Los Angeles Music

Looking for somewhere to go on the 15th of October? Look no more; Los Angeles Carnival is a multicultural event that’s held all October, at the Westchester Park. Mostly the Caribbean islands get together and organized the parade. The costumes are made from all types of colorful materials; all hand made to perfection. Many hours are delicate towards getting the bands and costumes ready for the parade.

Live musicians on conventional instruments play music of the steel bands in addition to other live music. Who or whatever you play is portrayal of that entity. People of all nationalities such as Trinidad, Grenada, Guyana, Barbados, Antigens, Dominican Republic, Belize, and lots more all come together for this celebration. The street is closed to traffic while the bands and colorful costumes march the streets of Westchester, ending up at the Park.

Los Angeles Carnival is absolutely a family event pack day for all one. There are a lot of arts and crafts at the park…along with all the different Caribbean foods from around the world. The bands and costumes are judge for originality, and creativity as they march along the streets. So come on and hold on to the big truck, and wave your hands in the air!

If you are missing Carnival from your home Island…then Los Angeles Carnival is the place to be on October 15th 2006. Plan on having a fun full day of music, dancing, food, and drinks. The festival usually starts at around 11am and ends sometime after 6pm in the evening.