How To Start Producing Music

If music is a key ingredient, Ahmad Keyes and his company, Unlimited Sounds, wants to be involved. Composing, producing and marketing for artists in Atlanta are the main elements to his company. Producing music compositions and writing lyrics are credits Ahmad has on his music resume, and now in May, his company, Unlimited Sounds, will showcase five of Atlanta’s pop artists. Ahmad is excited that, “The artists will have a stage to give them a chance to shine.” In Atlanta, there’s not a shortage of talented singers, but artists mostly only get their chance at open mic sessions or talent searches to perform original material. On May 9th, they’ll get a chance to showcase themselves, along with their songs, to a crowd in a concert setting. This is important because, “When you watch an artist perform songs they’re attached to, you get to view that emotion on their face. You get a chance to connect with them,” Ahmad states. “I’ve been able to listen to these artists and now, I could not be more excited to give them a stage to showoff what they can do.”

Before starting Unlimited Sounds, Ahmad was writing songs whenever and for whoever he could, “I felt like the only way I could get started was to do anything I could get my hands on.” He has a vocal arrangement credit on the 2008 NAACP Outstanding World Music Album, Let Me Take You There by Cheryl Keyes. He has also done theme songs for an online radio show and any music for movies. As he put it, “100 MPH, that’s what I did, the problem was I had nothing to focus on, I tried to do everything.” He decided to take any time and think about what he wanted to achieve and how to get there. Then, he created Unlimited Sounds.

Unlimited Sounds is a music production company. It is designed to focus on 3 elements of the music industry: music composition, music production and marketing of music. “This is our three pronged approached,” Ahmad stated, “All three must exist for an artist to have longevity in their music career. Being strong in one element can lift the other two, and being weak in one can limit an artist.” Some of Unlimited Sounds’ music compositions will be featured with Gigmarketing Services, a marketing company that helps entertainers book shows at various venues through website building and social media marketing. “This partnership will only increase what Unlimited Sounds can offer artists. We can compose music (element 1), produce a song via arranging or writing lyrics (element 2), and now launch a marketing plan to promote the artist (element 3).”

“These are exciting times here, yet I emphasize music composition will always be our number one focus,” Ahmad stated. In July, Unlimited Sounds will release Music Media Blast for television, movie, and radio music supervisors this summer. Music Media Blast will preview their music library with cinematic, dance, pop, and rock styles.

It’s no surprise to hear of a music company starting in the city of Atlanta. Several have started, gone away, and come back; few have an owner with such a hands-on approach and strong opinions on where he wants to take music.

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