Festivals have been steadily gaining popularity all over the world in recent years, and the larger ones have expanded tremendously. However, as a result of the high ticket prices and relatively remote locations, a few oppurtunistic entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the backlash against the inaccesibility of events like Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, and other big-draw, weeklong festivals.

One notable example of this comes in the form of Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, which is now in its second year. Last year’s event featured over 30 bands on three stages, for a modest charge of $10. Many local and nationally acclaimed acts were featured, from punk rock bands like the venerable Circle Jerks to Austin favorites such as the Octopus Project and the Riverboat Gamblers. Large festivals aim to please as many music fans as possible by providing an incredibly diverse cross-section of acts, thereby minimizing the liklelyhood of alienating a potential customer.

However, the drawback to this approach is that booking such a large number of acts means paying all of them, and providing a substantial amount of infrastructure. Even in the case of events like South By Southwest, which use mostly existing clubs to showcase the artists, the number of people whoever can see a given act is compromised by, if nothing else, fire codes which restrict how some people may be inside a club safely at a given time. On the other hand, festivals like Fun Fun Fun Fest serve as an intermediary between the larger festivals and one-off club shows by serving a relatively small subset of the musical crowd with a lot of bands. Thus the “bang for your buck” of a large festival is preserved, although some people are still more satisfied by the relatively low ticket price, which is more in line with a club charge for seeing at most four to five bands in one night.

Fun Fun Fun also brings a somewhat different aesthetic to the standard “carpet bomb” approach discussed earlier. By appealing to a more specific (some would say discerning) crowd, the fans are more likely to be happier with the experience, therefore making them likely to return. Since their acts do range from relatively unknown to national touring acts, new musical introductions are welcome and often. The 2006 festival was (somewhat hilariously) divided into three stages according to loosely defined genres: Rock, Punk, and Electronic. While these definitions seemed a bit inaccurate, (for example, anyone whoever has seen Peaches live would probably have placed her in the Punk or possibly the Electronic stage before the largest Rock stage, but the genre-based stage distinctions are no longer quite so brazen in the upcoming 2007 iteration) most would have considered the 2006 Fest to be quite a success.

This year’s festival has expanded quite a bit, most obviously in that it is now a 2-day affair. It still takes place in Austin’s own Waterloo Park, and there are still three stages (their genres still based along the previous year’s lines, without calling them such outright) but the tickets are a bit pricier at $54 a pop (which does fall in line with the 75 bands now playing). This festival now appears to be in direct competition with the Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival, but with a narrower focus. I enjoyed last year’s show immensely, and the acts seemed much more tailored to my tastes than ACL, not to mention costing less than a tenth of the hard-to-obtain ACL day passes. Also, since FunFunFun happens in November, the absurd dust storms and (this year) fires are no longer a threat. “What!” you say, “A festival in Texas that’s comfortable and, well, fun?” I say check out the bands and see what piques your interest. If punk rock, electronic dance music, or just plain old rock-and-roll seems up your alley, then FFFFest is a good bet.

I get a lot of requests for reasonably priced high quality recording Studio windows. In general a studio window is used to separate the console or control room area from the live performance room. This is not however the only application for the Tru Acoustics windows. They are used in Radio stations as well to separate the different live rooms and to provide visual contact for the D.J.’s. The windows have been used by CNN News in Atlanta to allow visitors to watch the live broadcasts, yet not disturb the news caster. The uses for these windows is virtually endless.
There are a number of things to look for when purchasing your studio or control room windows. The first order of business is decide what amount of soundproofing you need and can afford. The windows from Soundproofing America, Inc come in 2 varieties. The first is our Tru Acoustics 45 STC studio window. This is a high quality window that has a integrated glass unit consisting of two 1/4″ laminated glass panes that are fused together leaving a sealed 1″ gap in between the layers of glass. The glass panes in this window are set at a 7 Degree slant which directs the reflective sounds that would reflect off the glass towards the floor. This helps when recording in the live room. Most of our studio windows come with aluminum frames that are anodized bronze colored or silver, and the windows can also come tinted or mirrored for one way vision through the window.
As a general rule the 45STC windows are used in Home recording studios, however, they have also been used in high end professional recording facilities. The sealed dead air space between the layers of laminated glass helps with the soundproofing effort. These are things you need to look for in a quality recording studio window.
Now the next higher grade studio window is what is referred to as the Tru Acoustics 56STC studio window. This window is quite similar to the Tru Acoustics 45 STC window with the exception of an additional layer of ?? laminated glass that is mounted vertically in the window frame. This high quality window is what would be used in a commercial studio. This is a professional grade studio window that gives you a 56 STC (Sound Transmission Class).
The cost of the windows depends upon which grade window you need and also the dimensions of the window itself.
These windows both come with a full 2 year guarantee and also come with complete installation instructions. There is also a mandatory installation kit that will need to be purchased with any of our studio windows.
Now you have an idea of what to look for in a professional grade recording studio window. Thanks for stopping by to read about this great product. For more information about the Tru Acoustics Studio windows and about out High quality Sound Vault Studio doors, call the professionals at Soundproofing America Inc. We are ready to help. As Always, Dr. Bob!

