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The lights go dim and there is a hush in the room. You hear your name, and your hearts does that familiar big thump. Then you feel it, your heart as it drops down into the depth of your stomach. You take a breath, and remember to exhale, eventually. Its time. You take a step, but cannot feel your legs, you urge another step forward and will your funny legs just to hold you up and take you there.

Somehow you make it to the center of the stage. You have to say something, but your mouth is bone dry, your palms slippery and sweaty. You open your mouth and there is a lump in your throat that doesn’t seem to want to make the words come out. Sometimes you even feel like crying. Stage fright – you know what I mean.

Causes of Stage fright

Before we look at any of the ways that we can manage stage fright better we will consider what causes it. Stage fright is most commonly an anxiety attack, a reaction to an uncomfortable situation. Other factors may also contribute to these feelings also. Stage fright may be triggered by a release of pent up energy. Performing is an exciting business, and mostly we have to control these feelings.

The good news is that you are not suffering from any strange mental or emotional breakdown when you experience stage fright. In fact, it’s a very human response, one of our most basic instincts of survival. “fight or flight” in light that we are a placid people now fighting your audience might not be the best option, so your instinct says “flight”, run far far away. Now consider that running might not be the brightest choice either. This is stage fright.

Stage fright may even be the result of a sudden disappearance of confidence and self-esteem.

Tips to overcome stage fright

Allow yourself just one last thought before you go out there and give it your all, a reflection. Pause for a moment and remember why you play anyway. You’re there because you love it! You worked your best to master your instrument, your guitar or your voice for the love of it. This is what matters the most.

There is something else that you forgot to remind yourself also, you’re good. You’re not only good at it, you’re great. You have practiced and trained, and know every note. You know the gig, and probably even done it before. Perhaps now you should take a moment to ask yourself to consider the logic in thinking that it is even possible that you should not play well after the work you have given already. When you realize that this really doesn’t make any sense you can take the time to congratulate yourself, and head on out there to claim your reward.

When you take the next step it is time to clear your mind and focus on what you are doing. Learning a few relaxation and focus techniques are an ideal method for dealing with this step. More precisely learning these techniques will give you the confidence to know that you can stay focused on the goal of entertaining. Know yourself enough to know that the hardest critique you will ever face is you. An audience will forgive you for being you, that’s what they paid their money for. You should do the same for yourself.

Be personal with your audience. If you are going to have a deeply intimate moment, as performing is, you might find that you are more comfortable with just one person. Consider that the audience is one, or a small group of your nearest and dearest. I have been assured that this is an ideal way to approach all performances and even musicians who do not seem to suffer stage fright greatly enhance their performance and audience appreciation. Its one thing to know the songs, but real music is sharing the emotion.

Now pretend you’re a superstar. Soon enough, the moment you start to play, you’re not pretending anymore because you are a superstar. There might only be 500 people out there in the audience, there might be 5000 or more. It doesn’t really matter, you’re a superstar to them.

When it’s happening to you it feels like you’re the only one. But you’re not the only one. Many successful accomplished musicians actually face the same fears you do. I have typically watch interviews with famous musicians and have always been surprised when one of them confesses to experiencing stage fright. No-one could ever guess it by the way they play or the millions of dollars they make doing it. Always after these interviews I have liked them more than I did before. It is nice to meet them as the person they are and know they have the same vulnerabilities and fears as the rest of us do. Relax and remember why your there. Go out and accept your reward your worth ever moment of it.

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Thus, now when you need cash, and have a junk car to spare, you know the best options available in town, that too at your doorstep! No wonder why we see so many new cars on the streets!

Los Angeles Schools are seeing a steady increase in arts education as the dual result of a long-term program and recent state funding. The Arts for All program was initiated in 2002 as a 10-year plan to restore arts education to the 80 districts of Los Angeles Schools. The project focuses on bringing music, dance, drama and the visual arts to K-12 schools in the area. Nine schools have just signed up for the 2007-2008 school year, bringing the total number of Los Angeles Schools involved up to 27.

Two of the newest participants are the Lancaster and Palmdale districts of Los Angeles Schools. Both schools completely eliminated their elementary music programs in the last decade due to budget cuts and increased pressure to perform on state tests. Major cuts first began for Los Angeles Schools with Proposition 13 in 1978. This California mandate reduced property taxes and district funds, which required all Los Angeles Schools to reduce or eliminate arts and physical education classes.

