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Are you still confused to choose a way for music promotion? There are different ways available to promote music. All among that online promotion is considered as one of the most excellent way. This helps to provide broad exposure for you along with your band. One would be able to extend music among people using a simple strategy.

First step is the proper choice of website. This is considered as an essential tool for enormous music promotion, however, in case when someone is interested in sales and nothing more, the multimedia sites are recommended to access. This is pointed out here because this way only makes you available with fans but not considering any professionalism. Indeed, using particular websites it is easy to grow up sales along with existence among fans.

It is very important to choose proper and adequate website for extremely eminent promotion of music online. As mentioned earlier hat it is easy to excess relevant websites through social media sites like youtube and facebook etc. these are helpful here to increase rank in search engines only. Another method is use of other related music websites by which one would be able to have back links for its content. is one such source to provide publicity in very short time period. This is providing an exposure that you need for your music. This is an easy platform to bring an artists or projects among public with the magnificence which they deserve.

It is helpful to set the tone of success along with great publicity for any great project. These types of websites are providing best career to the forefront and these are considered as basic ingredient to get success of any attempt in the entertainment industry. People will start searching you at when would be a part of this. No doubt many firms are taking care to provide such high leveled promotions but best known is Its efforts for music Promotion are admired by people from mostly all field. For further queries drop us email at

Who is Artistpr? is an affordable one stop solution for indie artists and record labels. The site was started to help independent musicians and labels expose their music to the world through radio and press and licensing opportunities. works with some of the most talented working journalists, published authors, and accredited public relations professionals. Our goal is to dramatically increase your sales, expose your music to the masses, and greatly enhance your image to the public.

What Do We Do? can help submit you to thousands of top music resources in your genre including Radio Stations, Online Music Magazines, Directories, Ezines and Blogs. Your Membership also gives you automated updates of music licensing opportunities (i.e.) Movies, television and commercials. vh1, fox abc, nbc, mtv, comedy central. Plus access to over 25,000 music industry contacts including Managers, Agents, A&R Reps, A&R Showcases, Clubs, CD Duplication, Message Boards, Mp3, Music Conferences, Cd Review Publications, Press Releases, Radio, Retail, Distribution Outlets, Studio Finder, Seo Guide and more.

How Does Your Service Help Us? will save you hundreds of hours and dollars because we do all the work for you. You can spend time playing music rather than digging around the Internet looking for opportunities. If you’ve ever tried sitting down and searching around the net for ways to gain internet exposure for your music then you probably already have realized that it’s a full time job to promote your music.

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Founder John Mahoney has worked at Major Labels such as Columbia Records, Epic Records Arista Records and was part owner of 4:20 records. He has worked with such names as The Off Spring, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Oasis, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Cypress Hill, Bad Brains, Rage Against The Machine and hundreds of indie bands and artists. is used by artists and labels big and small and has a proven track record of successfully helping bands gain exposure through radio, press and media outlets. Please review our home page for testimonials.