Band In

The lap band procedure is performed laparoscopically which means that the operation is performed as a keyhole surgery, also named a minimal invasive surgery. This makes the lap band procedure a less invasive form of surgery than the conventional weight loss surgeries. This results in fewer traumas to the body and a faster healing time.

During the surgery the patients are put under anesthesia. The surgeon will start the surgery by making small incisions, named ports, in the stomach wall for the insertion of the surgical instruments and a fibre optic cable system connected to a light source, to illuminate the operative field. In the incision a small video camera is put to aid the surgeon while the operation is taken place. A silicone elastomer band is then wrapped around the uppermost part of your stomach and then locked securely in a ring.

The section of the stomach above the band is named “stomach pouch”. The stomach pouch is intended to have a maximum size of one ounce. By reducing the size of this part of the stomach, the lap band procedure will help you to become full with very small meals.

In the lap band procedure, tubes are made connecting the band with a port, which is placed just beneath the skin. The band is usually left empty during the operation and will not be filled with saline for the first four to six weeks. This gives the stomach sufficient of time to heal. It also gives the patient plenty of time to change to new eating routines following surgery.

The band work as a silicone balloon and is later filled with saline through the port, to form a new small stomach. The quantity of food in the stomach is now reduced because of the new small stomach pouch shaped by the band. But the patient does not feel hungry for the reason that the stomach is full. When the intake of food is reduced, the body will use the fat reserves instead of the excess of food. In this way weight loss is obtained.

Later, the doctor can adjust the amount of saline in the band and this makes it possible to allow the outlet of the stomach pouch to be narrowed over time so that the fullness will increase. It also makes it possible to open up the band slightly if there are difficulties eating suitable foods.

The lap band adjustments are performed in minutes. The adjustment process can help manage the weight loss. The lap band procedure is the only method of weight loss surgery that makes that possible. If the band is too loose, the weight loss will not be sufficient. Adding more saline will reduce the available size of the stomach pouch and will limit the amount of food leading into the stomach. If the weight loss starts too hasty, then the saline can be removed to reduce the food restriction.