Preparing for a Studio Recording Session can be an overwhelming task. Recording your music can be expensive and time consuming but it can also be a rewarding experience leaving you with a product you can be proud of for years to come; with careful and considered pre-planning you can put yourself in the best possible position to make the most of the opportunity.

Efficient Time Management

Getting ready for the studio session can be chaotic, especially if you’ve not organised things beforehand.

Have all of the songs written prior to recording. If you play in a band, allocate roles to all of the members so that people know what they are doing. Rehearsing at home will save you a lot of time and money.

Practicing will also improve your performance, which will affect the quality of the record. You should also be certain of the quality of the equipment. Guitar strings should be changed in advance. Waiting for something to go wrong at the studio in order to fix it will interfere with the session and is a classic case of planning to fail.

Have a Budget

Decide on a specific amount that you are willing to spend on the recording session and the production of your album.

Several performers and bands believe that they will be done with the recording session quickly. Quite often, the process is lengthier than initially planned. If you require more hours for studio recording than initially planned, then expect this to naturally inflate the initial cost as well.

Estimate the number of hours you will need and add a few more incase you run over. Make your budget calculations on the basis of these hours. It is always best to have an idea of how much you may end up spending, rather than getting an unpleasant surprise at the end.

Be Mentally Prepared

Have enough hours of sleep before going to the studio. Recording your music can be a physically challenging task, especially if you need many hours. Being in the right state of mind will make things easier.

Drinking and recreational activities the night before may sound cool but they are mostly a bad idea. Work on your focus and your commitment. Refrain from paying attention to distractions and try to play your music or to sing as naturally, as possible.

Always listen to the outcome before moving on. You may think that it sounds great while recording it but things may sound a little different when examining it much later on. It is normal to feel that a certain take you’ve done is not good enough. It is okay to do re-takes until you feel you’ve nailed it but try to agree a cut-off point. It is easy to lose track of time obsessing over all little bit of detail, especially when you’re aiming for perfection.

A Few Additional Tips and Ideas

If you have a drummer, make sure that the person arrives at the studio a couple of hours before the rest of the band. The extra time would be wisely spent setting up the instruments up consulting the sound engineer.

Most band members should go through a sound check before recording starts. Keep noise to a minimum and allow the engineer to focus on the task at hand.
Your producer should have a demo of the songs that you are planning to record at the studio. Most of the production ideas and your specialised requirements are best discussed and agreed ahead of time. Leaving creative ideas and other aspects of the recording process to the last minute could be a source of disagreement and frustration and could just eat up precious studio time.

Being prepared, rehearsing and making sure that the instruments are in top condition will only help to ensure the quality of the recording session and give you the best possible opportunity to cut that killer track.

Remember when you used to just go out on a short afternoon road trip armed and looking music professional only with any posters, a couple of cassette tapes of your band, any business cards and you could actually spend and afternoon hitting clubs and come home with bookings that would give everyone a $100 per night pay check form the gig?
There were not a lot of hassles. The club owner listened to the tape, you had a couple beers he opened up his calendar and you opened up yours and boom, a booking. Yea, those were the days. And so now it seems like it requires an act of Congress, 58 written recommendations and a free 4-hour live audition to get them to even commit to calling you back. Maybe. If you’re really lucky, and the club doesn’t change hands or the drunk doesn’t lose the card. If you’ve been in a band and music professional, you know the scenario. And what makes that matter even worse is that after all of that the pay scale is still much the same as it was back in the seventies and $100 per man is still the going rate. Gas has gone up; the cost of equipment has gone up. Everything that a musician has to use to get to that gig and get it from music marketplace, finished has increased. Everything except the pay, that is.
That is what makes a networking site like myMusicCircle as valuable as a tool. You can list your band there and if there’s a need for what you do the people can actually contact you. I know, I know. It is a novel concept to actually think of a club or other entity like music professional other than a bill collector contacting you. But that’s what’s supposed to happen in a great world. Let’s face it, everyone would be a lot happier if they all knew the place they belong. Club owners and other talent buyers need to realize that similar to the cost of his liquor, which is a cost of doing business for him; good music marketplace gear has gone up in price. And similar to his liability insurance, the cost of keeping the gear insured has also gone up. Yet it seems that music professional still have a hard time convincing the purchasers that they’ve a valid point. Maybe if you took the bill for that new Marshall amp into the club and showed him that you could get a raise?

