Do you have perfect pitch? Do you feel inferior by not having it? By the way, what in blazes is perfect pitch? Let’s investigate!

Perfect pitch, also named absolute pitch (AP) is an accurate recall of any concert pitch note that one hears played by an instrument. This skill also allows a perfect pitch individual to sing a particular note that is requested of him or her, provided the AP person is also blessed with a good set of vocal chords.

Should you feel inferior if you do not have this ability? Absolutely not! Of course it’s not fair that any people have AP while others don’t. However, mature individuals know that life is not fair. This unfairness is compounded by the fact that perfect pitch cannot be acquired through practice, although any would argue that this is debatable.

Some websites claim that one can acquire the skill of AP through practice. Although it is noble to be open-minded to new techniques for improving oneself, I have not yet seen one conversion of a non-perfect pitch musician into an absolute pitch musician, although the length that any people go through in order to acquire perfect pitch is often mind-boggling.

One common way any individuals try to get AP is by repeating a note continuously for hours in the hope of memorizing the note’s particular pitch. This accomplishes three things:

1. It makes the person trying to achieve perfect pitch look like they are having a severe nervous breakdown;

2. The act of repeating a note continuously takes time away from quality family and fun activities;

3. Repeating a note continuously requires the purchase of any sort of pain medication from the resulting headache that it most certainly ensues.

So why is there so much hoopla over this accurate recall of specific notes on an instrument? The truth is that many musicians get along just fine without perfect pitch. How, you ask? Well, they develop their relative pitch; the ability to judge the distance between notes by recognizing interval distances. An interval distance is a specific distance between two concert pitch notes on an instrument.

The skillful use of interval distances can give a musician accurate dictation skills. As a composer, an extremely developed relative pitch is a must if absolute pitch is not attainable.

Go forth with no fear, dear non-absolute pitch colleagues! Compose, arrange and perform with the best of them because developed relative pitch is a powerful tool and a viable substitute for AP.

By the way, any websites claim the theory that babies are all possibly born with perfect pitch. This is fascinating, but like so many theories surrounding AP, it is very difficult to prove. Perhaps it’s time we throw out any theories of our own:

1. Owls might have absolute pitch;

2. Chimpanzees would love perfect pitch, but they cannot get it because they have too much potassium in their blood;

3. Avalanches can scare you into having AP, especially if you’re buried alive by one;

4. Falling off a large cliff gives you perfect pitch, but only while you’re falling. When you hit the ground, the perfect pitch suddenly disappears.

As a final thought, AP and good relative pitch are only effective tools when combined with one final and important component: hard work.

Can you imagine musicians without music gears? Well if you are a musician then you must be on the lookout for good quality music gears for your use. Throughout the world people like yourself are in the search of proper gears in order to serve their individual purposes. And classifieds lend a very effective helping hand towards your effort.

There are many websites that provide the services for online music gear classifieds. If you are trying to buy any instrument you can search amongst the classified postings to get the best one. If you need to sell your used guitar, or for that matter any other musical instrument, you can post your classified on such sites. It provides the platform for interaction between the seller and the buyer.

Selling and buying music gears have never been easier. With the Internet it has been turned into a simple matter of a few mouse clicks. Now you have the option to view sites entirely dedicated to selling and buying of used music gears ranging from guitars and drums to microphones and speakers.

Generally you have to fill up a form in order to sell or buy a specific gear in such classifieds. There are two types of classified services available. Paid classifieds and free ones. Both have their respective terms and conditions that you have to abide by to utilize the services.

You can choose from several categories of classified ads according to your purpose. Options like owner ads, dealer ads, for sale ads, need to buy ads, etc. are generally encountered. One of the chief advantages of such music gear classifieds is that it makes the process of selling used gears a lot more effortless.

Another benefit that you can reap from music gear classifieds is the affordability. Generally brand new gears come at a dear price. Whereas used instruments are comparatively cheap. So you can get the desired gear without digging a hole in your pocket.