Finding a designer jewelry studio may be a daunting practice. When you are looking for a custom jewelry designer, you know you are looking for some place where you could potentially be spending a lot of money, so you need to find a studio at which you can feel like you are making a good investment. You can make the search for a jewelry studio a lot less stressful by learning how to find a good studio and the things to look for when you do find some studios to check out. This guide will help you find your way into the best jewelry studio you can find.

Use the Internet

The world wide web should be your first port of call when looking for a good jewelry studio. Also with a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can find out which jewelry studios are in your area and what kinds of jewelry they specialize in. Perhaps most importantly, you can find out what kind of reputation these places have. You can bet that if a particular jewelry studio has a reputation for shoddy craftsmanship or conning people by selling them fake stones and pretending they’re real, then someone is writing about it online. The world wide web is a good place to discover any red flags about a particular jewelry studio before you walk into the door.

What To Look For in the Studio

A good way to get the wonderful piece of jewelry for you is to find a jewelry studio that is home to more than one designer. This way, you can check out a variety of different design options and get a feel for what kind of jewelry style appeals to you the most.

No matter how many designers are in the studio you settle on, however, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for. The designers should be able to discuss their background with you without a problem. Some designers are self taught, and that is ok, but look for things like diplomas, awards, and certificates on the wall that will give you an idea of the training of the jeweler.

Likewise, the jeweler should be able to discuss with you where each and mostly all one of their stones and other materials came from, and they should be able to show you certificates of authenticity for their fine gems and materials. If they seem to have a lack of enthusiasm for proving their qualifications and the quality of their materials to you, turn and walk away.

More Help

If you aren’t sure about a studio, don’t be afraid to check them out with the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau. Jewelry is an expensive investment, and it is desirable and practicable to get the advice these people before you turn over your hard earned cash.

Every young marrying couple will have priorities set for the preparation of the wedding. Picking out the rings is one of these high priority decisions. The wedding ring is the symbol of eternal love – it’s the never ending circle of the relationship.

The tradition of a bride and groom exchanging corresponding rings on their wedding day is a long-time tradition that is still important today. Because these important pieces of fine jewelry will be worn throughout the couple’s marriage, many end up delaying other decisions and wedding planning tasks until the rings have been chosen.

When a couple exchanges their rings, they are sharing something that is more meaningful than a commitment to their relationship. A circle is a very unique shape because there is no identifiable starting point or ending point. A lot of couples hold on to this symbol as a mark of their forever love.

For those fortunate enough to find that someone special and step into marriage, they feel like they have always known and loved this person. Because their feelings are very deep and strong, the exchange of rings becomes much more meaningful in the context of symbolizing a love that is for eternity.

Along with being very symbolic, rings are another way a couple can show their unique tastes and personalities. When deciding on them, it is always a good idea to choose the styles, patterns, precious metals, and the elements of design that will symbolize the couple and their preferences. It is best to use a jewelry specialist and ring designer when designing your custom wedding bands.

By choosing them this way, the couple has rings that are singularly their own, yet show an even greater unity between them because of the customization. Knowledge of the rings’ uniqueness will make the couple feel even more special.

For most couples, custom crafted wedding rings do not fit in their budget. The added cost is not the only issue, though. Another factor is the added time that will be needed to design and manufacture the rings. This is why most couples and an impending wedding date are satisfied to purchase their set of wedding rings at either a local jewelry store or online.

