Audio Production Schools

Alchemea is based in London. The Alchemea Collage is a frontrunner in the world for imparting schooling in the field of audio and post production training. Full time as well as part time course is offered at the Alchemea in spheres like audio engineering, post production, live sound and music technology. Alchemea is functioning from past fifteen years in the providing best trained personnel to the audio industry. Alchemea is working excessively hard to maintain their principles. Achemea is having a very good creditability across the European continent. Alchemea also offers various training courses that are certified by Pro Tools. Achemea is one of the foremost pro schools that are highly reputed. They also provide training courses that are certified by Logic Pro along with Final Cut Pro. This training center is approved from Apple and also certified by the Ableton.

The area of expertise of the Alchemea is that they offer various short term courses in audio mastering, recording techniques, music composition, Ableton live, Reason and mixing techniques. Alchemea also offers one day video production as well as music production crash courses. Their clients are highly reputed and esteemed entity such as the ITV, BSkyB, Air Studios, Channel 4 and also the British Broadcasting Channel.

The full time students at Alchemea are availing excessive practical time as compared to any other college. All those who approach this collage for their training are given superb studio facilities and also they can gain more confidence with their learning. The main objective of the Alchemea Collage is to bestow the supreme level of training for the post production and audio. If you need to make your career in any of these spheres then the Alchemea College is the best for you. If will not only bequeath you with self confidence but also it will bestow you great skills so that you can frame your own career.

Various up to date and modern equipments are employed at the Alchemea. They have the most state of the art studio facilities. Alchemea has 5.1 Cinema Dubbing Theatre, Euphonix CS3000 control room, SSL G-series control room, Electronic Music Production Room, Apple Training Room, Workstations and three entirely routable live recording spots that also includes a vocal booth. However, you can also avail special discounts on the equipments if you are a student of Achemea. Alchemea offers various special discounts and deals on their software as well as hardware such as forty percent on the Pro Tools LE merchandises and more than sixty percent on the Logic Pro. You would also be offered certain discounts when you are purchasing the products such as Reason and Cubase. Therefore, if you are wanting in the Sound engineering courses, Music technology courses, Audio courses, Live sound courses as well as Music production courses then you can approach the Alchemea.