06/10/05 – Dave Matthews Band – Stand Up


We had the best time ever on this recording session. It’s hard to imagine a that there will ever be a session this cool again. Producer Mark Batson took the word “organic” to new hights. It was a truly an open and creative environment. You’ll hear the band say the same thing in interviews. Rob and I even made cameos on the video released with the album.

All in all, we spent about three months in the creation and recording phase. I was honored to serve as first engineer on this album, with Rob Evans as second engineer. I also mixed some of the cuts on the bonus disc. We had some engineering help from the guys at Studio Litho in Seattle (super nice and talented crew)….. Chris Kress

The Dave Matthews Band Official Web Site


06/09/05 – Wrinkle Neck Mules


I love these guys. I co-produced this record with the band. I like to desribe the sound as “Barbecued Bluegrass, with a rock edge”. Officially, it is Alt-Americana. The songs are simple, meaningful, and powerful. Give it a listen and you’ll hear banjos with drum loops, mysterious ballads with orchestral accompaniment, and other songs with a modern, southern-rock edge. The song “Lowlight” features guest artist Will Oldham, also known as Bonnie Prince Billy. It is a great listen for anyone who likes music, a real melting-pot. Follow the link below to their web site. Look in the press section for great reviews by Americana UK and others… Chris Kress

The Wrinkle Neck Mules Official Web Site


Naked Puritans – Bringing back the Single


Although I was initially enlisted to mix a complete album, we ended up re-recording eight of thirteen songs. Then the Naked Puritans decided to release singles, the latest of which is receiving rave reviews. We recorded much of the project at the home studio of lead singer, Lance Brenner. The 70’s style carpeting on the walls resulted in a very tight, dry sound for the drums and bass. There is a really cool vibe to all of the tracks.

This band seems to win over everyone who listens to them. Unlike most of the music we are hearing on the radio, this music actually has something witty to say. Their message is packaged in a curiously simple and powerful sonic package. Follow the links below to their web site. Look in the press section for great reviews by Americana UK and others… Chris Kress

The Naked Puritans Official Web Site



10/01/03 – Shannon Mier


The making of this CD marked my first work as a producer. We had great musicians helping on the job – Nate Brown on drums, and Andy on bass (pictured above with Shannon). As you can imagine, they were knocking it out. I would describe the project as being straight forward pop rock. There are also some cool 70’s throwbacks both literally and in style. Shannon has written an excellent collection of music and made a confident first step in his music career.

Shannon Mier’s Official Web Site