There are many musical instruments that are played in many different ways: church choirs, bands, schools, and many more. The piano is one of the instruments that you can find in churches, and even in an auditorium. Drums are another popular instrument, and are often played in bands and at concerts. Steel guitars are played in churches and in most country music bands. Among all the popular guitars, though, the base guitar is one of the most widely-played musical instruments. This instrument can be played at churches, concerts and even in country music.

In the old days, all of the current musical instruments were not available. One of the reasons for this is that there was no electricity to hook a base guitar up to an amplifier, even if they have these types of things then. These people played banjoes, pianos and violins. And most of these instruments were free to the people that played them, because they did not go to some expensive music store to purchase them. These types of stores were not heard of, and the people made the banjoes and other instruments themselves. All they needed to do was purchase the material, then they could construct any type of item that they needed for their band or church. And even though the people had to hand-make their own instruments, this did not affect the quality of the music that they produced using them. There was great music back then, just like there is now. It all depended on the composer and performer, as well as the person listening.

Times have most definitely changed from the way they were years ago. Just think about all those expensive guitars and other instruments that people have available to them now. Not many people would be able to say that they play great music on a base guitar that they built with their own hands. Just because instruments are expensive, though, please don’t let that discourage you and make you not want to purchase whichever type you may need. There is a wonderful website that offers great money-saving coupons, free shipping if you spend a certain amount on your order, as well as convenient links for you to go to the retailer site of your choice.

Picture this: a sunny day. You are at the wheel of your favorite car. The road stretches out enticingly before you. You have time and freedom to drive wherever you want. There is no particular time that you need to be home. The window is open, sending in the cool air as the car pushes forward. Could this be more perfect? Is there anything missing? In a word, yes. And that thing is music!

Driving is a joy, especially when you have all the time in the world, and you are out in the country, with miles to cover. But there’s nothing like listening to music on the go. It adds feeling to the driving like nothing else.

The thing you need, though, to listen to music, is a great music system. This sounds simple, but the one thing that many people do when they purchase their system is make a cardinal mistake. And that mistake is to pay to little for their sound system.

A cheap system can do the job in some ways. After all, music is music, right? But the thing that you get with a cheap system is a cheap sound quality which will forever be fighting with the sounds of the car. Not good. This can become annoying very quicly, since passages of music will be drowned out by the sounds of the car as the frequencies interfere with each other.

However, with a more expensive system, the rules change. It’s mainly to do with the quality of the speakers. A good pair of speakers will not on;ly generally have more power, but will also give a much better range of sounds, or tones. This means that the music will be much more enjoyable, a greater listening pleasure.

And that’s exactly what is needed when the road is clear, the sun is shining and the window is open to the cool fresh air. So when choosing your sound system, don’t immediately go for the cheapest option. Check out some of the more expensive models. You will not regret it.

Playing guitar is just about one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Ask any guitar player and they’ll tell you that. The trouble is, when you’re first starting out, the learning curve may be simmering steep, which makes it simmering tough to reach the enjoyment stage. It is hard to enjoy something when your fingers are sore and you do not really know how to play anything! For this reason, you’ll find a few easy guitar songs below. Enjoy!

Please bear in mind that there is not the space or the scope to give you an in depth explanation of rhythms and strumming here, so the ideal thing to do is to play along with the record until you have at least a basic idea of how it should sound.

Song 1- House Of The Rising Sun, by the Animals

A great song, tremendously well known and very popular. You?ll find that simply knowing this song will cause any people to give you great acclaim as a guitar player, which may be simmering odd when you’re just starting out!

Chords: Am, C, D, F, Am, E, Am

Song 2- Freebird by Lynrd Skynrd

This tune is an all time great, and guaranteed to cause legions of beer drinking men all over the world to lock arms and hoist their lighter?s in the air! Obviously the guitar solo at the end takes any time to master, but if you forget about that and just go with the chords you can build up a simmering convincing version of this classic song.

