Engraved Wedding Rings

The most important piece of jewelry you will ever receive is your wedding ring, symbolising love and devotion between a man and a woman.

One of the hardest things you will have to do is choose a wedding ring there are so many patterns, metals and styles available you will be spoilt for choice. The main thing is to find the perfect wedding ring because it is something you will wear and treasure for many years to come.

Because the wedding ring is so important it will probably be the most expensive item of jewelry you will ever own so you need to make sure you choose the right one.

Traditionally wedding rings are worn on the left finger as it is believed that vein in this finger goes straight to the heart, although modern technology has proved this theory to in fact be wrong most people still continue to wear their wedding ring on the same finger as this tradition still exists. In other parts of the world such as Germany, Poland and Norway the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring there are many metals to choose from, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and many many more.

White gold is measured in carats and is an alloy of yellow gold, Rose gold is often used for specialist jewelry, it is a copper and gold alloy with a red tint and is sometimes know as pink gold.

A popular choice of wedding ring metals for men especially is titanium because it is a strong durable metal that is light in weight and corrosion resistant. Although it is as strong as steel it is much lighter, this type of metal suits men because of the day to day jobs they encounter.

Another popular choice is platinum, this metal can be more expensive and not as available as normal gold. Platinum is a more precious gold and usually other metals are used along side platinum when making a ring to give it and extra special look.

I would always recommend that you choose the same metal for your wedding ring as your engagement ring, this is because they will always be worn along side each other so will need to match and compliment each other.

Once you have decided on the metal you are going to have for your wedding ring you will need to decide on a pattern, the most popular wedding ring pattern is a plain band, normally the engagement ring is fancier so having a plain band will not take away its beauty.

Some couples may choose to have a personal message engraved on their wedding ring to give it a extra special uniqueness, sometimes the date of the wedding or the couples favourite song can make the ring extra special.

What ever wedding ring you decide on you will always treasure this beautiful symbol of love.