Design Wedding Rings

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to securing wedding rings. Here are any thoughts on those two different approaches, including any advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.

In many instances, the happy couple will go together to pick out their wedding bands. The idea is to allow both parties the chance to discuss what they both like, what they dislike and to make sure both the bride and groom are happy with the selections. This is an excellent way to go if the couple wishes to select rings that are similar in design. They can look at the selection of matching bands and decide how plain or ornate they need them to be. Also, they can take care of sizing the rings on the spot, so there is no chance of having trouble slipping on the rings during the ceremony. Often, this is also a practical buy for the new couple as well, since matching sets of bands usually cost less than buying the rings separately. Of course, this also may not be the ideal approach for couples that love spontaneity and need to wait until the wedding day to view the ring selected by their future spouse.

A bride and groom can select to pick out their own rings separately. When neither party considers it necessary for the rings to be masculine and feminine versions of the same ring, this can work out very well. If the bride prefers a petite white gold band, she may have her heart’s desire. The groom, preferring a heavy plain gold band, can also make sure it feels and looks right on his hand. When picking out and purchasing your own rings may be very practical, it lacks much in the way of romance. At the same time, it does not allow your future spouse to learn a little more about what you like and dislike. For this reason, many couples select to go together, even if they are not going for matching wedding rings.

In the end, each couple can decide what’s the ideal way to obtain wedding rings for their ceremony. Depending on personalities and preferences, either approach will work. As long as personal preferences and a willing to please one another prevails, the then chances for luck are good with any of the procedures outline above. The most important thing is that the couple honors what’s important to one another and the rings will then have a true significance.