Digital Recording Studio

Producing own music sounds tough but is a creative one. But this means spending a good amount of money to produce and record the music in the professional recording studio. Paying in bulk is a regular phenomenon especially for the professional musicians.

But if this music production can be done in a personal studio, it will not only save those valuable bucks of yours but will also give you ample chance to add more creativity to your creation. By personal studio, it means a home studio built by you according to your needs and in your budget.

Basically, when we talk about a recording studio, it means a number of devices that capture different takes of the performance and assemble them into a finished audio product. Generally, this type of studio includes devices like recorders, microphones, mixer, audio processor and other instruments.

However, to set up your own home recording studio, there are a few qualities that you must posses. The quality of a musician, of an audio engineer and of a producer. And most importantly, you should have expertise in the devices of modern software studio as well as devices related to classical hardware machines.

This expertise must include some important knowledge like the use of EQ to clean up a track, when to use compression, how to record vocals, guitars, drums, the accurate place to put reverb in the mix, and the ways to level many things to make an astonishing audio image. Therefore, to record in your home studio, it is necessary to have years of experience in music as well as audio engineering.

A modern software studio or a hardware digital multi track basically includes modern digital multi track machines, modern recording software (called sequencer), compressors, limiters, vocal processors, equalizations, consoles and reverbs.

The most important component of the home studio is the multi track recorder. It is a device that allows you to record audio directly to separate tracks. And after all the tracks are added, they can be mixed down to a stereo master recording. In fact, digital multi track recorders have inbuilt effects which can be added to the tracks. But there is a twist here, as multi track recorder is a recording device, the sequencer is also a recording device. But the difference between both is that a sequencer can record as well as edit MIDI data, which a multi track recorder cannot.

Now, talking about a sequencer, it should be noted that it is a very important device in recording audio. In fact, it has the capability to record both digital audio and MIDI data and blend the sounds together in the software mixing console that it possesses. Moreover, as already mentioned, it has editing tools through which every aspect of the production can be controlled and can bring down to fine details. The vital point is that this device is quite inexpensive and thus easily affordable.

Most interestingly, home studio enables you to record any kind of music. You can record symphonies, orchestra, rap, pop, jazz or any such type. In fact, you can even record midi files of any style and even change the midi file into realistic and convincing pieces.