When it comes to shopping for wedding rings, it is important to purchase a band that will symbolize your never-ending bond of eternal love. An unbroken band of gold or silver that is exchanged with this very thought in mind should not only be the right fit for your finger, but also for your budget.

The most classic design for wedding rings is that of a yellow gold band, which is available in either 10kt, 14kt, 18kt or even 24kt gold. Because gold is flexible, it is most durable in its 10kt form. Because 10kt gold wedding rings feature less actual gold content, they are also the most affordable. At the other end of the equation is 24kt gold, which is very rich in color but also very flexible and, therefore, more susceptible to damage. In addition, 24kt gold is the most expensive of all gold creations.

For the couple who dares to be different, wedding rings can also be exchanged as either rose or white gold. Polished, textured, wide and slim designed bands are all available for the bride and groom to choose from. Although these gold colorations may be more difficult to find than the traditional yellow gold, they continue to be a popular choice for many newlyweds simply because they are unique.

For the couple who is especially cost conscious, there is the option of choosing sterling silver wedding rings. In many places, a wide band sterling silver ring can be purchased for less than $50.00 each and is, therefore, a very practical choice for many newlyweds. Sterling silver, like gold, is a precious metal and is designed to last a lifetime. The main difference between sterling silver and gold wedding rings, along with the coloration and content, is the fact that sterling silver requires more maintenance than gold. Regular polishing and careful storage are required for keeping your sterling silver in pristine condition and free of tarnish.

One of the most important aspects of shopping for wedding rings is making sure that the sizes are accurately determined before making the purchase. If necessary, either gold or sterling silver wedding rings can be resized by a knowledgeable jeweler. When shopping, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that a thinner band will fit more true to size than a wide band, which may require that the wearer move up one size to ensure a comfortable fit.

When it comes to finding the best deal on wedding rings, the bargain of a lifetime may not be as far away as you think. Among the most popular places to find wedding rings are online auctions and jewelry wholesalers. The most common places to shop are at jewelers and specialty designers, but consumers need to be ready to spend big bucks with either of these options. If your chosen wedding rings are a little above your current budget, consider placing them on layaway and making regular monthly payments. This will allow for less strain on your wallet and less stress in wondering how you are going to pay for your wedding rings.

The world of music is something that can soothe as well as pep up the mood of a person. No wonder music of diverse kinds has been a very vital and integral part of media and entertainment. Production music and music stings occupy a very conspicuous part of the entertainment industry. It is very true that any form of a video clip has an amplified impact upon the audience when an appropriate piece of music is incorporated into it. Consequently, the demand for music has been considered invaluable since time immemorial. These music bits are basically produced by music libraries that also own the possession rights of the music piece.
The music stings are mostly sold to be used in the television, films, radio and so on. These libraries possess complete rights of the music that they own. As a result, they are free to license any music piece to the customer without worrying about acquiring the consent of the composer. The simple access to a plethora of music bits makes such libraries as the finest option for licensing the music. You’re not only getting to pick from a wide assortment of music but also do not need to shovel out huge chunks of money on the same.
The myriad type of music available in the libraries of production music and music stings helps customers choose something that suits their requirements completely. Usually such experts of music play a necessary role in the television as well radio. The advertisements played on these media require simple access on music pieces that are apt for various jingles and logos. This kind of jingle music helps in establishing an audio-visual impact on the listeners and the audience in relation to the brand name. Whether it is a product or the publicity of the channel itself, musical stings can do wonders in grabbing the attention of the people.
The music transitions generally from the music bits that take forward one segment of the video to another. Linking two segments of a video or show is mostly done with such excerpts of music. These kinds and many more varieties of music bits exist in the libraries. Production music and music stings provided by the library mostly functions on two diverse streams of revenue. When the library provides a piece of music as video music, for jingle, etc. it is paid the revenue directly. Although it is not mandatory at all, there are certain production music libraries that provide a share of the amount to the composer.
On the other hand, performance cost is the sum of money received by the library if the music is being performed publicly. The nature and repetition pattern of the music bit determines the cost that may be charged by the library. Production music and music stings undoubtedly forms a major industry on which the entertainment and advertising business is reliant upon. It is evident from the boom in the emergence and growth of such libraries, how well the industry is doing in the market.