Most recording studio owners I talk to need more paying clients. Some need more. But when the subject of finding more clients comes up, studio owners mostly jump directly to finding ways to attract new clients, totally ignoring their past clients. But if you take any particular group of prospects, the people most likely to hire you are… (drum roll, please…) people whoever have already hired you! So it really makes sense to pay a lot of attention to the clients “right under your nose” – your past clients.

How to pay attention to past clients

It’s actually pretty easy. During times when I think a one-size-fits-all newsletter sent to your entire client list will help your business a lot, your time is also well spent contacting clients personally. It takes just 15 or 20 minutes a couple days a week to send out a few personal emails or make a few phone calls. Contact clients personally about mostly all 60 days and alternate between phone calls and email. Since you’re contacting your clients in a few different ways, you almost guarantee your chances of getting a slice of their valuable time.

Why cannot I just stick to the newsletter?

Several people resist picking up the phone to talk to clients. They’d rather just send out a newsletter and not talk to anyone. But many clients won’t read your newsletter. Not that they don’t need to, but with so many communications vying for our attention these days, many people just don’t have the time. When clients know you care enough to keep in touch with their music and their lives, they are more likely to do business with you again, and even less likely to go price shopping when it comes time for their next project.

How to find out what makes your clients tick

When you communicate 1 on 1 with your clients, you not only get them to come back and record more music with you (and of course spend more money with you), but you also get to learn what makes your clients tick, what sort of results they are looking for, and sometimes more importantly, why they might not have been 100% satisfied with their last studio experience (be it with you or any other studio).

Now that you have this new x-ray vision…

Having this sort of “market research” keeps your fingers on the pulse of your client base and lets you in on the conversation inside your clients’ heads. Kinda like x-ray vision into their brain. This info is worth its weight in gold because now you will know how to present your studio and your services to likely new clients. If a bunch of your metal clients are raving about the huge guitars on the new Tool record, and you can deliver that sound, then make sure you work that in to your conversation with the next heavy metal band that checks out your studio. Show off your backline and any of your strategy on how to get that sound. Cranking a sample of your latest work through your mains won’t hurt either.

Sure, you could guess what your clients want, but the more you learn what your clients really want, the more you’re able to hone your message. Just a thing you say or offer could be the difference between gaining a new client and losing one to the studio down the street.

There’s good news…

The good thing about marketing to your past clients is that you don’t have to spend any additional money trying to find out where they are. You’ve already identified them. You already know they record their music or other audio material. You know they are able to pay for your services. They already know you and (hopefully) like yourself and the results you deliver. Identifying your clients with pinpoint accuracy is 95% of the battle when it comes to marketing and advertising. It is expensive to find new clients, so why ignore such low hanging fruit?

The danger of assuming…

Several studio owners assume that since a musician or band recorded with them in the past, they’ll of course record with them in the future. They think they can spend all their marketing time and budget on finding new clients, while past clients will automatically continue to roll in. This may be true to any degree, but this is very dangerous thinking. You need to ensure that your clients come back again and again and again. So get out that client database and connect with a few clients mostly all couple days and get any conversations rolling!

You do have a client database, don’t you?

If you don’t, you should assemble a database of all your past clients as soon as you can, or at least keep a database going forward, starting now. Keep track of as much info on your clients as you comfortably can. Things like mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, spouse’s names, kids’ names and ages. Keep track of contact dates, and any important details of your conversation, like progress on their latest masterpiece, gigs and the luck of the last project you did for them. All this info will help you keep in tune with your clients without taxing yourself to remember so many nitty gritty details. If you briefly review your notes before connecting with your client, your conversation will be smooth, as if you had spoken yesterday, even if it was two months ago.

If all this is starting sounds like sales, well… that’s because it is! Somebody’s gotta sell your wares. Who else is going to?

Start building your database

Having a solid client list and making regular contact makes it possible to drum up business on demand whenever you need it. It doesn’t cost much and might be the most valuable part of your business, sitting right under your nose.

As a so-called expert on tinnitus and a professional concert pianist I mainly get asked, How does tinnitus affect your ability to practice and perform music.” I’d often answer this question in such a way that my response applies to everyone, not just musicians. Therefore, whenever I speak about music, you must alternative your own dominant creative talent. In other words, just replace music with the desire and creative activity which you aspire to the most.

