Music Industry

Black and white was just plain boring and so the world developed and moved into color television. The vinyl recordings were boring because after a few plays the clicked and crackled like an old gum wrapper. Eight-track tapes were boring because they were not sonically good and always broke during a track change.
I think you can see where this is going. As we progress we as humans become easily bored with what is going on in our lives. We get to the point where things as they are just are not good enough and so we look for a way to make that better, whatever that is. This is a good thing because change its self is a good thing. As long as that change is done for the right reason then it is cool. I mean if you just change something because you are trying to keep up with something or someone else then that is not a cool reason to change. Let’s look at guitars. If you just buy a new Les Paul because the guy in the other band just bought a new Les Paul. That is definitely not the right reason. However if you bought the guitar because you love the way it sustains better than what you were getting on your Stratocaster. Then THAT is a cool reason to change. You are changing for a benefit.
Lots of time people do that on the computer. They are not happy with what they are doing so they will get on line and look for something that is better. They generally do this because they HEARD that there is something better than what they had. Until they heard that there was a better widget out there they were perfectly happy with what the current one did. But the thought that there was a better one for sale somewhere made it imperative that they get it. And honestly, as long as we humans are thinking that way, the software companies and the computer companies will continue the pattern of planned obsolescence that keeps us broke.
There are times when we need to advance. Needing more record able tracks means we need more processing power and that will dictate we need a more powerful and new computer. Needing to load more needless garbage in the cache while surfing is a waste. So it is time we take control of our PCs and make them work for us and not the other way around.
Written by Greg Wilson