Musicians are any of the most popular celebrities that exist in today’s modern culture. You probably have a preferred item musician or a preferred item band which all come together to give you any great music to listen to. Since each and every one of us have so much love for any of the people which bring us our favorite music, we shouldn’t be too surprised that so many people create and collect art which revolves around these musicians.

These works can range from fan-painted images which have grown to be stellar works of art to pieces of art which the musicians themselves have made. Musician art, whether it is work inspired by or created by the musician, can be very popular items with collectors, or even with fans who do not normally collect art.

Any fan with any skill at creating art can take an image of their favorite musician and craft it into a valuable piece of celebrity art. The inspiration for such art can be an image of a musician which is taken from an iconic photograph, an album cover featuring the musician, a a visualization of musical lyrics, or even a side of the musician taken entirely from the imagination of the artist. The artist may even be inspired to create art by a personal experience with the musician, seeing them in person at a concert or happening upon them in public. Either way, they have the ability to make an impressive work of art which could impress any fan of that celebrity.

Additionally, many musicians like to experhyment with many different art forms and painting is one of the most popular of those mediums of expression. Several musicians have famously made paintings, from portraits of themselves to traditional landscapes or images which tie directly into any of their songs. These paintings can be incredibly popular with the collectors of great works of art, as well as highly sought after. The popularity of the projects only lends itself even more toward making a collection valuable. Works of art made by certain celebrities can be the center of anyone’s collection.

An addition which can drastically increase the value of a piece of art is an autograph, either by the artist or by the person who inspired the piece. Most artists will place their signature somewhere on a piece of work when they are finished with it, this signature is that artist’s way of certifying the product as complete and of course marking the particular work as an original and individual creation. This fact holds true for paintings that any celebrity, including musicians may make. However, many celebrities will also be willing to autograph pieces of art which are inspired by them or by their work If an artist has the ability to meet a celebrity and take them a piece of art which has been made about them, that celebrity may be more than willing to autograph it for them. This makes the piece much more valuable for any prospective collector.

Most people have fell in love with a song and played it dozens of times until they have the words, rhythm and beat memorized. Some have even gone further and worked at making their own songs, either with simple musical instruments or with programs that mix beats and rhythms. A special group has gone further and pursued something more with music. This is where Ableton School can help a person develop further.

Many Options For Anyone And Individual Interests

With the many types of music there are many individual tastes that come along with all the variety. Ableton School understands this and offers a wide selection of possibilities for anyone, regardless of what they are looking to get involved with regarding their growing passion. Perhaps being a DJ and having the best mixes and understanding of the equipment that’s being worked with is the first and most important priority, if this is the case, here is the perfect place to start. Maybe getting into songwriting and developing a person’s own beat is more of what’s appealing, and if that’s true, Ableton School has just the right courses for this too.

Developing A Business With Music

So a person has learned all sorts of ins and outs with beats and lyrics and all sorts of styles of music. The question of ‘now what,’ may pop up and if that’s the case, they are still in the right spot with Ableton School. There are courses that can cover the business of the music industry giving all sorts of savvy advice to a person just starting out or someone who’s already made their first pay check of the mixing. Once a person has worked through a particular sense of style and or music it’s possible to start thinking and heading toward how to make it into a business. Business can be daunting and confusing to people, and sometimes more so in the world of music and art. These courses make it easy to understand and offer sensible tips from professionals that are applicable to many areas of the industry.

So Many Choices, Where To Start

There’s nothing wrong with variety, unless it leaves a person undecided which to take first. If that’s where a person finds themselves, then the best place to start is where they are at. Take a moment to think about where the music skills are, what programs are being worked with, and which is the next direction their music will continue to. Answering these simple questions can help a person figure out where the next place is to go to, and in the end help them pick the right class for this. Maybe all the choices make it so a person wants to try everything. This is not a bad thing, but should be looked at as what may be most important first. Having a game plan and working the way through several courses can really work to move a career further along by developing as many skills as possible.

