Have you ever questioned why guitar players seem so laid back as well as loose on stage? Some shredders even seem never-ceasing, like the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. Perhaps they simply have accessibility to really good physicians, yet right here’s an additional possible description: The axe may be as powerful as anything inside the medication cupboard. Strapping on a Fender could improve your mental capacity, sex life, six-pack, as well as more:

  1. Feeling Serious Enjoyment
    Just plugging in your guitar, playing it, and listening to the songs you’re creating can make you really feel good– orgasmically so. According to a neuroscientific study from McGill University, hearing music triggers the release of dopamine in the mind, the exact same chemical that’s released during sex.
  2. Wave Away Stress And Anxiety
    Whether it’s your employer or costs that provide you suffering, getting your guitar can assist zap stress. A double research study from the Mind-Body Wellness Center and also Loma Linda University Institution of Medicine and Applied Biosystems found that stress can be minimized on a genomic level by playing an instrument. Rocking out really reverses your body’s feedback system to pressure.
  3. Send Out Discomfort Packaging
    Forget standing out tablets: If you deal with chronic discomfort, grab a choice. According to a research from the College of Utah’s Pain Research Center, paying attention to music– and in this situation, your very own sweet licks– can take your mind off, and also consequently reduce, pain.
  4. Develop Your Mind

Did Einstein covertly shred? A new Scottish study says if you play the guitar– or any kind of music instrument, for that issue– you’re more likely to have sharper mind feature, which can help guard against psychological decline in the future. Open up a songbook and examine up.

  1. Toughen Your Ticker
    Rockers have killer chops– as well as cardio systems: Researchers from the Netherlands found that clients that exercised songs for more than 100 minutes a day revealed a considerable drop in blood pressure and also a lower heart rate than those that really did not. Three of the guinea pig? Guitar players.
  2. Attract Total Amount Strangers
    Can not wail yet? Don’t stress. Simply lugging a guitar situation can seriously enhance the probabilities of someone desiring you– even if they’re total strangers, finds recent research in Psychology of Songs. Exactly how come? Researches show females associate music capacity with intelligence, commitment, hard work, as well as physical prowess– and also women connect all those high qualities with your capacity to earn money, the researchers claim. [We assume the same holds true for our female ax slingers.– Ed.]
  3. Score Extra
    Even more proof you do not need actual skills to score: Israeli researchers just recently sent relationship demands from a good-looking man to 100 eye-catching, single ladies. In half the demands, the guy was holding a guitar. In the other half, he had not been. Just 5 of 50 ladies accepted a relationship request from the guitar-less person, while the man with the axe racked up 14 appealing new “friends,” according to the research study. [Once more, we assume it helps ladies guitarists also.– Ed.]
  4. Strike It Rich
    You might deficient in the music biz, but your guitar could still help you gain the big dollars: Scientists from Michigan State College located that artists that picked up a tool at a very early age and continued supporting their craft throughout the adult years had a better possibility of releasing successful invention– logging licenses, building organisations, and posting items.
  5. Develop A Lot More Mental ability

Stuck at the workplace without your six-string? You’re still giving your mind a workout: According to a Cambridge University study, musicians proceed being imaginative also when they’re not playing their tools. Researchers found that performers visualize songs in regards to its form, and then procedure that as a type of technique. The majority of do not see it because of this, yet it’s a highly imaginative way of knowing.

  1. Document Yourself, Award Yourself

Often, guitarists will videotape their sessions or demo tracks; in this way, they can return as well as practice them. Yet bring your recordings to the fitness center and you could see a physical benefit: Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive as well as Mind Sciences discovered that songs does not just make for solid background sound while working out– it actually made exercising much less exhausting for research study participants.

