Live Music

When you think of Hollywood, or of English weddings, you will probably think of music, and in particular, live music. The main purpose of the opening reception is to welcome guests and what could be better than to have a little soft, light music playing in the background of the all the conversation?

Music plays an important role in any wedding. In Indian weddings you may have seen live music played in the wedding venue by “Sittar” Gittar, or Shahnaee, Tabla, and Piano. This is normally at the entrance of the venue, and by the welcoming drinks area or the waiting loung. Or perhaps it is in the garden of paradise. If you remove the music from these places, think how boring the atmosphere would be. When you add music you turn the place into something royal, and maharajah style with a period theme.

Bollywood and Hollywood are no different from each other. They both serve entertainment. They both have one aim and one objective in common and that is fun entertainment.

Can you think of a wedding venue with both an English and an Asian theme? Asian Maharaja waiters with the paghdi (head wear) and traditionally dressed Indian girls welcoming you wearing saris and flowers in their hands. As well as this, How about famous Ms Anna Nell wearing traditional dress and makeup and playing music on the patio in the lounge, or on the lawn, or in the front garden. The cost of this would not be sky high. It may cost a little, but it would be worth it for the added atmosphere and magic it will bring to the occasion.

If you think that this is a wonderful idea, then you are not the only one. We think your guests, the grooms family, and the bride would be very happy. First impressions mean a great deal. If you have something special at the entrance, then your guests will have the feeling that they are going to keep experiencing something special throughout the whole day.

When you think of a wedding, think of entertainment and live music. It can add so much to your day.