Los Angeles Schools were pleased when the state announced funding of $500 million for art, music and physical education classes in the beginning of June. Los Angeles Schools will use much of these funds for the Arts for All Program. Arts for All is built on a five-step process which, while proven effective, costs money. The five steps involved are:

1.Allocating 5% of a district’s budget to arts education
2.Having a board adopted policy
3.Creating an implementation plan with a timeline
4.Assigning a district level arts coordinator
5.Maintaining a student to arts teacher ratio of 400:1

Los Angeles Schools will pay for a program expert to guide parents, staff and community members in the creation of their implementation plan. The Lancaster district has an additional grant of $260,000 for its art and music programs.

Los Angeles Schools welcome the increased funding as a long overdue measure. Many educators in the Los Angeles Schools have lamented the loss of the arts as harmful to student development. While many of the cuts to arts education result from diverting funds to cover academic subjects needed to pass state tests, teachers argue that art actually enhances learning, allows children to make connections between subjects, and provides a much needed balance to education.

Like the rest of the country’s urban districts Los Angeles Schools are trying to meet the 2014 No Child Left Behind requirement that mandates proficiency on state tests by all students regardless of developmental delays or language barriers. Diverting funding away from the arts has put Los Angeles Schools in a situation where children as young as third grade are losing recess, physical activity and a basic arts background in a frenzied scramble to meet rising national standards.

Remember when you used to just go out on a short afternoon road trip armed and looking music professional only with any posters, a couple of cassette tapes of your band, any business cards and you could actually spend and afternoon hitting clubs and come home with bookings that would give everyone a $100 per night pay check form the gig?
There were not a lot of hassles. The club owner listened to the tape, you had a couple beers he opened up his calendar and you opened up yours and boom, a booking. Yea, those were the days. And so now it seems like it requires an act of Congress, 58 written recommendations and a free 4-hour live audition to get them to even commit to calling you back. Maybe. If you’re really lucky, and the club doesn’t change hands or the drunk doesn’t lose the card. If you’ve been in a band and music professional, you know the scenario. And what makes that matter even worse is that after all of that the pay scale is still much the same as it was back in the seventies and $100 per man is still the going rate. Gas has gone up; the cost of equipment has gone up. Everything that a musician has to use to get to that gig and get it from music marketplace, finished has increased. Everything except the pay, that is.
That is what makes a networking site like myMusicCircle as valuable as a tool. You can list your band there and if there’s a need for what you do the people can actually contact you. I know, I know. It is a novel concept to actually think of a club or other entity like music professional other than a bill collector contacting you. But that’s what’s supposed to happen in a great world. Let’s face it, everyone would be a lot happier if they all knew the place they belong. Club owners and other talent buyers need to realize that similar to the cost of his liquor, which is a cost of doing business for him; good music marketplace gear has gone up in price. And similar to his liability insurance, the cost of keeping the gear insured has also gone up. Yet it seems that music professional still have a hard time convincing the purchasers that they’ve a valid point. Maybe if you took the bill for that new Marshall amp into the club and showed him that you could get a raise?

Musicians are any of the most popular celebrities that exist in today’s modern culture. You probably have a preferred item musician or a preferred item band which all come together to give you any great music to listen to. Since each and every one of us have so much love for any of the people which bring us our favorite music, we shouldn’t be too surprised that so many people create and collect art which revolves around these musicians.

These works can range from fan-painted images which have grown to be stellar works of art to pieces of art which the musicians themselves have made. Musician art, whether it is work inspired by or created by the musician, can be very popular items with collectors, or even with fans who do not normally collect art.

Any fan with any skill at creating art can take an image of their favorite musician and craft it into a valuable piece of celebrity art. The inspiration for such art can be an image of a musician which is taken from an iconic photograph, an album cover featuring the musician, a a visualization of musical lyrics, or even a side of the musician taken entirely from the imagination of the artist. The artist may even be inspired to create art by a personal experience with the musician, seeing them in person at a concert or happening upon them in public. Either way, they have the ability to make an impressive work of art which could impress any fan of that celebrity.

Additionally, many musicians like to experhyment with many different art forms and painting is one of the most popular of those mediums of expression. Several musicians have famously made paintings, from portraits of themselves to traditional landscapes or images which tie directly into any of their songs. These paintings can be incredibly popular with the collectors of great works of art, as well as highly sought after. The popularity of the projects only lends itself even more toward making a collection valuable. Works of art made by certain celebrities can be the center of anyone’s collection.

An addition which can drastically increase the value of a piece of art is an autograph, either by the artist or by the person who inspired the piece. Most artists will place their signature somewhere on a piece of work when they are finished with it, this signature is that artist’s way of certifying the product as complete and of course marking the particular work as an original and individual creation. This fact holds true for paintings that any celebrity, including musicians may make. However, many celebrities will also be willing to autograph pieces of art which are inspired by them or by their work If an artist has the ability to meet a celebrity and take them a piece of art which has been made about them, that celebrity may be more than willing to autograph it for them. This makes the piece much more valuable for any prospective collector.