Family Math Nights

Seattle Schools hosted a series of Family Math Nights to help parents and students learn about upcoming changes and challenges to the Seattle Public School Mathematics Curriculum. Topics covered included helping your child with math at home, questions parents can ask, computational fluency, algorithms and mathematical proficiency, and relationships between research and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

Teachers and administrators at the Family Math Nights stressed the importance of deeply engaging all elementary school students in mathematics instruction that is meaningful in order to create a learning environment in which students are math literate. The meetings were led by Gini Stimpson, a University of Washington Mathematics Educator and Senior Researcher. Examples of student work from Seattle Public Schools were shared in order to show what students were currently learning and what more they needed to learn. In addition, parents received valuable suggestions for how to help their children improve math skills at home.

Mathematics Curriculum Adoption Overview

Seattle Public Schools began a district wide initiative to improve the mathematics curriculum in late 2005. The last time that new textbooks and curriculum were considered varied for each level of schooling. Seattle Public High Schools last revised their curriculum in 1993, elementary schools in 1998, and middle schools in 2000. The push for new textbooks and curriculum is based on the recognition that student achievement must improve in order to meet the new graduation requirements in Seattle Public Schools. In order to meet these new graduation requirements, research into the best mathematics programs available began.

After conducting extensive research into new mathematics curriculum, Seattle Public Schools concluded that the new programs must be similar for each grade so that students move progressively through a range of math experiences that reflect the same practices and approach. The research also indicated that the curriculum and instruction need to focus on the achievement standards in order for a high percentage of students to perform at the required proficiency. In order to monitor this, assessment needs to monitor student progress within and between grade levels. In addition, the cultural needs of students needs to be considered in developing effective instruction.

Mathematics Curriculum Timeline

In October 2005, the Seattle Public School District began the process by selecting a committee of teacher, parents, and administrators. This committee included representatives for English Language Learners, Special Education, and various ethnic groups. This committee sought feedback throughout the community to choose the best teaching program for Seattle Public School students. The community has had many opportunities to learn about the various programs and offer feedback on which ones would be most appropriate for Seattle Public School students.

From November 2005 to January 2006, the committee developed a screening process that offered opportunities for the community and families to increase awareness and understanding of the new mathematics curriculum and why it was chosen. From February to March, the committee evaluated the best candidate programs in order to recommend a program to the Seattle Public School Board. Based on their recommendation, the Seattle Public School Board determined the best mathematics program for the students

So, are you a step-parent, parent, sibling, grandparent or friend of a deceased person? Then this book is for you!

A delicately written and moving piece of work that’s electrically charged with Katlyn Stewart’s love and grief for her daughter. Join in the celebration of life through Katlyn’s tale recounting her daughter’s life and learn about the grieving process.

Katlyn discusses the loss, grief, comfort and understanding that one encounters in their journey through grief. She shows how even the smallest of moments in daily living is greatly altered. The author tenderly reveals the loss of identity one experiences and the necessity of finding support and re-evaluating what is important. Very difficult times in the grieving process are heightened during a variety of holidays and Katlyn walks the reader through paths that help to ease the pain.

Startling facts are also discussed. For instance, did you know that 80% of grieving couples divorce after the loss of a child? Or that employers typically allow only three days for an employee to grieve? Have we ever stopped to think about the differences between how children, teens, men and women grieve? So, are you feeling at a loss for what to do for a grieving family? All these issues, and more, are within the pages of this book.

I shed huge crocodile tears as I experienced my own loss during the reading of Song of Cy. I know I will draw strength from its content when dealing with the loss of my ailing parents in the near future. The author has developed an superb book that deserves very high ratings.

ISBN#: 1-5937-4349-1
Author: Katlyn Stewart
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

If your child is an aspiring musician, band camp may be the perfect choice for his next summer camp. These camps will encourage or spark interest in musical talent. In some cases, band camps are required for students to participate in school band programs. Whatever the case, your child will develop their musical and marching abilities.

Band camps are generally available as both day camps and residential camps. Many schools that require their band students to attend band camp will offer a day camp in order to cut expenses. If your child wants to learn from teachers other than the ones he spends his school year with, however, he may need to go to a residential camp.