It is also easy to locate the instrument you need in classifieds. One can search for what one is looking for by a range of categories. Some of the popular categories include guitars, keyboards, drums or percussion, basses, bass amps, recording and audio, etc. to name a few.

The music gear classifieds are not only helpful in making the process of buying and selling easier, but you can actually get loads of information and news or product reviews also. This is no doubt a beneficial edge over the traditional brick and mortar retail outlets.

Such sites dealing in music gear classifieds can also mainly become the meeting point for musicians. Professional musicians and amateurs, music enthusiasts and bands can connect locally, regionally, nationally or even globally as well through the classifieds.

If you are a beginner you might need to get a second hand music gear for your practice. Or you might even be interested in collecting a particular vintage music gear for your collection. It can happen that you are a music band member and looking for any music gears to upgrade the band performance. Whatever might be the purpose, you are almost sure to gain from music gear classifieds, as they are easy, fast and organized, offering you a dizzying range of choice.

Sometimes in the world of music it is easy to feel like a little fish in an ever increasing large sea. That is mainly because people shy away from anything new and tend to not take full advantage of things until they are totally tried and true. While this works great in a lot of ways, and to a lot of folks that is the best way to get things done, if you want to be a leader and get ahead of the pack as music professional, you really need to take chances.
The people that end up getting rich are the people that take the bull by the horns and steer it where they want it to go instead of going along for the ride. Today’s music business is no different as compare to music professional. You need to map out a destination and scour your resources for ways and means to help you attain that end result. No one can actually do everything themselves and do it effectively because not everyone is an expert in all things.
For example, if you are doing an album cover, you can more than likely piece together something that is adequate than music professional. But if you want a cover that begs people to look at it you need someone that does this as a specialty. That means a photographer to take a great photo, a designer to blend it all together and a graphic artist to make it happen. That’s where a service like myMusicCircle comes in handy. You can go there and search out the professionals that actually can do what you want done and you can actually choose from several by having them bid on your project.
That means that you are likely to get a better end product for a lower price, which is a winning situation for you. Not only that but in years gone by you had to rely on the people that were geographically close to your location so you could physically be in touch with the, Today the Internet allows you to go globally and get a person from America doing the artwork, a person from Canada to handle the mastering and then you can get is all pressed in China and assembled in Mexico. That is one of the great things about technology, if you can master it as music professional and are not afraid to use it, you can get a lot more for your money and things can get done faster than the old fashioned methods.

Written by Greg Wilson

Music in itself is an extensive field where you will find a range of musical instruments as well as gadgets that generate a melodious sound attracting your heart and soul in its rhythm as a result you forget about your surroundings. When and how Music was introduced to the society doesn’t matters, but its importance in present scenario is increasing day after day. Such is the power of melodious music, that It is also used as a therapy in few of the drastic diseases and is showing positive results too.

With globalization, musicians by themselves or through their recorded albums can reach wider bracket of audience as well as their fans stationed at distant places. This particular phenomenon is a win- win situation for both, music clovers as well as musicians. Any musician makes full efforts to entertain his audiences and when appreciated these musicians’ take an extra effort to entertain their fans. This is the reason you will find any type of concerts or events taking place mostly all now and then.

These professional musicians along with their supporting Artists travel across the geographical boundaries, in order to entertain their fans and audiences. While moving with their troupe in order to give performance in any event, these musicians as well as their supporting artists carry an array of instruments with them. It is now when a problem or any awkward situation can arise. During the journey or while the concert, there is a possibility of instrument getting damage. Trust me, in the case of slightest injury to the instrument, the entire flow of the professional musician as well as his supporting artist h get deviated.

Musicians are emotionally attached to their prized belonging, so they cannot bear any type of loss to them. Apart from it, most of the instruments gadgets as well as musical equipments like cello are quite expensive and even a slight repair can be heavy on their pockets. Hence, while travelling to far destinations these artists should make sure to connect to an insurance provider so that you’re prized possessions gets adequate coverage.

