The keystone of Puget Sound’s commerce and the origin of many alternative American trends is none other than the bustling Emerald City of Seattle. Secure your airfare to Seattle with cFares and discover why Bill Gates, Starbucks, Nirvana and the Space Needle made this metropolis their home. Travel in Seattle is as dynamic and diverse as its inhabitants. Enjoy the theater, mountain biking and the fish market all in one day with time left over to indulge in some excellent seafood dining.

Seattle swiftly capitalized on the Yukon Gold Rush that swept the nation by establishing itself as the banking center for the newfound funds of the Pacific Northwest. This trend did not cease over the centuries as Seattle has become synonymous with major tech firms such as Boeing, Microsoft and The affluence is now visible in the many public arts and architecture projects that have been established in recent years as well as the proliferation of fine and modern arts museums and performance art funding.

Get Out and About the Rainy City

Just as much as Seattlites seem to work, they love to get outdoors, rain or shine. Seattle offers an incredible Parks System for such a metropolitan city. Get your bearings in Kerry Park with its infamous view of Seattle’s skyline. Locate the Space Needle against the backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the rest of the Olympic Range. Take a jog along the Puget Sound at Golden Gardens Park, one of the last beaches that still allows bonfires, or you can cycle around the serenely quite Elliott Bay in Myrtle Edwards Park. Seattle also provides easy access to Washington’s Olympic National Park, which offers all kinds of recreational activities amid breathtaking lush green scenery.

Several specialized tours are offered of Seattle’s many sights and sounds. One of the more interesting is the Seattle Underground Tour, which leads you through Seattle’s basement” underneath Pioneer Square. Between the resistant swamp lands and a fire that completely destroyed downtown in 1889, Seattle rebuilt itself over the original city layout (this time using brick and steel) creating an actual underground network. Several cruise lines offer a tour of Seattle’s coast or you may choose to exert yourself a bit more with a kayak tour.

Garage Grunge and Conspicuous Coffee Consumption

Seattle’s prosperity may be due in part to the caffeinated cosmopolites buzzing around the city. Thanks to the establishment of Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Tully’s, Seattle swiftly became the coffee capital of the country. The first Starbucks store is still a block away from the touristy Pike Place Market, where the famed fish merchants will toss your order to you, giving another meaning to flying fish.

Seattle is also the birthplace to the popular Grunge movement, spawning Nirvana and a whole string of bands with similar sound and style. Cafs spotlighting free-styling poets and off-beat monologue performances sprouted out of the Grunge scene and still fill the Seattle air with funky lyrics and indie beats today.

Seattle now is an eclectic mix of high-tech industry, commercial consumerism, counterculture trends and (thankfully) Bill Gate’s generosity.

So, you want to be a Rock Star, huh?…what about a classic guitarist, or country guitarist, or maybe even a blues or jazz guitarist? Or, maybe you simply want to improve your skills of your favorite pastime…playing the guitar. Well, as you know or are probably discovering, one-on-one, in-person guitar lessons can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $25/hour to over $40/hour, and there is no guarantee that you will learn how to play the guitar or improve your current skills. Over time, learning the guitar using this traditional method of instruction can cost you thousands of dollars per yr (Even at the low end of the price range, $25/hour for 2-hours/week for 50-weeks in a yr 2 weeks left out for vacation your total cost for one yr of lessons would be $2,500; even if you did only 1-hour/week, the cost would still be expensive at $1,250 for the year…and, again, that’s using the low-end of the price range).

But, you ask, what’s the alternative? How can I learn to play the guitar if I don’t get professional instruction? My answer is simple: digital” or online” guitar lessons provided by a professional guitarist with teaching experience.

So, what are digital” or online” guitar lessons? Simply put, they are the equivalent of one-on-one guitar lessons that are presented by an experienced guitar instructor and come in the pre-packaged form of a CD, DVD, video file, audio file, and/or web-access. With online guitar lessons, or lessons provided through any other form of digital media, you can learn from an experienced guitarist how to select, buy, string, tune and, of course, play the guitar in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. Why would someone choose their guitar instruction to come in the form of a disk or web-site instead of in-person? Simple:


Most of these quality programs are offered at about $25-$50 while any may cost upwards of $200. However, compared to traditional in-person instruction as calculated previously, these programs, provided by experienced guitarists, would save you thousands per year.