As a so-called expert on tinnitus and a professional concert pianist I mainly get asked, How does tinnitus affect your ability to practice and perform music.” I’d often answer this question in such a way that my response applies to everyone, not just musicians. Therefore, whenever I speak about music, you must alternative your own dominant creative talent. In other words, just replace music with the desire and creative activity which you aspire to the most.

So, let’s begin. Music is a big part of my life, yet even though I make the major portion of my income from the music business it doesn’t seem like work at all. It seems like “play.”

But, this was not always the case. I saw my life in music as a job and not a very enjoyable one at that. This was because the people who I was involved with in the music business were competitors instead of co-creators.

Then when tinnitus came along, it infected me to the point where I no longer enjoyed playing the piano at all. And, I can tell you that it was a very painful experience to not be doing the thing I loved the most. However, once I realized that my resistance to “what is”, in other words my resistance to tinnitus, was causing me to self-sabotage my piano music career, I stopped. Then, I started re-focusing on what I truly wanted, instead of what I didn’t want.

Once focused on music and how I could utilize my talents, experience and energy in a more positive way, my tinnitus no longer became a factor. It no longer kept me from what I wanted which, was a successful music career. Now, that I have it, it keeps growing and getting larger and my tinnitus is continually taking a back seat to the things that really matter the most to me.

However, until I realized through learning, that I could change my reality by changing my thoughts, nothing would have happened because I didn’t know this was even possible. The key is ‘learning’. I went from being a know-it-all to a learn-it-all beautiful much overnight. This drastically changed my perceptions of music and the music business altogether.

So then, I went out in search of people, places, circumstances and events that could support my new version of reality. Once I attracted those things naturally everything seemed to get easier. Opportunity seemed to be around every corner just waiting for me to recognize it.

My music career is already by most standards very successful. Have I achieved everything I’ve ever wanted to? No. But, that does not negate the fact that I live each day as if I’ve already achieved greatness. I know it is only a matter of physical time before I manifest most of my desires into reality where there’s proof, not only for me, but for everyone else as well.

I’ll let you browse around my website and notice any of the things I’ve done. It is quite an extensive site and you sometimes have to dig deep to get where you’re going but the info about my past experiences and successes are there. Most of these things wouldn’t have been possible without the jolt that tinnitus gave me. Tinnitus helped me realize that I was the only cause of everything around me be it negative or positive. All I had to do then was change my dominant consistent thoughts to include more of “what I want” and less of “what I don’t want.”

Learning the Law of Attraction helped me a great deal in this process. Like attracts like. If I’m constantly worried, afraid and obsessing about things, I get tons of unwanted results I’d rather not have. On the other hand, if I keep monitoring my thoughts and keep reaching for the highest thought in the moment, I tend to materialize with very tiny effort any amazing results. And, along with those amazing results comes a lot less tinnitus volume.

Music was the key for me. Why? Because, music is my true hearts desire. To succeed on any level in the music business is a bonus. The whole starving artist thing kept me safe but in a place of not having. I need my cake and eat it too. I need a life in music but I also need to be successful at it and if that includes more money, that’s a bonus.

So, to sum up, if I were to offer advice, which I do very rarely, I would say that focusing on your music won’t only eliminate your tinnitus but, it will bring you more of everything you want. Reaching for the highest thought, in every moment where you are tempted to have a negative one, will have a tremendous impact on your life situation. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish just by focusing your attention and energy on what you truly want.

I’ll leave you with this thought. “Life isn’t about struggle, fear, worry and pain, it is about easily manifesting in a healthy and positive way the things you desire the most. Once you figure out what it is you truly want, and then focus your dominant and consistent thoughts on getting what you want, you cannot fail to get what you want. In the process, your negative self-defeating habits will fade and be replaced with a completely new map of reality – one in which every island exposes a lost treasure that was just waiting for you to uncover it.”

Many cities among the world get attention from all over the world because of all the glamour and the environment that offer to people who come there or are living there. Many American cities are credited as the best cities in the world because of their facilities and other attractions but Los Angeles is one of the cities that has its own attraction and many from all over the world want to go there because it has too much to offer. It might be stated as the most treasured tourist stop in the world and every year many come to spend their vacations. The environment of the city is very lively there are hundreds of spots that might be used for recreation and parties including all the clubs and the bars that are a lot in Los Angeles. Once you’ve reached the city then you won’t have to worry about the fun and enjoyment because you’ll find it everywhere even the city is at a peak in working days and the weekends are like blast and everyone is out hanging out with friends and acquaintances

The clubs and bars are enough to handle the population as a huge amount of people are always in the mood of party and they go to any place they find is good. The important places are reserved for weeks and they cannot be reached easily as you must have good contacts or you need an invitation. Still you can have the world’s best night clubs where you’ll notice many celebrities and they’ll be moving around you like all other people. This is the specialty of the place that you’ll find a lot of celebrities in the city because the most popular pop stars, actors, actresses and many other celebrities are the permanent residents of the city. The city is full of rich businessmen and highly paid people who love luxuries and they’re getting them. Some most costly bars with the most costly drinks are present in the city that has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people without overcrowding.

