Live Recording Studio

Where there’s a microphone there’s probably a stand. Mic stands, whether it’s for a live show or in a recording studio, are defined first by their different uses. There are certainly a number of kinds and brands to choose from. Good quality, sturdy stands will last through the abuses, especially on stage. Here are some definitions to help the reader make the best and most cost effective choices.

The straight stand is will be adequate for a band practice setting. These are satisfactory for rehearsing but there are superior types that should be used in live situations which will probably prone to a lot more rough handling. Though more costly, there are mic stands that offer clutches that are very simple to position, especially if the stage personnel doesn’t get it quite right for the performer. The performer will not have to awkwardly fiddle around with the height. A sought after make for this kind of mic stand is Hercules which, again, is more expensive but superior in quality.

Tripod microphone stands are not so good for live situations. When basic recording is being done, tripod boom stands, which are not meant to be moved at all, are better for positioning the microphone in tight spots. These mic-stands can be on the more costly side which is one of the reasons why the buyer can have some apprehension and are not so readily going to choose them, especially for general use such as in rehearsals. Also there are goose-neck components that will give flexibility for more accurate positioning.

For podcasting or in home set-ups there may not be enough room for a full sized stand that takes up floor space. The table top stand is going to work out perfectly and fit on any table or desk. The one recording can sit down with their guitar or sing at their computer even in the tightest of rooms. Another popular use for these desktop stands is for conferences and meetings.

Most of these options are going to be lightweight and easy to get set up. Many studio owners or renters do not have a lot of time to waste fussing with their equipment. Most stands are going to be able to get up and going in just a few short moments and can be adjusted anytime to anyone’s needs.

Any microphone that a musician is going to be using will work with any stand that they choose. Anyone who wants something specially made will need to search accordingly and then expect to pay more. Custom made options are not always as cost effective and can really put a musician off; but the investment, in total is going to have more longevity.

The price-tag will vary with the makes and types, hence the shopper should be knowledgable about what they want and what their uses will be. They will not have to spend more than need be. The budget for stands is not always so easy to set but don’t overlook the importance of them. You can adhere to the defined budget, but if you go for the most least expensive ones, prepare yourself for them wearing out and having to get more sooner than you want to.

It will be simple to find microphone stands that will fit a performers needs. Browse right now and calculate a budget that will give the buyer plenty of these options.