Main Verse Chords- G, D/F#, Em, F, C, D

Chorus- F, C, D

Fast Part at the end- G5, A#5, C5, (cycle all 3 over and over)

Song 3- Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan/Guns n Roses

One of the easiest songs to learn and get sounding really good. Just one thing to note, if you want to play along with the Guns? version, note that they tune their guitars down a half step, so the chords you play will need to be one step flat to sound the same as their recording.

Chords: G, D, Am7

Song 4- For What It is Worth, Buffalo Springfield.

Ever wonder what Neil Young did before he was old and grizzled? He was in bands like this. This song is possible the easiest song to learn for a beginning guitar player, as it’s just the same two chords cycled over and over. Songs like this prove that you do not have to be Steve Vai or someone like that to write and play good music.

Chords: E, A, E, A etc etc

Song 5- Sympathy For Devil, The Rolling Stones

An excellent song, and one that several are surprised to find is so simple to play.

It sounds excellent whether played on a beat up acoustic or on an electric, so go to town!

Chords: E, D, A, E over and over

Chorus- B, E, B, E over and over

Learning simple guitar songs like this is a great way to build up your confidence and experience with the instrument. Once you get these songs down, you’ll be ready to go on and tackle more and more difficult songs each time!

Musicians have long been playing fiddle music in the Appalachians for years, but it was not until 1927 in Bristol, Tennessee that the first recording country music recording deal was signed. In this year, Victor Records signed Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family.

Jimmie Rodgers was born in Meridian Mississippi, in 1897. Originally he worked on the railroads until his ill health got the better of him and it was only during this time that he followed his earlier love of entertaining. In 1927 he followed word that Victor Records were setting up a portable recording studio and made his way there. He was immediately signed and continued recording and playing music until he died in 1933.

In 1965 he was one of the very first musicians to be added to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961 along with Hank Williams and Fred Rose. On the same day as Jimmie Rodgers signed with Victor Records, so did the Carter Family, whoever would become one of the most famous country music bands of all time. They remained with Victor Records until 1936. Not even divorce could separate the band though and they continued to record with Decca until 1939. Things started to hit a rough patch at this stage and despite signing for Universal and eventually Victor Records again, the band split in 1941.

It is widely acknowledged that that big day in 1927 was the introduction of country music to the rest of the country. Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family were met with huge critical acclaim and became incredibly popular helping to sell a good many records. Country music singers and bands of today will often talk about the Carter Family or Jimmie Rodgers as being their major influence and with very good reason.

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Now there is no need to play the guessing game, when you know that you can make the right choice and purchase these great gift certificates online! With just a click of your mouse, you can purchase the certificate on these sites, and your recipient will receive their gift by email instantly! No long lines at the stores anymore, and no need to worry about mailing a gift off in time! It is a surefire way to put a smile on your recipient’s face!

Whether you are a teenager or are well into your golden years, it is never too late to explore your creative side, especially if you are wanting in music. Songwriting is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and to communicate them to your friends and family, even if you have no aspirations of musical fame or fortune. If you are wanting in selling or performing your songs, however, you should be aware that it is a hard road and that very few songwriters achieve great fame or fortune, and especially not instantly. Nonetheless, if you have realistic expectations, you’ll find that writing music is a worthwhile experience whether it is a hobby or a profession.

People write songs in many different ways. Some writers compose the music first, although others first write the words. For some, the words and the melody come to them at the same time, although others write the melodies first and write the words last. No matter what order you are comfortable with, you’ll eventually have to decide what the song is about. There are a variety of several kinds of songs ranging from songs that tell fictional stories to songs that communicate deep personal feelings.

If you decide to write a story song, a good first exercise is to write about a news story or about something you’ve read in the newspaper. That way you can use your first song to hone your word choosing skills without the pressure of coming up with your own story. However, if you already have an idea for a story to tell, you can write it out in poem form and try to make appropriate rhymes and structures that help communicate what happens in the song.