So, let’s begin. Music is a big part of my life, yet even though I make the major portion of my income from the music business it doesn’t seem like work at all. It seems like “play.”

But, this was not always the case. I saw my life in music as a job and not a very enjoyable one at that. This was because the people who I was involved with in the music business were competitors instead of co-creators.

Then when tinnitus came along, it infected me to the point where I no longer enjoyed playing the piano at all. And, I can tell you that it was a very painful experience to not be doing the thing I loved the most. However, once I realized that my resistance to “what is”, in other words my resistance to tinnitus, was causing me to self-sabotage my piano music career, I stopped. Then, I started re-focusing on what I truly wanted, instead of what I didn’t want.

Once focused on music and how I could utilize my talents, experience and energy in a more positive way, my tinnitus no longer became a factor. It no longer kept me from what I wanted which, was a successful music career. Now, that I have it, it keeps growing and getting larger and my tinnitus is continually taking a back seat to the things that really matter the most to me.

However, until I realized through learning, that I could change my reality by changing my thoughts, nothing would have happened because I didn’t know this was even possible. The key is ‘learning’. I went from being a know-it-all to a learn-it-all beautiful much overnight. This drastically changed my perceptions of music and the music business altogether.

So then, I went out in search of people, places, circumstances and events that could support my new version of reality. Once I attracted those things naturally everything seemed to get easier. Opportunity seemed to be around every corner just waiting for me to recognize it.

My music career is already by most standards very successful. Have I achieved everything I’ve ever wanted to? No. But, that does not negate the fact that I live each day as if I’ve already achieved greatness. I know it is only a matter of physical time before I manifest most of my desires into reality where there’s proof, not only for me, but for everyone else as well.

I’ll let you browse around my website and notice any of the things I’ve done. It is quite an extensive site and you sometimes have to dig deep to get where you’re going but the info about my past experiences and successes are there. Most of these things wouldn’t have been possible without the jolt that tinnitus gave me. Tinnitus helped me realize that I was the only cause of everything around me be it negative or positive. All I had to do then was change my dominant consistent thoughts to include more of “what I want” and less of “what I don’t want.”

Learning the Law of Attraction helped me a great deal in this process. Like attracts like. If I’m constantly worried, afraid and obsessing about things, I get tons of unwanted results I’d rather not have. On the other hand, if I keep monitoring my thoughts and keep reaching for the highest thought in the moment, I tend to materialize with very tiny effort any amazing results. And, along with those amazing results comes a lot less tinnitus volume.

Music was the key for me. Why? Because, music is my true hearts desire. To succeed on any level in the music business is a bonus. The whole starving artist thing kept me safe but in a place of not having. I need my cake and eat it too. I need a life in music but I also need to be successful at it and if that includes more money, that’s a bonus.

So, to sum up, if I were to offer advice, which I do very rarely, I would say that focusing on your music won’t only eliminate your tinnitus but, it will bring you more of everything you want. Reaching for the highest thought, in every moment where you are tempted to have a negative one, will have a tremendous impact on your life situation. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish just by focusing your attention and energy on what you truly want.

I’ll leave you with this thought. “Life isn’t about struggle, fear, worry and pain, it is about easily manifesting in a healthy and positive way the things you desire the most. Once you figure out what it is you truly want, and then focus your dominant and consistent thoughts on getting what you want, you cannot fail to get what you want. In the process, your negative self-defeating habits will fade and be replaced with a completely new map of reality – one in which every island exposes a lost treasure that was just waiting for you to uncover it.”

What is more romantic for a bride and groom than looking inside of their wedding bands and seeing a personalized engraving with special meaning for them?

There are a few ways to accomplish this task that your jeweler will recommend and now any new processes available that increase the limits of the message that may be created on rings.

Let us review the traditional methods most currently being used in the marketplace.

First, there’s hand engraving done by an artisan engraver using a hand tool called a graver. It is not a perfect process and the results will depend on the quality and skill of the craftsman doing the work.

Also commonly used is machine engraving which is much more precise but mostly limited to one row of words using up to 20 characters to be engraved on the ring.

Now, a specialty process adapted to a not so new technology, called laser engraving, has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for wedding couples whoever are thinking of engraving their rings. Wedding bands are now being created with entire messages that are clearly readable and up to 225 character long. This allows the ability to write whole passages, even entire wedding vows, on the inside of the wedding bands. Currently, bridal couples are choosing from civil vows, gay partner vows, religious vows, love poetry, Shakesperean Sonnets, and even writing their own vows. .