Several artists look for beats to record their music and this involves a lot of search and research involved in this. Also with the advancement in technology, it is now simple to search and
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Before you go to buy rap beats on line, it is important for you to know few things. These are explained as follows. First and foremost, you must know the difference between a non
exclusive and exclusive beat when you buy rap beats. Non exclusive Dre Monster Beats are those beats that might be purchased nonlinear and might be instantly downloaded from the website.
This might be equated to that of renting or leasing the beat from the website for the artists project at a lower cost. However, the rights of the beat remain with the owner or the
website. Thus, the beat will still be available on the Internet for the sake of other artists or those who wants to buy rap beats. Most of the artists prefer to buy rap beats this way
and it is very common.
Exclusive beats are the beats that are sold after contacting the website directly by the artists. Artists are not permitted to download the beat directly from the website here.
Once the artists purchase the beat, the beat is thus removed from the website for further sales. The ownership is thus transferred when the artist buy rap beats through
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Though non exclusive beat is comparatively cheap, the only drawback with non exclusive beat is that, this beat will be used by many artists and hence there will be numerous
songs recorded using the same beat. This will lead to various songs of the same beat being sold in the market. However, the advantage here is that you get to listen to the beat
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If you want to search for the beats that are cheap, you just need to key in as buy rap beats at 5 dollars or related key words. You will get numerous websites that offers you the
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Wedding rings don’t tend to get the public airing that they deserve, in your average wedding celebration. However, wedding rings are prone to be worn for the rest of the bride and grooms’ living days, so they are, arguably, the most important element of the wedding accessories.

Wedding Rings The Basics

Wedding rings are exchanged as part of the ceremony, normally as vows are said by both parties. The guests don’t normally view the wedding rings until after the ceremony is well and truly over, so it may be tempting to skimp on this element and save money.

Bear in mind that the bride will nearly certainly wear her wedding ring alongside her engagement ring. It is essential, therefore, that they both rings work together well. This is particularly important if the engagement ring is of an atypical shape or with a particularly large stone.

Always consider your each day jewelry. Although it is possible to accessorize on your wedding day to complement you choice of wedding rings, this ring will be worn mostly all day, for many years, so it must fit in well with your general style. This is equally important for the groom, as he too will have to wear the ring for some time, so he should also consider what would go well with his usual attire.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not essential to choose golden rings. If you prefer silver colored rings but want to retain the quality, why not consider white gold? It is also possible for the bride and groom to have different styles of ring, so don’t feel pressured into selecting matching styled rings.

Wedding Rings Ideas for Slashing the Budget

Whilst you want the ideal wedding rings possible, you don’t need to spend a small fortune! Often, wedding rings are passed through the generations, particularly on the male side, so find out whether this is the case so that you can avoid the time and energy of searching for the ideal wedding rings!

When you are selecting an engagement ring, it may be possible to negotiate a discount on wedding rings, if they are purchased at the same time. Another possible option is to consider using cheaper wedding rings for the ceremony itself and to purchase the more permanent wedding rings, at a later day. The real point of this is to spread the major expenses weddings don’t come cheaply!

A good way to make cheaper wedding rings look very special is to have them engraved with your wedding date and your initials.

Also with a little imagination, wedding rings can truly look magical, without costing the earth!

Festivals have been steadily gaining popularity all over the world in recent years, and the larger ones have expanded tremendously. However, as a result of the high ticket prices and relatively remote locations, a few oppurtunistic entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the backlash against the inaccesibility of events like Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, and other big-draw, weeklong festivals.

One notable example of this comes in the form of Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, which is now in its second year. Last year’s event featured over 30 bands on three stages, for a modest charge of $10. Many local and nationally acclaimed acts were featured, from punk rock bands like the venerable Circle Jerks to Austin favorites such as the Octopus Project and the Riverboat Gamblers. Large festivals aim to please as many music fans as possible by providing an incredibly diverse cross-section of acts, thereby minimizing the liklelyhood of alienating a potential customer.

