Design Wedding Rings

Are you a Native American looking for wedding ring designs prevalent in your country? Or, a person fascinated with various designs of wedding rings and lost to make a decision? I have got a genuine set of information on Native American wedding rings for you. Yes, by picking a Native American wedding ring, you would be able add the sparkle of rich tradition and culture in your wedding.

You can make the symbol of your wedding more interesting and unique with Native American wedding rings. Many of these rings are the excellent symbol of the eternal love that you have for your life partner. Well, you don’t need to have an Indian descent to be able to appreciate the crafts and traditions of the Native American rings. It is your day; you have to make it extraordinary.

Let’s discuss the various aspects of Native American wedding traditions and the wedding rings used by them.

The tradition of wedding rings

A culture and tradition of exchanging wedding rings during a marriage ceremony is time-honored in Native America. Though, the real ceremonial exchange of bands can be traced originally to the Roman Empire.

The tradition of slipping wedding bands marks the public declaration that the marriage contract between the bride and the groom is honored. Like most of the world cultures, the Native American people also believed in the theory of Vena Amoris the love vein runs directly from the ring finger to the heart. It is also believed that as the left hand is close to the heart, it is the symbol of eternal love. King Edward IV also contributed to this belief legally. During his reign, he decreed that the third finger of left hand would be formally known as the Ring Finger. After this, The Book of Common Prayer also termed the left hand as the Marriage Hand.

In Native America in the early days, most local people did not use smelt stone in metal in decorative objects. Thus, I am not sure that the ancient people used any variety of metal jewelry in their wedding rituals or not.

In the earlier period, most of the products in Native America were hand made by skilled craftsmen who had learned the trade as their family business. The Native American wedding bands can also be incorporated in this list. As the time passed by, these trades were handed over from one generation to the other. When you go shopping for the Native American wedding bands, you will get to see that the traditional process is same on the whole.

The contemporary designs and practices

And so today, the pretty circles of precious wedding rings beautifully mark the moment when two people get the status of husband and wife. They are the perfect symbol of the unbroken circle of love. They are the perpetual part of your lives that always make you remember the wedding vows that you have made to each other. You can show the world the unity of your love and marital relationship by wearing wedding rings.

Most of the Native American wedding bands’ designs incorporate malachite, onyx and most significantly, turquoise. Native Americans have certain believes attached to certain precious stones. Turquoise is a blue or green colored stone, used as a symbol of success and wealth. It often works to protect the wearer. It may also include patterns of tribal rugs or animals that are local and well-acquainted in the region.

There are some other designs as well that are inspired from the southwestern Native American wedding bands. The Navajo craftsmen often use the technique of stamp work for making rings. The silversmiths in this region use turquoise and silver and tribal rug designs in their work. Hopi is a known overlay technique done by cutting a design in the sheet of silver. It is later soldered to another silver sheet. The artists do it quite carefully and then oxidize the background. Zuni is another famous method to create grooves in the wedding rings. The grooves are later filled with small stones like turquoise.

So what are you think about just select the best design and feel proud for your Native American wedding ring.