In Seattle

Probably everyone that knows anything about Seattle has heard vast rumors about the city. You have probably heard that it is green and lush and filled with innovation. You have likely heard that Seattle residents are proud of their city and that they are a mostly liberal bunch whoever love to be out of doors as typically as possible. If you drink coffee, then you know that Seattle is the coffee capital of the world. If you have heard all of these “facts” about Seattle than it is likely that you have also heard about the need to invest in rainwear before you get there.

I have heard from countless places about the large amount of rainfall that Seattle is blessed with each year. I can hardly have a conversation with someone about this city and not have the issue of rainfall come up. I find it quite comical, but I guess people all over the world have heard about Seattle and our rain. You see, I moved to Seattle about ten years ago. No one warned me about the high level of rainfall back then or that I should invest in rainwear for myself and anything I valued.

I have found that the rumors about Seattle’s climate are accurate for the most part, yet overblown when you are living there. We do get a lot of rain, that is true, and while it is true that rainwear is really wise, our rainfall isn’t as hard or longlasting as I had imagined it would be. In fact, our rain “storms” are sometimes like mists and quite typically like gentle rains that last only a tiny while.

I would suggest that you don’t visit Seattle without rainwear, but not because you will experience constant downpours consisting of buckets of rain. In fact, you will probably enjoy the majority of your visit with pleasant weather that is interrupted by quick and gentle rains. So bring your rainwear but know that you won’t have to wait long to outlast the weather.

Make plans to visit Seattle today. It is truly one of the best kept secrets of our country. I love living here and I’m constantly discovering new things to do and new reasons to love my city. Bring your rainwear and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. You might just need to move here too by the time your trip is done!