Local Musicians For Hire

Some things in history have proven to be bad for music and hire musicians. Peer-to-Peer Networks hurt the writers by stealing royalties; disco hurt most all musicians by defining the lack of musicianship that may be achieved. And now we have Rock Band for almost every gaming system out there.
The problem I’ve with this type of thing is that if you look at the amount of time a child or adult spends playing this game where they match up this to make that, they could have actually put that time into learning an instrument which would give them lifelong enjoyment and eventually the possibility of a career as they become good at it. However if you’re just wasting the time sitting there pretending to rock out to your favourite Aerosmith song then you have effectively wasted the time pretending to be Aerosmith.
Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that for a party or two but now people waste way too much time pretending to be rock stars. They should hire musicians. I mean my wifefs nephew graduated from high school almost a yr ago. He still sits and plays Rock Band with his friends in the basement, has no job and has missed out on the opportunity for his first yr in college to play basement games. That is just wrong on so many levels. Whatfs annoying is the kid has talent and can sing and has the perfect look for todayfs music. He even had an offer to ding for a local band but declined because gIt sounded like too much work.h
At this point he officially left the human race and became a Rock Band Vegetable as far as I’m concerned. Personally if at the end of a show I’m not a sweating mess and i want to know how to hire musicians then I donft feel like I’ve done my job ? but that is just me. Everyone has to make a stand on what they believe in. I think that gaming systems and the programs that are for them have a legitimate place in life. They are good when there’s nothing else to do or the satellite goes out or something to share with friends. Like the board games out parents used to play. When we let that technology take over our lives it is time to reassess our stand. Sorry, this one got a little off topic but itfs something that needed to be said.