There are oodles of insurance providers in the insurance sector, which through their professionals make sure to generate Insurance of Cello, keeping requirements of these artists in mind. Once the valuable possessions are insured under right coverage, you as a professional will be relaxed, and this will motivate you to give cent percent performance in the show. As a result audience will be benefitted by getting full reimbursement against the money they have invested by purchasing tickets by viewing power packed concert.

While attending a concert or an event there are several instances that can take place, and they can either be manmade or natural disaster. While performing in a concert, there is a huge number of audiences in a form of mob taking pleasure of your performance. There are instances where In case of a minor misunderstanding, there is a huge loss in property and lives. During your performance, if such instance happens and your instruments i.e. flute is covered under Insurance Of Flute, be relaxed you will not have to pay anything against repair of your prized possession.

There are oodles of insurance providers that are available round the clock through their websites. Contact them and cover your instruments with the plan that suit you.

Los Angeles provides an interesting array of activities for the young, old and every age in between. Even if you have to travel on budget there are many places to visit such as museums, where you can walk in for absolutely no charge.

If you are travelling with the family, Disneyland is an absolute must. Children become instantly enchanted by this park, which can keep them entertained for days with all the wonderful characters, rides and shows. There is also Disney’s California Adventure that is located right next door.

In most cases, there are many family all-inclusive packages which can make this holiday option more affordable rather than purchasing flights, meals, tickets and accommodation separately.

Next, if you have older children or you are travelling with friends, Universal Studios, Hollywood is another attraction to see. This theme park will get your adrenalin pumping and tire you out by the time you get back to your hotel. If you need even more adventure, you can make your way over to Six Flags Magic Mountain for another fun-packed day.

LA is a destination that tends to attract the world’s best-known celebrities and those who need to find them. If you happen to be a star-spotter, a walk along Hollywood Boulevard on any given night could have you stumble across a movie premier or some other star-studded event.

Don’t forget to visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame, then make your way down to Rodeo Drive for a shopping spree. Next, pass by Sunset Boulevard so that you can check out one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in all of California.

Venice Beach is a great place to spend the day and see Los Angeles culture at its best, with street performers, artisans, unique shops and food. Other beaches to pass the time include Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo and the Santa Monica Beach and Pier.

There are so many events and activities to see in Los Angeles that you may need to visit more than once. Remember, while you are on holidays – whether it is just a few days to get to know the place or an extended stay to see if you could possibly live in the city of angels – you should make sure that you are visiting with travel insurance.

Like any trip away from home, unexpected problems can arise that can attract huge bills; like falling ill, being injured, losing your luggage or having a flight cancelled. To offer peace of mind that you are covered if an issue like this does arise, be sure to go online and find adequate travel insurance for your time away in LA.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. Along with the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes considerable pain and impairment along with numbness, paresthesia (pins and needles) and loss of hand strength, coordination, and pincer grasp. This impairment is problematic for almost any profession; however, it can be entirely disabling for musicians.

The most widely diagnosed nerve entrapment disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, is characterized by pain, swelling, numbness, and tingling in the hand and wrist. The disorder stems from excessive stress and strain placed on the arm, wrist, and hand that result from repetitive and/or static (non-moving) flexion of the fingers and wrist. This unidirectional strain causes a muscle imbalance in the hand and forearm, resulting in the stronger, shorter flexor muscles that close the hand to compress the underlying median nerve in the carpal tunnel, which is central to hand, and wrist movement.

The median nerve actually begins in the neck and travels through the shoulder joint through the Brachial Plexus down to the elbow and eventually to the carpal tunnel joint in the wrist. With repetitive unidirectional motions / activities being performed on a regular basis, the imbalanced muscles in the hand and forearm can cause the carpal bones that form the carpal tunnel to become misaligned, creating pressure and pain in the wrist as the bones compress the median nerve within. Critically, it is not only carpal tunnel syndrome that can result from an existing muscle imbalance in the hand and arm, but also other repetitive strain injuries that involve the ulnar and radial nerves at the wrist or elbow junctions. Thus, effective treatment must address muscle length and strength imbalances that may be present in the entire upper extremity region.