Because music is so expressive, many songwriters use their compositions to express how they feel, whether it be about a person or a situation or even geographic location. Writing these types of songs can be highly personal, so mostly all person does it differently. When you have a strong feeling about something, write it down in a notebook and come back to it later. You might think of a good line that expresses an emotion really well, and if you remember it you might be able to build an entire song around it. Having quiet time to think is always helpful when you are trying to write a song.

Writing the actual music for a song can be done in many different ways depending on your musical prowess and your focus. If you write mostly to communicate words, then a few well-chosen guitar chords might be all of the accompaniment you need. However, if you a instrumental virtuoso, your approach to writing music will be quite different. Several people think of a musical idea and play it over and over again until they think of a melody. Often times, songwriters will construct whole pieces, melody and all, without even knowing what the song is going to be about. Once the melody is complete, the writer will sit down and think about lyrics that fit the feeling behind the music and will go from there.

Once you have put together your words and music, you might feel the need to perform your new song. It is always a good idea to play for friends and family first before trying to play to a crowd. When you feel comfortable enough playing your song, you should think about visiting an open mic night at a local coffeehouse or bar. At open mic nights, songwriters can play one or more of their songs to an appreciative and attentive audience. Performers can discuss their craft with other writers, making it a fun way to learn more about the writing process.

For yacht charters, Cannes is the place to go when you want to experience the life of the rich and famous. Take in the famous Cannes Film Festival and cruise along the French Riviera. From the moment you step on the yacht, there will be a professional crew to serve you. Although the yacht charter company may suggest an itinerary, you may have different places you want to visit. As long as there are good anchorages, you can choose your own itinerary with yacht charters. Cannes is the ultimate destination, but there are many sights to see along the way. Yacht charters in Cannes are hard to beat.

You don’t have to choose luxury yacht charters. Cannes also has bareboat yacht charters that you can crew on your own as long as you have sailing experience. You also have to be very cognizant of the differences in sailing in this part of the world if you have never done so before. If you want to charter a yacht, Cannes experts will tell you that it is best to make your first trip with an experienced crew and learn what the likely dangers might be. Then you can charter a yacht on your own and set out on a unique adventure.

Technology has made its way into yacht charters. Cannes luxury yachts have Internet connections so you can keep in touch with home or the office while you are enjoying your time at sea. If you book a bareboat charter yacht, Cannes yacht charter companies do not provide Internet access on these boats. The idea is for you to enjoy the thrill of sailing, so you will not have the amenities of the luxury yachts. If you choose a crewed yacht charter, you will still have a chef to cook your meals, so you can enjoy the flavor of Cannes offshore as well as on land.

Choose Cannes as one of your ports of call when you book yacht charters. Cannes has all the flair of living life to the fullest. If you plan your vacation around the Cannes Film Festival, you will one of many that charter yachts to Cannes at this time of the year. This will give you an opportunity to rub shoulders with the stars of the film industry and take in some of the best films of the year. You do have to plan the trip and be very certain about the number of passengers you want to take with you on the yacht. International maritime law states that there can be no more than 12 passengers on yacht charters. If you intend to have more than this number in your party, then you will have to let the yacht charter company know so it can get the special registration required.

When you book crewed yacht charters to Cannes, you will have to leave your pets at home. Most yacht charter companies do not allow pets on board and because of the close quarters, smoking is prohibited inside. If you are travelling to France from another country for the express purpose of booking a yacht charter, you will need to present your passport in order to board the yacht. Charters to Cannes are subject to the customs and immigration rules and regulations.

Deciding to send a child away for a night, a week or even an entire summer can be a very scary proposition. When the reason is for a summer camp, the worries ease a little, but not necessarily a bunch. There are things parents and their musically inclined children can look for in band camps and themselves to ensure the choice is a good one.