In cases where your child decides to go away to a band camp, he is likely to learn from professional musicians. Often these camps will specialize in only one instrument, or only one group of instruments such as strings or woodwinds. These camps can include options such as private lessons, ensemble and group work. Most band camps also require students to learn the basics of marching and drill work. These fundamentals are necessary for those wishing to participate in a drum and bugle corps, or even a high school marching band.

Many high schools that have a marching band program require students to attend a band camp in order to be allowed to play in the band. In some of these camps students will actually go to a college campus or other facility where they will stay in the college dorms as well as use the college’s music facilities to practice. Often music majors studying at the college will provide special instruction and also help teach the music and drill. Other high school band camps simply meet as a day camp at the student’s own high school. During these camps, professionals will often be hired and brought in to help teach students needed aspects of the music and drill.

The basic goal of high school band camps is to teach students the music and footwork for their halftime field show which will be performed during school football games. During a one or two week course of camp, students will learn to play and commit their music to memory. In addition to playing music, students must learn to stay in step with each other and make the drill, which is actually broken down into numerous segments to make it easier to learn, seem seamless. In order to make a field show successful, students must learn to listen to and watch each other. Without these skills, a field show can look and sound sloppy and unprofessional.

In addition to improving their musical ability, students also learn life lessons such as cooperation and discipline while in band camp. Whether your child is required to attend band camp or if he simply wants to improve his musical talent, these camps are an excellent way to spend the summer.

Not so long ago, watching films at home was a hopeless experience. You could only purchase or rent poor-quality videos with a grainy picture and bad sound. The experience was terrible when you compared to the big-screen, surround-sound cinema.

Now, though, the advent of DVD and home surround sound means that watching movies at home doesn’t have to be inferior to watching them in the cinema. In fact, many people now think it is better – after all, it is cheaper, and you don’t have to put up with other people making noises while you’re trying to watch the film. Home entertainment systems (also known as home cinemas) are getting cheaper, better and easier to construct all the time.

So what are the ingredients of a home entertainment system? Basically, there are three things: a source of high quality video and audio, a display for the video, and speakers for the audio. To begin with, you should look for a DVD player. Although you can get DVD players for nothing now, you should get a good one if you’re going to use it as part of a home entertainment system. Cheap players may output inferior quality picture and sound, and might even have trouble playing some DVDs at all.

The next step is a big television, either flat with an LCD or plasma screen, or perhaps even a projection TV – be careful with projection though, as it can break if you plan to use your TV for video games. You should consider getting an HDTV version of whatever you choose if you need to future-proof your system and make your films look just that little bit better.

Finally, you should get some good surround sound speakers, together with an amplifier or stereo system to drive them. Although you can get systems now with ridiculous numbers of speakers, Dolby 5. 1 is still the ideal system to go with, as it is the most widely supported.

To be completed and ready for turnover from December 2010, the Lancaster Suites Manila Atrium Tower II will provide unit owners with premier residential condo units with option of enrolling their units in the Lancaster Condotel Rental Pool.

Great Investment for Fil-Am’s whom visit Manila for Vacations or Business as they can earn Rental Incomes [at current purchase levels] of some 12-14% ROI per annum as Owner Non-Residents when not using their units through Condotel Management and reciprocal arrangement with Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences. This makes Lancaster Suites one of the Hottest Investment Opportunities in the Philippines.

Units at the Lancaster Suites have basic kitchen facilities. The standard unit price [Option 2 – Semi Fitted Suites] provides for the suite to be semi-finished but not fully furnished or fitted. Included in the current standard basic price for the ‘Semi-Fitted’ units are the interior finishing’s such as tiled & fitted bathrooms, bedrooms with simulated wood plank flooring, semi-fitted living and dining area tiled floorings and lower kitchen cabinets/work tops installed. Ceilings and walls are painted cement finish.

Units are also available on a Bare Unfinished basis [Option 1 – Bare Unfinished Units] for clients intending to fit-out their own suites or avail of the Condotel completion at a later date.