However, the drawback to this approach is that booking such a large number of acts means paying all of them, and providing a substantial amount of infrastructure. Even in the case of events like South By Southwest, which use mostly existing clubs to showcase the artists, the number of people whoever can see a given act is compromised by, if nothing else, fire codes which restrict how some people may be inside a club safely at a given time. On the other hand, festivals like Fun Fun Fun Fest serve as an intermediary between the larger festivals and one-off club shows by serving a relatively small subset of the musical crowd with a lot of bands. Thus the “bang for your buck” of a large festival is preserved, although some people are still more satisfied by the relatively low ticket price, which is more in line with a club charge for seeing at most four to five bands in one night.

Fun Fun Fun also brings a somewhat different aesthetic to the standard “carpet bomb” approach discussed earlier. By appealing to a more specific (some would say discerning) crowd, the fans are more likely to be happier with the experience, therefore making them likely to return. Since their acts do range from relatively unknown to national touring acts, new musical introductions are welcome and often. The 2006 festival was (somewhat hilariously) divided into three stages according to loosely defined genres: Rock, Punk, and Electronic. While these definitions seemed a bit inaccurate, (for example, anyone whoever has seen Peaches live would probably have placed her in the Punk or possibly the Electronic stage before the largest Rock stage, but the genre-based stage distinctions are no longer quite so brazen in the upcoming 2007 iteration) most would have considered the 2006 Fest to be quite a success.

This year’s festival has expanded quite a bit, most obviously in that it is now a 2-day affair. It still takes place in Austin’s own Waterloo Park, and there are still three stages (their genres still based along the previous year’s lines, without calling them such outright) but the tickets are a bit pricier at $54 a pop (which does fall in line with the 75 bands now playing). This festival now appears to be in direct competition with the Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival, but with a narrower focus. I enjoyed last year’s show immensely, and the acts seemed much more tailored to my tastes than ACL, not to mention costing less than a tenth of the hard-to-obtain ACL day passes. Also, since FunFunFun happens in November, the absurd dust storms and (this year) fires are no longer a threat. “What!” you say, “A festival in Texas that’s comfortable and, well, fun?” I say check out the bands and see what piques your interest. If punk rock, electronic dance music, or just plain old rock-and-roll seems up your alley, then FFFFest is a good bet.

I get a lot of requests for reasonably priced high quality recording Studio windows. In general a studio window is used to separate the console or control room area from the live performance room. This is not however the only application for the Tru Acoustics windows. They are used in Radio stations as well to separate the different live rooms and to provide visual contact for the D.J.’s. The windows have been used by CNN News in Atlanta to allow visitors to watch the live broadcasts, yet not disturb the news caster. The uses for these windows is virtually endless.
There are a number of things to look for when purchasing your studio or control room windows. The first order of business is decide what amount of soundproofing you need and can afford. The windows from Soundproofing America, Inc come in 2 varieties. The first is our Tru Acoustics 45 STC studio window. This is a high quality window that has a integrated glass unit consisting of two 1/4″ laminated glass panes that are fused together leaving a sealed 1″ gap in between the layers of glass. The glass panes in this window are set at a 7 Degree slant which directs the reflective sounds that would reflect off the glass towards the floor. This helps when recording in the live room. Most of our studio windows come with aluminum frames that are anodized bronze colored or silver, and the windows can also come tinted or mirrored for one way vision through the window.
As a general rule the 45STC windows are used in Home recording studios, however, they have also been used in high end professional recording facilities. The sealed dead air space between the layers of laminated glass helps with the soundproofing effort. These are things you need to look for in a quality recording studio window.
Now the next higher grade studio window is what is referred to as the Tru Acoustics 56STC studio window. This window is quite similar to the Tru Acoustics 45 STC window with the exception of an additional layer of ?? laminated glass that is mounted vertically in the window frame. This high quality window is what would be used in a commercial studio. This is a professional grade studio window that gives you a 56 STC (Sound Transmission Class).
The cost of the windows depends upon which grade window you need and also the dimensions of the window itself.
These windows both come with a full 2 year guarantee and also come with complete installation instructions. There is also a mandatory installation kit that will need to be purchased with any of our studio windows.
Now you have an idea of what to look for in a professional grade recording studio window. Thanks for stopping by to read about this great product. For more information about the Tru Acoustics Studio windows and about out High quality Sound Vault Studio doors, call the professionals at Soundproofing America Inc. We are ready to help. As Always, Dr. Bob!