For musicians, carpal tunnel syndrome can be akin to a death sentence. Incapacitated through the hand and forearm, musicians may have to modify practice and performance routines. It is impossible to play the piano, strum the guitar, or manipulate the bow of a cello without superb dexterity and responsiveness in the fingers and wrist. Rest is often the first-line recommendation for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is an option that few professionals can afford to take.

Thankfully, there are effective treatments that can protect against the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in musicians and that can curb the impact of symptoms as soon as they emerge. Strategically designed exercises that target specific muscles and groups of muscles in the hand and forearm have been shown to reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome with ninety percent effectiveness.

If anyone recommends gripping, squeezing, pinching or finger-walking exercises, run the other direction, as these are the exercises / movements that musicians perform too much of in the first place and are the muscles that are already overused on a daily basis. Musicians need to strengthen the opposite muscles that they overuse. It is that simple. Keeping muscle groups with 25% strength of each other will reduce muscle and joint imbalance, reducing the possibility of musicians becoming afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome or other finger, hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries. Balance is the key.

It is important to consult with a physician or healthcare professional before beginning any type of exercises program for the treatment of injuries.

Austin enjoys the self-promoted but well-deserved reputation as live music capital of the world. In recent years, the city has decided to put its money where its mouth is to make certain that it stays that way. One of the most innovative and socially progressive ways it is doing that is by providing an insurance program for working musicians through HAAM, or Health Alliance for Austin Musicians.rnrnIt’s a unique concept. Besides New Orleans, Austin is the only city in the US to provide such comprehensive health care to its local musicians.rnrn”This city loves those who make music for us all,” according to Betty Drunkenly, Austin Mayor Pro Tem and HAAM board member. “What better way than Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is there to show our appreciation? HAAM makes members’ lives better.”rnrnHAAM was created in 2005 as a result of a partnership between local hospitals and the SIMS foundation with support from the city and various Austin businesses. They recognized the tremendous need that existed in the community of musicians in the city for affordable health care. For more detail go to: More than 8,000 working musicians live in Austin and most of them are uninsured. Rather than wait for the federal or state government to come up with a plan to help the millions of Americans who do not have health insurance, this community of musicians and their supporters decided to provide that help themselves.rnrnFunding for the organization is provided by business and private donations and various grants. The HAAM benefit day all October mobilizes musicians, local businesses and city officials to raise money for the organization. In 2006 they raised more than $107,000 and more than $180,000 in 2007. Other events throughout the year, such as Austin music backer Nancy Colin’s BIG SIX-O birthday party recently, donate their proceeds to HAAM as well. Of course, interested supporters may also donate money at any time through the HAAM.rnrnHam’s 2007 annual report reveals nearly 4,900 medical, dental and mental health visits which earned a 94 percent approval rating from member-musicians. This success results from a one-of-a-kind collaboration among the Seton Family of Hospitals (clinic visits, prescriptions, hospital services and specialist referrals), St. David’s Community Health Foundation Leadership (dental visits) and The SIMS Foundation (counseling, psychiatric and addiction-recovery sessions).rnrnMembership in 2007 grew to 929 of which 65 percent were age 40 and younger, with 67 percent earning less than $15,000 a year. To receive the benefits from the program, members must live in Travis County and be able to prove that they earn money playing music. For many services, members must pay small co-pay; for more detail go to: Some other services are provided for free.rnrnThe SIMS foundation was named after Austin musician Sims Ellison who lost a long battle with depression and committed suicide in 1995. His death shocked the Austin community and a group of family and friends decided to create the SIMS foundation to provide low-cost counseling, psychiatric and addiction recovery service to musicians who needed it. The foundation provided more than 2,300 such sessions in 2007.rnrnrn

And so today click-and-download technology presents a greater threat to the music recording industry than all other past music-delivery technologies combined.