A complete Condotel Suite optional extra interior fit-out package including unit fixtures and fittings, furniture’s, furnishings, light fittings and fixtures and appliances including air-conditioning will be available towards the time the units are closer to being completed towards the latter part of 2010. Monthly condo dues are currently around 80 pesos/square meter of the unit floor area/month.

Executive Studio Deluxe Suites [Option 2 – Semi Fitted Suites]

Price Effective: May 25, 2007. Prices Quoted in Philippine Pesos [PHP]

Lancaster Atrium Tower A Executive Deluxe Studio Suites. Average Floor Area 32. 50 square meters [350sqft] at -Php-75,888. 00/sqm. -Php-2,466,360. 00. These units are either facing towards Ortigas Center overlooking Pasig towards Laguna de Bay and Antipolo or overlooking Mandaluyong, Makati and towards Manila Bay or Swimming Pool Deck. All units in the Lancaster Suites Manila Atrium. The Current Offer for a Studio Suite provides that it may be purchased with Reservation -Php-25,000. 00 and Balance Payable without interest over 72 consecutive equal monthly payments of -Php-33,907. 78.

Alternatively Save -Php-146,481. 92 by making Reservation -Php-25,000. 00 then in 30 days a 30% Net Discounted Down Payment of -Php-585,926. 40 and Balance payable without interest over 72 consecutive equal monthly payments of -Php-23,735. 44.

Lancaster Atrium Executive Deluxe Studio Suites are also available on affordable and competitive New Payment Plan that provides for Executive Suites to be purchased on a No Interest No Down Payment basis with 67% of the payment payable over 60 equal consecutive monthly installments without interest and the 33% balance of the contract price payable upon turnover of the unit or to be paid over an additional 5 years from turnover through our hassle free no prequalification “In-House” Finance Plans. . .

Pay -Php-25,000. 00 Reservation for a 32. 50sqm [350sqft Executive Studio [Contract Price -Php-2,466,360. 00] then 60 consecutive monthly payments of -Php-27,261. 85 with the balance of -Php-805,648. 80 either payable in cash on turnover or to be financed over another 60 months payment plan. . . . .

Cash Payment option, take 20% discount [Save -Php-493,272. 00] make Reservation [-Php-25,000. 00] and in 30 days pay 90% [-Php-1,753,279. 20] the remaining 10% [-Php-194,808. 80] on unit turnover from December 2010

Lancaster Atrium Semi Fitted Studio Suites may now be Purchased on 12 Year Payment Plan Options

The New Twelve [12] Year Payment Plan provides for Executive Studio [Semi Fitted] Suites to be purchased with a Reservation of only -Pph-25,000. 00 for a 32. 50sqm [350sqft] Studio [Contract Price -Pph-2,466,360. 00] then 48 consecutive monthly payments of only -Pph-17,801. 58 [No Interest for the first 4 years]. During the first 4 years there is an Annual Lump Sum payable on the anniversary of the reservation date of -Pph-91,551. 00 and thereafter continue the 96 consecutive monthly payments of -Pph-24,075. 73 to complete the balance of the purchase price.

All Lancaster [Semi-Fitted Option 2] Residential Suites Unit Features Include:

* Vitrified ceramic tiles in living, dining areas

* Ceramic tiles in kitchen and toilet and bath

* Toilets with mechanical ventilation

* Plastered cement walls and ceilings’ with painted finishes

* Provisions for split type air-conditioners

For a Copy of the Lancaster Suites Slide Show Presentation. . .

Copy and paste the following URL directly into your Web Browser

http://www. lancastersuites. com/lancastersuites-gallery/index. php

For further info please do not hesitate to contact us:

Beth Collingz

PLC International Marketing Networks

James Nebus, 71, never expected to walk his daughter down the aisle or see the birth of his first grandson.

While the holiday time is supposed to joyful, that was not the case for the Nebus family. In December of 2000, they received the grim news that Nebus had a brain tumor and only had months to live. But with highly aggressive treatment, a fighting spirit and a supportive family, he is now a cancer survivor who is hoping to inspire other patients with his story.

Diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive form of brain tumors, Nebus took his prognosis head on and researched available treatment options. That was when he found Dr. Phillip G. St. Louis, a Florida Hospital neurosurgeon, and Dr. Nicholas Avgeropoulos, a Florida Hospital Cancer Institute neuro-oncologist, who teamed up to help give Nebus his fighting chance.

Shortly after the initial diagnosis, Nebus underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor and implant Gliadel Wafers. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, these chemotherapeutic wafers are inserted directly into the cavity where the tumor was removed.

Over several days, the wafers release chemotherapy and attack cancer cells. Gliadel Wafers are the only FDA-approved treatment to provide highly concentrated chemotherapy directly to the brain, while avoiding systemic side effects usually associated with chemotherapy. These biodegradable wafers are clinically proven to prolong survival without jeopardizing quality of life, as is often the case with such aggressive therapies.

It has been more than five years since Nebus had this initial operation. Since his diagnosis, Avgeropoulos has carefully watched over Nebus, administering additional therapies, to provide combined benefits of the treatments.

“Implanting the Gliadel Wafers only added a few minutes onto the initial surgery, yet the effects have contributed to James living more than five years after surgery” said Avgeropoulos. “We are thrilled by the progress of this remarkable man. “

Soon after the brain surgery, Nebus returned to his normal life. He played cards, traveled and spent time with his family. And although he retired, his family has maintained the family business, Rock Creek RV Resorts in Naples, Fla.

Each year, the family organizes a fundraiser at the RV resort to raise money for the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute and inspire other local GBM patients with Nebus’ story of survival. They need to tell other families to never lose hope, no matter what the diagnosis.

Nebus’ tumor has returned twice since that initial operation. Both times, St. Louis removed the tumor and implanted additional Gliadel Wafers. Nebus’ family cannot be certain how much time he has left, but they are incredibly thankful for the past five and a half years and the priceless memories they have shared as a family. – NU

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, look no further than Seattle Washington for your next vacation. There are so many wonderfully romantic things to do in this wonderful city and it rains really half the time, which provides an excellent excuse for cuddling beneath an umbrella. Even those whoever are romantically challenged would be hard pressed not to find something romantic to do in this great city.

Then you can hold hands all the way through the Woodland Park Rose Garden. Admission to the garden is free and scents and scenery are quite romantic, especially if your date is a flower lover.

Among those other options would be a wine tasting. If your date enjoys a nice glass of wine, there are several vineyards in and around Seattle that offer daily wine tours which end in a wine tasting. Even if this would be your first time drinking wine as a couple it could be a great deal of fun and you could have fun learning about each others likes and dislikes when it comes to wine. On the flip side there are also several breweries in the area where you and your date could sample beers and microbrews as well.

If you really need to impress your date, book a hot air balloon ride. A ride like this, especially at the right time of day can not only be a lot of fun, it can also be extremely romantic. There is someone else to do the driving and the two of you are left to talk and enjoy the magnificent scenery that surrounds the great city of Seattle.

Try walking in the rain without an umbrella. You are in Seattle after all; there should be rain at any point during your travels. Try a night at the theatre or ballet. Guys you cannot imagine how effective this is in proving your love to your lady. There are several theatres in the city to choose from. If you like old silent movies and will be in town on Monday night, you can catch Silent Movie Mondays at the Paramount.

You can ride the Space Needle to the Observation Deck and look out at the city lights or you could take a romantic sunset cruise on one of the many charter boats in and around the city. The Wooden Boat Museum is a great place to find a nice romantic boat to charter, or if you would rather go during the day in hopes of sighting any whales, there are several larger excursions that you could charter as well.

The bottom line, is that anything you do together that you both agree on and look forward to can be a romantic outing. The purpose of your trip is to build your relationship and have fun together. So go out, have fun, and remember why you love each other in the first place. .

Are you looking for a fun way to add some life to your parties? Karaoke is an activity that people of all ages really enjoy doing. Your guests will look forward to your next party once you tell them they can sing their favorite songs while they are there. There are plenty of different karaoke machines you can purchase and many of them are very affordable.