Have you ever heard of a guitar instructor offering a money-back guarantee? Most, if not all, of these programs do!


No more wasting time and money commuting or trying to schedule your life around your instructor’s schedule. Now you can practice with a professional whenever, wherever and for however long you wish. You could get professional guitar instruction at 2am if you wanted.


No more wasting money because you cannot seem to grasp a skill and you have to continue to ask your instructor during multiple lessons to spend time showing you how it is to be performed. With these “digital” or “online” guitar programs, you can get experienced instruction on whatever skill you need as many times as you need it…and it doesn’t cost you any more money!


Most, if not all of these courses, offer continued online support for FREE after you purchase their program. What guitar instructor who offers in-person lessons would give you their phone number or even their email address so that you could ask them questions anytime you needed any support?

The disadvantages of using digital or online guitar lessons” are:


With a cost commonly less than 1% of a year’s worth of in-person guitar instruction, money-back guarantee, experienced, professional instruction anytime, anywhere and for however long, no commuting, ongoing support for FREE, there really are no disadvantages.

So, before you go looking for a place of instruction” for learning how to play the guitar or improve your current abilities, you might want to review any of the online instruction” being offered in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. These programs could very well get you playing like an experienced guitarist in no time while saving you a small fortune, really thousands of dollars, each year. You can review any of these educational programs at Online Guitar Lessons at (simply cut-and-paste this link if it is not clickable or click on the associated link found in the “About the Author” box located below this article).

Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling experience in learning how to play the guitar or play the guitar better with online guitar lessons,

The entertainment industry is always glamorous and is almost always flourishing with budding talents. There are many young music professional who intends to build a career in this field. Licensing of music is such a process that gives these musicians an opportunity to showcase their talents to the public via the movies produced by well known producers.

As soon as the broadcast media had its break, the music producers have started gauging the power of music in order to deliver a message to the public. This was an useful tool in their marketing endeavors as they included popular artists and their music along with young talents. The compensation involved in the number of album sold had also shot up during the recent times. That is when the music libraries came into existence. A music library is a cost saving endorsement which advertises any type of music.

The job of a music library is to provide the media producers with a pre-recorded music collection for the license so that they can be used in any type of media. The master rights and the composition rights are done in an one stop effort. The license fees vary according to the viewing rights and the clearance. It is a relatively easy job to license your music with the music licensing companies. The music industry offers the music library too, along with the quality of the music. Technology offers a great role in this case, as the music libraries realized that the ‘search & download’ function is a much used option on the internet. The music search engines are easy to use and are comfortable for the buyers as that avoids the frustration of finding the music.

In such situations, a music library acts as a medium where the original music that are stored for the producers. The music licensing companies are available for those musicians who need to publish their original creations in the music libraries. The only thing that you must ensure is that you have the copyright of the music that you need to publish on the site. By licensing your music, you can prove that you are the only rightful owner of the particular music piece. There are several benefits of licensing your music. Some of them are:

You may publicize your musical piece in front of an audience without licensing the product. In such situations anyone can copy that music and present themselves as the owner of that music. Since, you are not licensed; therefore you do not have the right to litigate him with a law suit for copying your product. Once you license the product and update that in a music library, be assured that the producers are going to notice it. They can always contact you if your music satisfies their demand. A lot of producers are always on the lookout for a few original talents.

Apart from the music licensing companies and the music libraries, there are several talent hunt shows of music that are organized on a regular basis by various music channels. The music licensing companies are a platform that constructs the route for budding new talents in music.

An important consideration when looking to set up a ‘home recording studio’ is how you will use it. You will need to work out how many things you need to record or plug in at any one time or you might wind up with uneccessary gear-or not enough!

Let’s look at a typical example of ‘Vinnie’ the guitarist who has a desire to show his ‘band’ how the songs should be played.

No matter how many times he’s tried to explain, they never quite get it right, so the only way he can see to achieve this is to record it all ‘properly’ himself.

What does Vinnie need?

He needs to record a basic drum pattern – nothing fancy – he wants to record two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, he wants to record a bass guitar and record a main vocal and two backing harmonies.