The food in the city is also exclusive as all the other things are and you can taste any very different things in the city which will make you a big fan of the food. Almost all the kinds of food is prepared in different restaurants and hotels and you can eat whatever you want without searching It for hours. The clubs are filled with people who are enjoying in the place with loud music and drinks. People are well aware of all the activities and they don’t have any problem in enjoying their life even in the week days. You won’t have single chance that you’ll feel bored while you’re staying in the city. All the clubs and bars are waiting for you and you should get a chance sometime to visit the city and have all the fun that you want.

Finding out how to download music to PSP is extremely simple, but as with so many other things it only seems easy to those whoever know how. In this article I will show you just how easy it is to download music to PSP!

How to download music to PSP Step 1-

The first thing you must do is get hold of the right software, which can take music from your existing cds and store it on your computer’s hard drive. Many PC’s will have this type of software already installed, but it isn’t so easy to find software that can save it to the PSP format. Use your favourite search engine to try to find what you need, as there’s a lot of software that can do the job of downloading music to PSP.

How to download music to PSP Step 2-

Put a cd into the computer and use the software to pick which tracks you want to store on the computer. Modern software is very quick, so it will not take long to get this done. Any tracks which are already stored on the computer are, of course, available for transfer immediately.

How to download music to PSP Step 3-

Connect the PC to the PSP by using a USB cable. You should then make a new folder on your PC into which you can transfer the music . Give this any name you want to, but it will need to be inside the PSP folder called Music. Once you have done that, you can just transfer the mp3 files from the computer by pasting them into the folder you just created in the PSP.

That really is all there’s to it! Now you know how to download music to PSP, you can view how easy it really is!

Do you have perfect pitch? Do you feel inferior by not having it? By the way, what in blazes is perfect pitch? Let’s investigate!

Perfect pitch, also named absolute pitch (AP) is an accurate recall of any concert pitch note that one hears played by an instrument. This skill also allows a perfect pitch individual to sing a particular note that is requested of him or her, provided the AP person is also blessed with a good set of vocal chords.

Should you feel inferior if you do not have this ability? Absolutely not! Of course it’s not fair that any people have AP while others don’t. However, mature individuals know that life is not fair. This unfairness is compounded by the fact that perfect pitch cannot be acquired through practice, although any would argue that this is debatable.

Some websites claim that one can acquire the skill of AP through practice. Although it is noble to be open-minded to new techniques for improving oneself, I have not yet seen one conversion of a non-perfect pitch musician into an absolute pitch musician, although the length that any people go through in order to acquire perfect pitch is often mind-boggling.

One common way any individuals try to get AP is by repeating a note continuously for hours in the hope of memorizing the note’s particular pitch. This accomplishes three things:

1. It makes the person trying to achieve perfect pitch look like they are having a severe nervous breakdown;

2. The act of repeating a note continuously takes time away from quality family and fun activities;

3. Repeating a note continuously requires the purchase of any sort of pain medication from the resulting headache that it most certainly ensues.

So why is there so much hoopla over this accurate recall of specific notes on an instrument? The truth is that many musicians get along just fine without perfect pitch. How, you ask? Well, they develop their relative pitch; the ability to judge the distance between notes by recognizing interval distances. An interval distance is a specific distance between two concert pitch notes on an instrument.

The skillful use of interval distances can give a musician accurate dictation skills. As a composer, an extremely developed relative pitch is a must if absolute pitch is not attainable.

Go forth with no fear, dear non-absolute pitch colleagues! Compose, arrange and perform with the best of them because developed relative pitch is a powerful tool and a viable substitute for AP.

By the way, any websites claim the theory that babies are all possibly born with perfect pitch. This is fascinating, but like so many theories surrounding AP, it is very difficult to prove. Perhaps it’s time we throw out any theories of our own:

1. Owls might have absolute pitch;

2. Chimpanzees would love perfect pitch, but they cannot get it because they have too much potassium in their blood;

3. Avalanches can scare you into having AP, especially if you’re buried alive by one;

4. Falling off a large cliff gives you perfect pitch, but only while you’re falling. When you hit the ground, the perfect pitch suddenly disappears.

As a final thought, AP and good relative pitch are only effective tools when combined with one final and important component: hard work.