In The Studio With

If it weren’t for Snoopy, and the Mos Burger and Ganko Sushi restaurants along the road from the JR Universal City Station, visitors to Universal Studios Japan might think they had stepped out train of the onto the back lot of Universal Studios in Florida or Hollywood.

Universal Studios Japan Attractions

The similarities between the parks are striking, with the same shark surging out of the water at Amity Pond, the same bicycle trip across the moon in the ET Adventure, the same Jurassic Park T-Rex chasing pathetic little rafts over a twenty-five foot waterfall, and of course, the same Amazing Adventures of Spiderman complete with a moving Statue of Liberty head.

The Water World stunt show is there to give visitors a taste of life on Earth post-global warming, and Shrek 4-D is there to let visitors enjoy having the sensation of Donkey expectorating in their faces and unseen creatures crawling all around them. Mist sprayers in the seats and moveable rubber tubing are the real culprits.

The theme park experience unique to Universal Studios Japan is its Snoopy Studio. The Japanese people are hooked on cute, and the Peanuts gang takes cute to the nth degree. Snoopy even has his own roller coaster adventure, “Snoopy’s Great Race. ”

Visitors to Universal Studios Japan, especially during school vacations, are advised to arrive early and pay extra for an Express Pass Booklet, which will entitle them to go to the head of the line for either four or seven of the most popular rides or attractions–ET the Adventure; Terminator2 3-D; Jurassic Park the Ride; Hollywood Dream the Ride; Back to the Future the Ride; Jaws; and the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. On peak days the waits for any of these rides can approach three hours, and the Express Passes sell out quickly.

Accommodations Close to Universal Studios Japan

The Sheraton Hotel Miyako Osaka is a deluxe hotel located in the heart of Osaka offering its guests the peacefulness of traditional Japanese hospitality, yet is only five kilometers from all the fun and excitement of Universal Studios Japan.