Vinnie of course will not do all this at once, so even though he needs to record 9 things does he need 9 channels?


All he really ‘needs’ is a maximum of 4 inputs- two with pre-amps. He will also need a microphone to sing into and to record his acoustic guitar, we will asume he has a guitar amp simulator to record the electric guitars and bass and that he has a physical drum machine or one inside his computer or stand alone hard disc recorder.

Vinnie could easily walk down to his music store or get online and find what he needs to get the job done. He could look at a computer recording package with appropriate software and specialised sound card for audio recording. Some companies provide these all in one packages Lexicon, M-Audio, Pro-Tools and Presonus are good brand names to look at as a starting point, but be aware that recording onto a computer can be a frustrating experience if you’re not computer savvy.

Vinnie’s other alternative is the stand alone hard disc recorder with a built in mixer section. Any of the offereings from Fostex, Yamaha or Boss/Roland would take care of his needs, at this point Vinnie just wants to get his ideas onto the physical plain as quickly as possible so others can hear them- so he’ll probably need a CD burner thrown in to the equation unless his machine can link up to a computer-as a number of them now can do.

Now let’s look at another example of Barabra who plays in a four piece folk/rock group. They need to record a couple of songs for CD release. All the instruments her band uses are acoustic; Double Bass, Violin ,Guitar and Banjo.

Three of the group also sing. Now Barabara is lucky enough to have a large secluded garage space available for her group to rehearse in and given they don’t annoy the neighbours by making too much noise she wishes to record the band as a ‘whole’ for the best vibe-what will she need?

4 X Instrument Microphones or D.I. [direct injection] boxes
3 X Vocal microphones
8 inputs with Microphone Preamps
Capacity to record on 8 channels at once.

There are some limitations with stand alone recorders, some of them will only let you record on 2 channels at once, another thing to be aware of is the ‘quality’ of the recordings.

Some years ago during the ‘compression algorhythm’ wars, clever boffins discovered that our ears can ‘fill in’ missing information, in the same way that you can look at the scrambled letters of a word but are still able to decipher what it is.The boffins kept removing bits of what our ear was hearing until they came up with a formula [algorhythm] that fooled our ears most of the time. These are known as ‘compressed’ formats as they ‘squish’ the sound in such a clever way that we don’t notice.

Almost all commercial and home recording computer software will record ‘linear'[non-compressed] files to your computer hard disc. Pro-tools,Logic Audio, Cubase, Sonar all do this. Later on when you ‘mix-down’ your songs you can turn them into mp3 files for podcast or to load to your portable digital music player. Adobe Audition and Steinberg’s Wavelab are two programs I can think of that record direct mp3 files- but they are not ‘full function’ multitrack programs.

When we deal in compressed formats- mp2 mp3 etc, ‘unneccessary’ information is removed making the file sizes smaller [and hence downloads faster]- so these are ‘compressing’ the files. The advantage for the home recordist is that less hard disc space is needed.

A consideration when looking at stand alone recorders is to ask the question- do I need compressed or uncompressed audio. If you have any intention of turning these recordings into something for release then the uncompressed format is the best- you will lose some quality by using a compressed format, but your ideas will be captured quickly for you to work on later. Also bear in mind that a number of hard disc recorders can later transfer data to a computer software system for more elaborate processing so if you use a non-compressed recording format you will retain the quality of your recording.

Now when Barabara popped down the music store to express her needs she told the sales person that, “she wants a high quality recording of her group but I have no idea about computers” so the salesman suggests a stand alone unit with eight inputs that records the data in a non-compressed format. As she doesn’t have a huge budget she chooses to hire in most of the microphones for this recording session. The man at the shop suggests she uses condensor microphones for the instruments and dynamic Shure sm58’s for the vocals.

A crucial quality consideration at this point is the ‘pre-amp’. What does that do and why is it so important you ask?

After your microphone has done the incredible job of sorting out sound pressure waves and converting them into electrical signals, they arrive via microphone cables at the ‘pre-amp’-a short way of saying pre-amplifier. For years I struggled to really ‘get’ what a pre amp did, unitl I understood this:

When the microphone puts out a signal it is very very very very tiny. I now call this ‘mouse level’. Once it’s gone through a pre amp it becomes ‘elephant level’, something that our mixing consoles and digital recorders can use easily.