The words of the songs will be scrolling on the karaoke machine or across your TV set depending on the type of set up you have in place. A microphone allows the voice of those singing to be amplified and that is very exciting. Most karaoke machines come with several tracks from which you can choose to sing. You can also buy additional ones to give your guests more of a selection of songs.

There are some excellent software programs you can purchase to burn karaoke songs offer of the internet. This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase the number of songs you have to offer to your guests. If they find something they really like they will be more likely to join in the fun.

You can have a karaoke contest at your party as well. If the party is for children you will want to have a prize ready for each child to take home just for participating. For adults and teenagers you can offer great prizes for different categories including best voice and the most original performance.

Don’t think that your karaoke machine is going to remain stored away in between parties either. Chances are your family will have so much fun with it that members will use it regularly. They may just want to have some fun or they may want to improve their sound for the next karaoke party.

Take your time to compare the various types of karaoke machines available and the music for them. You want your party to be a huge success so give guests something they will really enjoy being a party of. It is a good idea to set up the karaoke machine in advance and practice using it before your party. This way you will not be fumbling around with the equipment and holding up the entertainment.

It helps if you have a sign up sheet where guests can write down their name and the selection of the sound they want to sing. You can print out sheets of the song titles and artists for them to review as well. You can make a spreadsheet on your computer so you can continually update it as you add new material.

Regardless of the type of party you are hosting, you can bring a smile to the face of everyone there with karaoke. Make sure you offer a wide variety of songs since everyone has their own taste in music. If karaoke night at your house becomes a regular routine you can even ask your guests if there are particular songs they would like to hear. This is a great way to have fun without spending very much money for your event.

Apple, Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal,Amazon and even George Lucas herald a change in the way movies are made and ultimately delivered to the public.

Apple in recent days has attempted to stake a claim on the movie download market by striking a deal with Disney Studios to deliver movie down loads. Earlier this yr Warner Brothers announced an agreement with the software firm Bit torrent to enable movie downloads to your computer. Bit torrent’s software application has long been the choice of peer to peer file sharing pirates because it allows fast downloads of large files and uses very little bandwidth.

Last week Apple together with Disney studios jumped into the movie down load market and offered two key features to it’s movie download service. First it uses the ipod as the device for downloading. Second, knowing that the ultimate viewing choice for movies for the public will be the television or home theatre. Apple indicates it will introduce a set top box to work with the TV thus bridging the gap between internet delivery and end user’s desired viewing choice.

This puts Apple in a position to capture a middleman role and to make money on a device to ease the process between the down load and final choice of viewing medium. But Bit Torrent is already working with Warner Brothers and will probably leap frog Apple’s device sooner or later by allowing direct downloads to your TV receiver, fast, high quality and immediately playable using a high speed cable line to do it. And to go with this instant down load will be the option to burn to a DVD or store the movie on the hard drive of your tivo box or similar device.

George Lucas in an interview with CNBC earlier this yr and again last week stated that the movie companies and Hollywood would have to adapt sooner or later to the new digital age, of production and distribution. When asked about file sharing and bit torrent specifically Lucas stated that it would be the future of Hollywood and that Steve Jobs and others had already grasped that concept.

The major retailers of DVDs, such as Walmart and Target have communicated to the Hollywood studios that they will not sit still for downloads that would be cheaper than the DVDs they sell. Apple has been responsive and is said to be discussing an agreement on the pricing of down loads from it’s itunes site.

As usual the big players are attempting to control how, where and at what price the next generation of movies will be delivered to the public. All the major players need to control the delivery process but the time for that has passed. George Lucas himself said that with web sites like Youtube, film makers can show case their talent and deliver it to the public very cheaply, they don’t need a Hollywood Studio.

Using the internet as a proving ground for content creation and distribution has finally come of age now that high speed internet access is so wide spread. So get ready Hollywood change is coming like it or not.