Nothing says “authentic” like a good, clear, professional label, which is why the right printer is essential for any production area. Thermal printers and inkjet printers can now produce single disc or production quality autoloaders. Prices of these printers have never been more favorable.

Erasers – When that recording just doesn’t work, or when your recording has lost its zip, you may want to erase material from your media and re-use those CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays again. In the past, that was not as easy as it should have been. In fact, it was a downright risky proposition. Very typically the old fashioned erasers would punch holes in the discs, rendering then unusable.

Not only are today’s erasers environmentally responsible, but they protect the discs while allowing for complete erasure. The new eraser drives use an intense laser to burn material off the disc. The process is safe, secure and fast. 100 CDs can be completely erased in less than one hour.

That is how easy it is to live your dream. All the equipment needed for creative audio and visual recording and professional producing are readily available, easy to connect and even easier to operate.

And so today, there is a definite market for independent productions. Whether your goal is to launch a career, fulfill a dream or perfect a vision in a home or independent studio, absolutely everything you need to get started is listed above. Go for it!