Hear this:

Depending on the quality of the compoments used, this amplification process can make or break the quality of the recorded sound. A bad pre-amp will add hiss and noise to your recording

Most stand alone recorders and computer sound card interfaces have ‘adequate’ microphone preamps. To make your recordings ‘shine’ I would suggest getting an ‘outboard'[separate component] pre-amp, though having said that the pre-amps in high end Yamaha consoles are gaining a very good reputation. Focusrite/Joe Meek/Avalon/Tc Electronics are great brands. Currently I use a Focusrite Twin-Trak pro, a device specifially for home recording enthusiasts.

To sum up, our friend Vinnie will probably be quite happy with an off the shelf hard disc recorder with 4 or so inputs that records ‘compressed’ files because he is only trying to show his band colleagues a ‘rough’ idea of how he hears things.

Barbara who is not computer savvy is looking for a more polished end product and wants to record her group in the best quality for a CD the band will release, hence she needs to record ‘linear’ [non-compressed] data and will look for a unit with the best quality pre-amps she can buy.

When vibing to your favored rap song, or twerking in the club, you normally give the Artist all of the credit for the tune. We often forget that for a lot of work it’s the producers who foretell. The producer ensures every information of the track is appropriate. They will make all the required changes in addition to the artist to make that perfect track that you enjoy a lot. Blog post manufacturing plays a crucial role in making these tunes a higher top quality, professional, prepared to distribute item.

Nowadays, the producer in fact highlights the track. If you are attempting to be an expert songs manufacturer right here are a few of today’s manufacturers, in no certain order, to keep up with the present musical fads.

DJ Dahi is one of the manufacturers that dealt with Kendrick Lamar’s great little one, m.A.A.d city. He has an extremely special style that is really roomy together with southerly drums, which is perfect for Kendrick’s lyrical design, he additionally deals with Schoolboy Q and Pac Div. He likewise recorded the attention of Drake and landed placement for his most current cd Nothing Was the Same.

Childish Major is the producer of the questionable song “U.O.E.N.O.” His sonic noises are strange makings the beat stand out. Even at the beginning of the tune the first thing you hear is, “This sh * t noise crazy!” considering that the synths along with the bass and the piano that ultimately increases is creative perfection.

Wonda Gurl is a rare 17 years of age girl which co-produced “Crown” for Jay-Z on Magna Carta Holy Grail. That by itself speaks volumes about her capabilities. She has a sonically majestic noise, a lot so that she is now dealing with Jay’s spouse, Beyonce.

SmoothBlack DaFantom is the producer of 3TB’s “Notice Me” on NuMainstream Vol. 1 which is rising in the rankings on the celebration situation in clubs, however his style is creative with drum breathers and falls to accent the verses. He additionally produces his very own cds No Mask, No Mask 2, and Art Imitates Life which examples orchestras along with himself playing out make-ups and providing solos.

Mike Zombie is the manufacturer that produced Drake’s “Started From the Bottom”. The dissonant piano melody with the driving drums with the declines of the hi-hats creates an appealing mix, particularly with Drake rapping over it!

This is simply a quick description of a couple of producers and their impressive styles for what they have to give the game. The producers are the ones that have actually been advancing the game given that the late 90’s where in the past then it was lyrical content. Now it is the ideal time for producers to beam, and when combineded with the right artists it is certainly more feasible.

Looking for somewhere to go on the 15th of October? Look no more; Los Angeles Carnival is a multicultural event that’s held all October, at the Westchester Park. Mostly the Caribbean islands get together and organized the parade. The costumes are made from all types of colorful materials; all hand made to perfection. Many hours are delicate towards getting the bands and costumes ready for the parade.

Live musicians on conventional instruments play music of the steel bands in addition to other live music. Who or whatever you play is portrayal of that entity. People of all nationalities such as Trinidad, Grenada, Guyana, Barbados, Antigens, Dominican Republic, Belize, and lots more all come together for this celebration. The street is closed to traffic while the bands and colorful costumes march the streets of Westchester, ending up at the Park.

Los Angeles Carnival is absolutely a family event pack day for all one. There are a lot of arts and crafts at the park…along with all the different Caribbean foods from around the world. The bands and costumes are judge for originality, and creativity as they march along the streets. So come on and hold on to the big truck, and wave your hands in the air!