Music piracy exists in 3 different planes:

Illegally mass-manufactured pirate music CDs

Illegal copies of legitimately purchased music CDs

Illegally downloaded digital copies of recorded music

A recent research study on the economic impact of music piracy (Institute for Policy Innovation, August 2007) paints a grim picture. The impact of music piracy to the U. S. economy is estimated at U. S. $12. 5 billion annually. It is estimated that 71,060 jobs are lost or at risk due to the economic impact of piracy and the lost growth opportunities account for 26,860 jobs that would have otherwise been created in the recording industry. Even the U. S. government is affected by piracy and an estimated loss of $422 million in tax revenues from lost personal and corporate income due to piracy.

Of course, these figures are based upon the assumption that sales of recorded music on CD would have held constant, or increased, from yr to year. The truth is, however, that CD sales are on the decline as MP3 players and other digital technology make the need for music on physical media obsolete.

In addition to falling CD sales, half of America’s independent record stores closed between 2003 and 2005. (NY Post). One of the largest international chains of recorded music sellers, Tower Records, closed its doors forever on December 22, 2006.

Want to see how prevalent music piracy really is? Here’s a real-time counter that shows the number of illegal music files downloaded around the world mostly all second.

When the average person thinks of music piracy, he or she mostly thinks of unauthorized sharing of downloaded or recorded music between small groups of friends. And while those numbers do contribute to the music industry’s losses, the biggest losses occur from the sale of pirated music that is burned onto CD-R disks by the thousands in small commercial laboratories by professional music pirates.

The costs of music piracy are staggering not only for the high profile superstars but for the new musicians as well. It is important for mostly all musician and band member to understand the nature of music piracy and learn how to combat this problem. Know your rights, and learn about the technology that exists that can protect you and your intellectual property (music) from piracy.

This is something I briefly touched on in a previous newsletter – . . . over and over I get asked “will I write better songs if I’m a musician”?

What’s the answer?

Yes AND no.


Let me explain. For the sake of simplicity, here I’ll talk about the ‘music’ aspect of songwriting.

First up, I’ll tell you that I’m a musician, songwriter and a vocal coach. And I have worked with both songwriters who play instruments and songwriters who don’t. Which group are a better bunch to work with?

It goes like this. Those who play an instrument (to a certain degree) are more prone to understand timing, tempo and perhaps some syncopation. Sometimes, musicians will also understand the creation of melody a little more than non-musicians. They’ll understand the structure of harmony and some music theory that goes along with it.

Because of the various ‘pieces’ or ‘songs’ they have played with their instruments, these musical and rhythmic elements are more or less naturally embedded in their brain – in practice and in theory.

Of course, this is GOOD thing. It’s an advantage. Now yes – there are non-musicians who are gifted with these elements also, but I’m just talking in general terms here. For the most of it, more musicians will have these elements than non-musicians.

Now here’s the twist. It’s because of this very same reason that many musicians find it hard to write great songs. How? Well, because there are musicians that are pre-programmed into believing that perhaps a melody should flow a certain way, or maybe a chord sequence should not fall in that pattern, etc, BECAUSE they get caught up in the theory that indirectly tells them “this is not right”.

You see, songwriters who don’t know anything about music theory or playing an instrument will write freely. Meaning they will not think about whether something is ‘musically right’ or not. Of course, you cannot write a song of pure non-musicality and expect to get a welcoming reception. You’d be mad to.

But it’s nice when you don’t think too much about something ‘sitting right’ musically in the song. Why care? It’s a song. If the second verse has 10 bars and the first verse has 8 – so what? No big deal.

On the flip side, there are non-musical songwriters who just need that little push to learn some very basic chords on a piano or guitar. . . . just to give them that edge and sometimes to even super-charge their creativity. So. . . .

