In The Studio With

A photography studio is the basis for any photographer to do the majority of their work. If the work area is a compatible working environment, then the photographer can become an artist.

Here a bride can become a princess, a senior in high school can be forever young, and a baby can always be little. With the right photography equipment, the studio can be a canvas for the artist to create on.

One thing to consider when setting up a photography studio is whether the studio will be floor-based or ceiling-based. So what exactly is floor or ceiling based? This refers to the type of lighting used. Lighting is so important in photography.

The exposure compensation of film is critical when talking of lighting. Floor-based lighting is when the lights are basically on stands and the various backgrounds are on supports. This can prove tricky to work around sometimes.

The chance of knocking a lighting fixture over can increase with floor-based lighting. A ceiling-based lightning photography studio is when the lights are on a rail system and the background is on rollers.

This kind of photography studio is a little easier to work in compared to a floor-based photography studio. As far as price is concerned, a floor-based is less expensive than a ceiling-based. A new photographer may start out with a floor-based and work up to a ceiling-based.

After deciding if the studio will be floor or ceiling lights than the backgrounds become an issue to deal with. So many photographers use everything from lattice to screens as backgrounds. For various art photography, different textures and light shades can help.

Usually, however, the photographer will use a basic seamless paper. This works great in the photography studio, but for location work, the paper is too bulky to carry. One type of photography equipment is Photek’s Background-in-a-Bag.

With this, you can duct tape these backgrounds against a wall, and they are made for traveling because they can be folded up and put in a gym bag. Another background to think of is muslin fabric. This again can be used to travel with or in the studio.

Many options are out in the market for setting up a photography studio. Whether portrait photography or a form of art photography is what is being focused on while in the studio, lighting and backgrounds are crucial to making the studio experience unique for the client.

When a photographer spends a little extra time getting their studio set up, than a client can enjoy their experience and recommend that photographer, and that is just more money in the bank.