Band camps can be held in daytime only venues, but the most common route involves a set period of time dedicated to some pretty intense training. Before making the decision to even consider different band camps, it’s a very good idea to be certain of the following things:

* Maturity. Whether it’s a weekend away from home, two weeks or months at a time, a child needs to have a certain level of maturity to truly enjoy the experience. If your youth has never been away from home before, a two-month camp might not be the wisest of choices. A single week crash course might work though.

* Interest. Does your child really have an interest in exploring band camps? If not, this might not be the wisest route to go.

* Acceptance. Are you willing to give your child up for the set time? Saying goodbye for even a week can be a tough proposition for a parent. If you’re not ready and the child is not either, perhaps a day camp would be more in order?

* Affordability. Band camps can get pretty expensive. Make sure it really is within your budget or consider some of the scholarship possibilities that might be available for particularly promising youth.

If the decision has been made and band camps definitely appeal, there are still plenty of questions that will need asking and answering. When looking at different camps, consider the following:

* Distance from home. This can be particularly important for those new at being away and their parents, too.

* Programs offered. Does the camp you’re looking at offer intense training in your child’s instrument of choice? If not, another camp might be better suited.

* Length of time. Some camps offer one-week programs, others two weeks or even a month or two. Consider the camps that fit personal choice on this matter.

* Other activities. While it’s true the purpose of band camps is to help youth become more proficient with their instruments and perhaps even performing in front of crowds, that should not be the only activity. At least a side line or two of something else should be in place.

* Qualifications, reputation. If you’re sending your child away to a band camp to learn about the tuba, for example, make sure the people on the other end know what they are doing. Be certain to check into musical qualifications, and also the camp’s reputation for taking care of their youthful charges.

* Parental involvement. Make sure you can at the very least check out the camp in person, if you’d like. If you are particularly concerned, see if it’s possible to volunteer a day or two to check it out.

Band camps are rising in popularity by leaps and bounds. They can offer fantastic experiences for youth who truly enjoy playing music. Just make sure you and your child are ready for the experience and do check them out to be doubly sure.

It is very often that you hear a song that touches your heart and becomes one of your most favorite ones; yet when you need to hum along you’re unable to get the lyrics clearly and wish you had a place where you could get the words of the song. If you’ve been through such a situation and prayed for a way out – your wish has just come true.

A Website Dedicated To Bring You He Lyrics

The website http://www. dailyrics. com does just that – it collects the lyrics of all the songs it finds and has them posted on the website so you could get the lyrics of your song as and when you like it. This is a good boon for all music lovers all over the world. It does not matter where in the world you live – you can have any lyrics you ever wanted at just a click of the mouse. There is much more there for those music fans out there:

A. Search songs – you can use the http://www. dailyrics. com to find your favorite songs on the net along with the lyrics it has. Now, if you’ve a karaoke party or a full fledged music band you could play as good as your favorite stars. It is all there for the asking.

B. Search artists – just the same way any people search for songs, lyrics and other information, others often learn more about the artists who sang them. The details of about half a few hundred thousand artists are indexed on http://www. dailyrics. com so you could find out practically about anyone who ever sang a popular song.

C. Albums – are you looking for a certain album? Check out the http://www. dailyrics. com. The lyrics huge database consists of half a million songs all indexed by title for easy search. It would take you a few minutes to find everything you ever needed to know about any album released in the last three decades.

D. Daily updates – it is true that the http://www. dailyrics. com database is simply huge. Even so, it is updated daily so you can have access to the lyrics, song and artists details of the song that hit the top 10 list yesterday. This database is phenomenal. If you can’t get the info you’re seeking here, you might as well give up. There would be very few databases as big and as comprehensive as this one anywhere else on the Net.

E. Indexed for easy search – the http://www. dailyrics. com has all its data neatly indexed alphabetically so you could have the answer to your query in a matter of seconds. You would be able to find lyrics, songs, artists’ info as well as details on various albums on this data base at one click of the mouse.

