Design Wedding Rings

When getting married, most couples are trying to make their dollars go a long way. Wedding costs, honeymoons, saving for houses, the list can be endless. Whether the economy calls for belt tightening or not, there are plenty of good reasons to try and reduce the cost of your wedding rings.

Read on for simple strategies that may well reduce the price tag of your wedding ring.

Bridal sets. Having the wedding ring made at the same time as the engagement ring can save you money. Many jewellers sell bridal sets all inclusive, so the cost of the wedding ring has been covered with the engagement ring. Your wedding ring will be considerably less expensive when purchased this way. Some jewellers may also offer a reduced price or include the groom’s wedding ring along with the bridal set, for an even bigger saving.

White gold instead of platinum. White gold that has been rhodium plated has a similar appearance to platinum. Platinum is far more precious and rare than gold, so this is one way to save any cash. However, don’t forget that the rhodium plating will probably have to be redone every so often to maintain the fabulous shine.

Semi precious gems instead of diamonds. Couples who have their hearts set on stones in their wedding rings may like to consider semi precious gems. This will lower the price tag considerably.

Alternatively, tinted diamonds such as the champagnes and cognacs have the same hardness but a lower price than the white diamonds.

Clever settings can make smaller diamonds look larger.
Engraved and etched wedding rings may be a little more costly than a simple wedding ring, but can be extremely beautiful and eye catching pieces. Worked wedding rings can be a great selection for the couple who like fancy wedding rings but don’t need to include the price tag for stones. These can be an even better selection for the bride who wants a stand-alone wedding ring without an engagement ring.

Plain and simple wedding rings can vary in cost. No-one is going to see whether or not that exclusive jeweler’s stamp is on the inside of the band. When selecting a generic wedding ring it is important to ensure that the ring is hallmarked so you know the exact metal you are getting.

Shop around. The same size and weight wedding ring can vary in price. Utilizing jewelry sales is an excellent way to snag a good deal.

A little research, and possibly compromises, will save you money on your wedding rings.