Music Mastering

If you are engaged in putting down your own music, it is frank that you already know how to perform music or play an instrument otherwise you would not even be interested in the first place. This process can appear very tough to a person who is uneducated to this extremely technical aspect of music. In reality, you don’t need to be a computer or melodic genius to mix your own track or CD, you only have to be willing to make a go at audio mixing by yourself.

No industrial equipment is necessary. In fact, all you require to get a move on is a PC or Mac with a microphone port (most computers, both desktops and laptop computers, have one of these ports) and some audio mastering software program such as the free application Audacity. Setup the application on your computer, then record each track one by one. Put down the drums track first, proceeded by the bass guitar. This will give you a good start on the song. Following that, add in the other musical tracks such as the basic guitar, followed by the other guitar. If there’s a piano, place it in as well, along with the other musical tracks. Ultimately, the vocals go in at the very end of the mixing process.

Many instruments will be able to simply connect right into the sound card using an adapter that switches from 1/8th inch to 1/4 inch. They are available at any major audio store. For singing, you just need any mixing quality mike, and one of the above-named adapters.

After the recording is completed, just mix them together by fixing the sound levels of each track until the clean mixture is achieved. That’s all there’s to music recording! Just saved the finished mix as a .wav type of file or .mp3 file and burn each song to a master CD!