Los Angeles Musicians

To start off, LA is easily California’s largest city with over nine million citizens which also makes it America’s second largest city behind New York City! So there must be lots of enjoyable activities seeing as there’s so many people here right? Well, you’re absolutely correct. This city offers tons of different activities that anyone would find enjoyable. So if you’re visiting for family or any reason or maybe you just moved, you can rest assured that you can easily find something fun to do. Los Angeles is also the center for many different sectors like: business, trade, education, entertainment, culture, media, as well as many others. Seriously, that list could easily go on for days! Since there’s so much to do, we’ve decided to help you by narrowing down the best activities.

Absolute must sees –

First off, I advise you that you just visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Now this place was so hot, there have been reports that it raised the temperature to one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit on nearby sidewalks! This was because the building is made with an impressive yet giant stainless steel exterior which at first acted like a giant magnifying glass that shined light down upon the ground. Much like the kid with the magnifying glass, except the main fact that we were all the ants! But aside from this, some of the best musicians of our time have been featured here. If that’s not your style, you can all ways find something interesting going down in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. If you’re in Los Angeles in August then you simply must visit Little Tokyo. They have an annual festival which is named The Nisei Week. This is when a huge parades, pageants, and other athletic competitions. Oh if you’re a Tofu fan, then there is also a celebration here during the legendary Little Tokyo holiday.

LA is a vast city but is easily covered by driving. Hiring a car at LAX Airport is one option while there are also regular bus services.


If you’re a sports fan, then I already know why you’re in Las Angeles. That’s because this city is home to many of the best sports teams across America. The Dodgers baseball team, Kings Hockey team, Clippers and Lakers basketball teams all call this loveable city home. The NBA headquarters is also located in LA as well. So no matter when you visit this amazing city, you can always find some sport to watch! If you’re with a big sports fan, then don’t worry because many of these stadiums feature some state of the art comforts such as restaurants and seats that will make any trip to a stadium a blast!

Religion –

Religion also plays a big role in the city of Los Angeles; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the second largest Mormon Church in the entire United States. But this is not the only religious Mecca. LA also has more Jewish residents than any other city in the United States as well. This city is so ethnically diverse, that no matter what your religion, you can all ways find a church of your religion! Practically no matter where you’re located either!