. . . . here’s my conclusion. If you play an instrument and you wish to be a songwriter, then don’t think too much about what’s musically correct. Let the chords and melody take you away. Don’t think about it too much. Yes, stick in the rules of music, but don’t get caught up in it.

If you are a non-musician and you write songs, then a great idea would be to learn some very basic chords on the keyboard. This is not completely mandatory, but it will definitely give your songwriting a boast. Just the basic chords will do. You’ll be amazed the kind of music you can make with learning the basic stuff.

And why did I say the keyboard and not the guitar? Well, I believe the keyboard to be fundamentally easier to learn than the guitar, as you can blatantly see the notes for the intervals you are playing face-front.

But please, don’t let me deter you from learning the guitar if that’s in you to do so. It’s a wonderful, natural songwriting accompanying instrument.

If and when you do decide to learn an instrument, I would not get too caught up in the theory, unless it’s your desire to really learn about it. . . .

. . . . . . and if you wish to do so, then try to draw a firm line between your musical ego and your songwriting craft. This is the key here. As much as they may fight against each other, they *can* work together, if you consciously try to find a balance.

Los Angeles might be the big budget capital of cinema, but that is not to say that the Hollywood haute and haughty permeate the city’s cultural mood on its many other levels. Los Angeles is a multilayered and multiethnic urban and suburban sprawl from the waves crashing beneath Santa Monica Pier to the snow capped mountains of San Gabriel. State of the art entertainment and arts facilities are entangled among the high rises of Downtown, the remaining bohemian hippie culture of Venice Beach and the multitude of 5 a.m. joggers, housekeepers, writers and musicians whoever call this City of Angels home.

Once you have booked your flight to Los Angeles, remember to reserve a rental car! Los Angeles is fairly easy to navigate but is a spread out conglomeration of many smaller cities and enclaves. Buses and taxis run regularly but your wallet and your schedule will be happy to have regular transportation in this auto-powered metropolis.

SoCal Contemporary: Beyond the Beach

Los Angeles has long been a bastion of cultural growth and exploration, even longer than it has had the beach-bum reputation. Downtown is once again creating the trendy and elegant buzz of L.A.’s arts and dining atmosphere, far from it’s strictly business and crhyme lapse of the 1980s. The new Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry is now the home of the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra and considered to be one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls on the planet. If you can’t get tickets to a show, visit for the stunning architecture against Downtown’s skyscrapers. The Music Center is just down the street where you can attend the Los Angeles Opera at the beautiful Dorothy Chandler Pavilion or perhaps catch Al Pacino in a one man play at the Mark Taper Forum.

J. Paul Getty made his mark on the other side of town with the stately Getty Museum presiding over West L.A. from its perch atop the Sepulveda Pass. The fine modern and European collection combined with the crisp marbled lines of the gallery rooms makes for a complete visual arts experience. Getty’s historic Villa, a collection of Etruscan and Roman antiquities, opened in 2006 and is just a beautiful drive up the coast to Malibu. Make sure to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for its adjacent tar pits (yes, real tar pits!) where bones of mammoths and other prehistoric creatures have been excavated. For car lovers, the Peterson Automotive Museum is just across the street, boasting a rare and exotic collection of everything from mint condition muscle cars to the latest Lamborghini Diablo.

Get Out of Town When You Travel to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only a prhyme destination for all yr weather, but for regional access to all season activities. Ski and snow resorts like Big Bear are only hours away while fantastic surf locations are scattered up and down the local coast. In the heart of Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area is the world’s largest urban national park with miles of hiking and cycling trails, climbing areas and horse ranches. It is also home of the Griffith Park Observatory, a romantic mountaintop science center where you can notice the real stars of Los Angeles up close!

Whatever draws you to travel to Los Angeles, it will be the incredible eclectic charm of the many different neighborhoods and cultures that keeps you inspired over again, not to mention the serenity of a big city with a visible skyline. A stop at a Mexican taqueria or a day at the Farmers’ Market is essential to capturing the flavor of Los Angeles.

For more information, visit