Live Music

Indy music is a type of type that has been underground for most of its life. It emerged from a form of chilled out rock, with a strong beat and emphasis on individualism. Most Indy bands stay away from commercialism and keep their fan following small. A couple of bands have made it big, but their songs don’t appear on the hit charts. Most bands don’t get global recognition and are only known by their cluster of fans. But times are changing and a new movement is about to change all of that.

With the growing amount of fan base, it was only a matter of time before people wanted to acknowledge this new sound and creativity. London started the process by creating their own Indy Music Awards, to give rising bands a place to showcase themselves. It also gives established bands a chance to get recognised for their outstanding tribute to the industry.

The awards rocked off last year in London central with such success, that this year they have decided to expand them. Last year, over 40, 000 estimated bands played to get nominated. This year the awards won’t only include London Indy bands but international as well.

Don’t think that these bands have dropped their drumsticks and have started competing for a trophy. Part of Indy rock is staying true to yourself and your music, regardless of what others might think. Therefore, Indy Music Awards specifically reports that they are not a competition. They don’t hand out prizes and don’t exploit artists. They enforce this by preventing artists from entering themselves. Live music venues and promoters have to nominate bands and artists for the award.

Few Indy bands have huge marketing and advertising campaigns and prefer to sell their music by connecting to the fans through live performances. Other than a profile on MySpace, most play at local venues and network with the owners and promoters. They keep it real and connect with audiences as they jump, dance and get fans to get involved in the atmosphere of their beat. As a result, one of the stages of the Indy Awards is for them to identify who the best live performers are from the nominations.

The next award ceremony is to happen in April, 2008. Bands need to be nominated by the end January if they wish have a chance of getting an award. Indy rock will always have an underground appeal and chances are a few are complaining about the limelight that the awards are bringing. However, most of the feedback has been positive, because Indy rock artists are still artists and every artist likes a pat on the back every now and then; even if it is with a drumstick.