Engraved Wedding Bands

With spring just around the corner, the season for saying ‘I Do’ is well within sight. There are many ways to make your wedding day special, and one such way is to engrave your wedding bands with a special sentiment, word or expression that’ll stay with your spouse mostly all day. Below are 5 creative ways to engrave your sterling silver wedding bands:

Religious Verse. If you choose to engrave your wedding bands with a religious verse, you’re choosing to honor your belief and an inscription that’ll guide you through each day. Whether it is one that relates to love, marriage or just a thought to guide you through the good and bad days, choosing to inscribe your wedding bands with a religious verse is a cherished option for many.

Names. When it comes to inscriptions, many newlyweds choose to inscribe their names either on the inside or outside of the wedding band. It could be both you and your spouse’s first name, or it may be a combination of first names with the last name that you both now share. Whatever your preference, you will be celebrating your special day with a tradition that many enjoy by personalizing your wedding bands.

Wedding Date. Not that you would or could ever forget the date that you promised to love one another forever, but many couples enjoy engraving their wedding date into their wedding bands. This growing tradition can be done as a standalone inscription, or can also be combined with the inscription of your names.

One Single Word. If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, then you may also believe that a single word can create a thousand images. One word can be very meaningful, especially if it were to be engraved into your wedding band. Some examples include forever, always, eternity, cherish, etc.

Special Messages. If you want to choose a phrase that’ll be especially meaningful to your spouse, think of something that’s special to both of you. Perhaps it’s a memory, the name of a song or a phrase that reminds you of a special date or time. Whatever special moment that you would love to think of mostly all day is the wonderful one to engrave into your wedding band. If you still aren’t sure what to say, try something traditional such as, I love you” or today, tomorrow & forever.”

In conclusion, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your lives. From the cake to the invitations and even the song selection, there’s no such thing as a little detail. Although an inscription written into your wedding band may be one of the smallest visual details to consider, it will prove to be one of the most significant. When all of the invitations are sent, the cake is eaten and the songs have been played, the inscription in your wedding band, just like your love, will remain with both you and your spouse.