It has become ever so popular for independent recording artists and producers to buy and sell beats online. With this trend comes a lot of traffic from inexperienced artists trying to buy beats online. An inexperienced buyer will easily over pay for a beat online. This article was written from personal experience in hopes of giving any insight, not as a hard set of rules to follow, but a guide. Listed below are things beat buyers should know and understand when buying beats online.

Understand The INTRINSIC Value Of Hip Hop Beats And Rap Beats

You cannot touch, bend, break, fold, or smell rap beats. For that matter, you cannot even see them, yet in the music industry, we see them being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh . . . but you can hear and fell vibrations from beats, cannot you. This kind of makes music like the wind, so I guess it’s fair to say the music industry is selling “air”. . . not really, but hopefully you get my point. It’s not the price of the beat but the producer or person you are buying it from.

The actual value of a beat or music is based on an underlying perception of its true value, perception being the keyword. Don’t rip yourself off by buying a beat online for $500 if the producer has no credibility or his or her image and stature in the music industry doesn’t give value to your demo or album sales. Look at what Brittany Spears did on her latest album, take note of the album credits and all the popular “Producer Powers” employed, essentially playing a major part in her attempt to revive her career.

Some Internet Beat Pricing Standards And Averages

The average rate on the Internet for a “Non-Exclusive” beat license is $0 – $75. With this type of license you are essentially leasing or renting the beat for a given amount of time or copies. The average for an “Exclusive” beat license is from around $75 – $250. This type of license gives you full ownership of the beat, as if you created it yourself. More popularly noted as “work for hire”. Note: Some exclusive licenses may restrict resale.

Try To Contact The Producer Before You Buy

To get the most for your money, and protect yourself from “beat-jackers” (people who steal other peoples beats and resell them) try to contact the producer first to see if he or she is responsive, email or PM seems to be the best method. Don’t just buy beats from “Joe Blow” without making any kind of contact first. Trust me, real beat makers who are truly vested in their craft make themselves available and they’ll be happy to hear from you (it builds their ego) and will more than likely work a deal out with you if you buy more than one beat from them. If a seller takes more than two days to respond, keep it moving. There are literally thousands of other producers who will stop at the drop of a hat to make a $20 sale in hopes of repeat business and a little recognition. Try starting off with producers that you see are already selling beats to others on the net or have their beats rated high or “Hot”. Obviously they are doing something right and they are more than likely satisfying other beat buyers needs.

Get It In Writing

When you buy beats online, make sure there is any type of printable licensing agreement associated with the beat you buy. A licensing agreement/contract will explain the rights you have with the beats and the terms under which you may use the beat.

Cheap Exclusive Beat

Cheap exclusive beats are the best deals to get but there are very few producers out there who are willing to sell you an exclusive beat from $20 to $40. Check out thebeattrader. com for any of those type deals. There are not a lot of producers on that site and understandably so, but the site became very popular for selling low priced exclusive beats a few years ago.

Cheap Non-Exclusive Beats

The next best thing is a low priced non-exclusive. Remember, the catch with non-exclusive beats is that the beat may have been sold several other times before you buy it, so if you are looking for fresh music, make a list of the producers you like on a site and watch their profiles. Good experienced online producers know to cycle out old beats and update their profiles with new beats at least every 2-3 days.

I’d say a fair price to pay for a non-exclusive beat is about $20. There is an abundant amount of producers selling beats online right now who would fight for your business. Online producers are almost a dime a dozen so it’s really easy nowadays to get unique music for your mix-tape, demo, or album at and very affordable price.

For reference, BeatSwagger. com is one of the best sites to buy beats on. The site has very affordable beats, fast transactions and its easy to use. You basically click, buy, and download your beat instantly from a secured link sent to the e-mail address of your choosing. Plus, you can also instantly download a printable licensing agreement after you buy beats. The site prides itself in its more mature, seasoned music producers and beat makers. The majority of these producers are serious about selling beats and are easy to work with. They typically have the Gold or Platinum Membership.

Happy Beat Buying!