If you are missing Carnival from your home Island…then Los Angeles Carnival is the place to be on October 15th 2006. Plan on having a fun full day of music, dancing, food, and drinks. The festival usually starts at around 11am and ends sometime after 6pm in the evening.

Music industry is quickly developing similar to many other existent branches. Nowadays the number of those whoever have the complete access to what music means is considerably increased comparing with other periods. The times when only a few people were accepted in the musicians circus, only after they worked a lot by taking private lessons are gone. Now, if you’re passionate about learning how to play an instrument, you can find many programs meant for making this much easier than ever for you. By only using such programs you will not become a professional but you will surely get to significantly improve your skills.

One such product is the slow down music software, which can do more help for you than anything else you tried. One important reason for using slow down music software is that these programs allow you to listen to any song note by note. As a consequence, it will be much easier for you to learn how to play by ear and the process will also be fastened a lot. Slow down music software has plenty of options for you to use so that you can improve your style. The programs are not difficult to be handled as they benefit from a friendly interface and you will find easy the task of using it.

Slow down music software isn’t only meant for you to slow down the song so you can play it faster. If you choose to use such a program you will benefit from a speed option that’ll allow you not only to slow down the song, but also to increase the speed. This is a good reason for you to use slow down music software as this way you will get to modify the speed according to how much you increased in level. You will be able to listen note by note at the beginning and to play the song faster once you’re ready for that. This is a good advantage because you will not only learn to play a piece but you will also get to handle that certain song very well after some practicing.

Another good reason for practicing by using slow down music software is that you can set the loop points option as well. You can create the loops you need just by clicking and this will allow you to get insight the song much better. This is a good advantage when it comes to slow down music software because you will be able to control much better the way you listen to the music.

The main consequence of using slow down music software is that you will absolutely be able to play better by ear and that you will get to play faster and with much more accuracy any piece you want. If you need to become a professional, using slow down music software isn’t enough but it can help you to improve your skills faster so you can move to the next level. If you’re not sure of the quality that slow down music software has, you can try different trial versions before you choose a program that can fit your needs.

There is also VST/Rewire support so that FL Studio can be used as an instrument in other hosts such as Cubase, Sonic Solutions, Logic, and other software.

• Producer Edition: The Producer Edition features all of the characteristics of the previous Fruity Edition, as well as full recording for post-production. It allows for hand-drawing point and curve based splines.

• Signature Bundle: The Signature Bundle also features the Producer Edition as well as Sytrus, the Fruity Video player, the Hardcore Guitar Effects Suite, Maximus and DirectWave Sampler.

It is used by some very notable electronic musicians of the day including Grammy Award Nominated Dutch music producer and DJ Afro-jack, Canadian progressive, electro, and house producer, hip hop record producer, record executive, DJ, Lab Ox, JME, lecturer, and rapper 9th Wonder among others.

What is the best software and programs to use for making Hip Hop instrumentals and rap beats? I would love to be able to tell you that I personally felt there was only one production software that was essential for hip hop music production but I cannot do that. I use a number of tools when working on producing beats. The main software that I tend to use is Pro Tools. I believe that this is the best all-around production software on the market for PC users. Pro Tools is very user friendly once you put some work into learning the shortcuts and features. Great shortcuts lead to effortless operating of the software and the best features on the market will help you achieve the best final product you could ask for. Pro Tools has a fantastic hands on midi piano roll for controlling and editing midi recording with all of your audio instrument plug-ins, a great set up for its mixing window including easy additions of plug ins and instruments as well as a perfect set up for adding multiple buses and routing other channels through them. If you are looking to produce originally composed beats then pro tools is absolutely the way to go. The only downfall is that you will need to have a specific audio interface that is compatible with the Pro Tools environment to be able to use it (such as the M Box 2).

When working with a sampled beat I then choose to us FL Studio. FL Studio (otherwise known as fruity loops) has been under quite a bit of controversy in the production world. It is not perceived as a professionals production tool. I don’t understand this because FL has some great and very advanced features. Some of these features are great for sampled instrumental productions. For example, FL Studio allows a time stretch feature that allows you to take a sample and stretch it over single of multiple beats or bars. This can be very useful when working with sampled beats because you may now stretch your samples to match the tempo that you are currently working with. The instrument plug ins are not the greatest and the stock sounds are horrible, but if you are willing to invest in drum kits and vsti plug ins you can make some great music with FL studio.

