Engraved Wedding Bands

One of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony is exchanging the wedding bands. In fact, it is more than just a part of your wedding ceremony. The wedding bands themselves are very important too.

The wedding bands are the rings that you will wear for the rest of your whole life. They are indeed the witness of your romance and love. Choosing and buying them becomes an extremely essential task of your wedding preparation. Some may even try to make the rings themselves.

No matter you are going to buy the rings or make them yourself, they should be something accepted by both of you and your partner. You should never choose the rings unless both of you and your partner feel comfortable with them. In this article, we will stick to the idea of buying the rings and the followings are any issues you will need to think about when you choose them.


One of the most common materials for making the wedding rings is 14 kart yellow gold. In fact, 14 kart yellow gold is a yellow alloy of gold and other metals. The number one advantage of this material is that it is cheaper than pure gold. Besides, gold is quite a soft kind of metal. The alloy of gold, mostly hardened with copper and tin, will be harder than pure gold.

Silver is also one of the choices for the material of the rings. Although rings made of silver are a lot cheaper than rings made of 14 kart yellow gold, silver is a really soft metal. They will also undergo discoloration when time goes by. If budget allows, I will suggest you not to buy silver rings.

There is also a trend for couples to buy wedding rings made of platinum and even titanium. Titanium can be quite a good choice since it is extremely durable.


There is no definite style for your wedding bands. It is a very personal matter. As discussed above, the number one consideration should be that both of you and your partner feel comfortable with the style of the rings.

You may choose rings with diamonds or any kind of special design features. It is indeed very popular nowadays to buy two rings of the same style and design. Of course the sizes of the two rings will be different. The ring for the bride is mostly smaller than the one for the groom.


It is also very popular to engrave words on the rings. The contents of engraving can be the wedding vow, which is very common for couples. It is also very common for the bride’s ring to be engraved with the groom’s name and vice versa.
You can also choose to get a poem that both of you and your partner love as the contents of engraving.

No matter what you choose for the contents of engraving, you have to choose it carefully and really think before you leap since it is something you will wear for the rest of your life.