The last piece of software I would like to talk about is the program I use for cutting up all of my samples.

For businesses who need to have a video for commercial purposes, they need to make sure they do not create an amateur video. Video production services are experts in producing quality and professional videos for a wide variety of commercial purposes. Video production experts from a quality and professional video production service have the experience and technology to create a professional video that delivers the best message and they work to ensure a quality product that achieves their client’s desired results. There is a lot of work involved with operating professional video production services.

When you hire a professional video production service, you’ll consult with the company to determine an effective video production process. The company will arrange a meeting to discuss all the needs for your project. The meeting will involve a discussion about the objectives of the video and setting a budget. It will allow the video production team to gather all of the essential info required to create the best video that meets your needs. Upon approval of the video project process and quotation, the company proceeds to start the production of the video. The video service experts will work with you to make sure all of the relevant info will be included in the video and the writers will create a script for you to approve. The script is the backbone of the video production and is the official reference for everything that follows. Based on the script, all of the required shots are mapped out which is referred to as story-boarding.

Once story-boarding is complete, the team will start the video shoot. This includes using a professional cameras and staff to run the video shoot. They meticulously capture all of the footage while paying attention to detail and creativity. There may be a professional narrator to help enhance the videos. As well, there may be music and other sound effects to enhance the visuals. Acquiring production music can involve having an original track produced for or scored to your video. A custom track will be made to fit your one-of-a-kind video production. Once the video shoot is complete the next step in producing the video is going into the post-production phase.

During the post-production phase of the video project, expertise is required to ensure efficient digital editing. The editing process will include following the approved script. An awesome editor will bring the video footage to life. As well, animation may be an effective tool used for a variety of video productions. The company will normally provide a rough edit for your review. Based on your feedback and input, a final edit will be created. The final video product is mastered onto a digital format. The video service can then provide you with your duplication requirements for videocassettes, CD-ROM or DVD. Copies or dubs are typically needed for distribution to various media outlets, clients, or other end-users. You will be a part of the video production process and the video service company works to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

With the advent of the Internet, there have been many changes in the lifestyle of people as well in the ways of the businesses. There are many businesses that have been realizing the importance of the online presence with the passage of time. Internet has become one of the main mediums to search for services and products whether in the same city or across the horizons. Most of the gigantic businesses have their online presence through their website and various other means.

The local businesses that do not have enough resources to make and maintain their online businesses are overshadowed by the presence of the gigantic businesses. In a city like Surat, there might be many local businesses that would not be able to maintain their big online presence. For all these businesses Surat business directory is just the right solution to not loose on to the online customers. Through the help of this kind of businesses directory the local businesses can easily list themselves online with all the required details on display.

With the help of Surat business directory all the local businesses in Surat could be searched upon quite easily. All the information needed like the address, contact number and the contact person is displayed. Customers too find it easy to search in here. Through these, any local business cannot loose their online customers.

Also, if one wants to search for the various businesses in a particular industry then yellow pages is the best way to go about it. If you are looking forward to promote your businesses then you can even search for advertising agents Surat that will display the list of the advertising agencies or the agents for the same available in the city.

As the results for the advertising agents Surat gets displayed with a list of all of them in the city it becomes quite easy to search them at one place. These directories are quite helpful while searching for a particular business in a particular area. This enables you to get the relative results that well match with your search criteria. These yellow pages also allow you to leave comments and to rate the services of a particular company that you might have utilised. These comments and ratings by other people also help you to analyse the service provider and take decisions like to who should you access for the services that you might require. There are multiple advantages of such kind of a local directory not only to the local businesses but also to the customers who search for them online. Slowly the trend of using the yellow pages has grown with the passage of time.

Some of these yellow pages also offer free listing to the various businesses. Local businesses get an edge with these online yellow pages. Yellow pages are a great help while travelling to unknown lands and exploring the different avenues out there. All the information that is required can be rightly obtained through the help of the yellow pages at quite an ease and convenience.