This sentimental and romantic addition to your wedding bands can forever be a reminder of your love and the commitments made, and add a special and unique touch to your wedding day.
Jerry Biern
www. weddingvowrings. com

Many cities among the world get attention from all over the world because of all the glamour and the environment that offer to people who come there or are living there. Many American cities are credited as the best cities in the world because of their facilities and other attractions but Los Angeles is one of the cities that has its own attraction and many from all over the world want to go there because it has too much to offer. It might be stated as the most treasured tourist stop in the world and every year many come to spend their vacations. The environment of the city is very lively there are hundreds of spots that might be used for recreation and parties including all the clubs and the bars that are a lot in Los Angeles. Once you’ve reached the city then you won’t have to worry about the fun and enjoyment because you’ll find it everywhere even the city is at a peak in working days and the weekends are like blast and everyone is out hanging out with friends and acquaintances

The clubs and bars are enough to handle the population as a huge amount of people are always in the mood of party and they go to any place they find is good. The important places are reserved for weeks and they cannot be reached easily as you must have good contacts or you need an invitation. Still you can have the world’s best night clubs where you’ll notice many celebrities and they’ll be moving around you like all other people. This is the specialty of the place that you’ll find a lot of celebrities in the city because the most popular pop stars, actors, actresses and many other celebrities are the permanent residents of the city. The city is full of rich businessmen and highly paid people who love luxuries and they’re getting them. Some most costly bars with the most costly drinks are present in the city that has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people without overcrowding.

The food in the city is also exclusive as all the other things are and you can taste any very different things in the city which will make you a big fan of the food. Almost all the kinds of food is prepared in different restaurants and hotels and you can eat whatever you want without searching It for hours. The clubs are filled with people who are enjoying in the place with loud music and drinks. People are well aware of all the activities and they don’t have any problem in enjoying their life even in the week days. You won’t have single chance that you’ll feel bored while you’re staying in the city. All the clubs and bars are waiting for you and you should get a chance sometime to visit the city and have all the fun that you want.

People whoever earn their bread and butter in the entertainment world are greatly benefited from the use of the royalty free music library. The main advantage of using a royalty free music is that the users don’t have to make any further payment for the repetitive use of the same track. Such a facility definitely favors all and sundry but especially those whoever are making films or documentaries on a shoestring budget.

Lower cost is the main reason why the concept of royalty free music has caught attention of many in the entertainment world. Obviously the aggregate amount of multiple payments for the same track is significantly higher than a single fee. Of course, when one is using a score for the first time, he has to pay royalty fee for it. But it may so happen that he wants to use the same musical piece for many a project. Of course, he’s allowed to do that and is not required to make any additional payment. Luckily there is many a music library where you can purchase the royalty free music.

Such a library is a great source of the samples of stock music. At times the budding musicians purchase the stock music from a music library rather than hiring an orchestra or a choir. If you hire any of these, you’ve to bear a huge amount of cost for rehearsal or recording. An don’t forget about the whopping amount that you’ve to purchase using a studio. You can save all these costs simply by using a royalty free music from the music library. Apart from the upcoming artists, the renowned musicians often prefer to go for using the free music. Cost saving is not what they eye on, it is the time feature that is a great concern for them. Attending studio, rehearsing with the musicians for several days and finally going for recording consume a lot of their precious time. By using a music library and purchasing the royalty free music, they can surely save their valuable time and invest it into other projects.

Those whoever make documentaries have to finish their projects within a tight budget. They often earn no profit out of the paltry investment into a project. So it is very natural for them to seek options in order to minimize the cost. As music is a part and parcel of every motion picture or documentary, so the facility of buying a royalty free music on offer by a music library can successfully meet the financial objectives of the filmmakers. As these libraries are the large storage of several kinds of music, so one may simply be spoiled for choice. The stored music are categorized in various sections to facilitate your search for the right piece. Moreover, the minimum price of a royalty free music that you purchase from a music library drags down the cost of your project to a significant extent.

Any creative professional can make a good use of a royalty free music library. The upcoming talents whoever need to showcase their creative quotients often get disheartened at the practice of cheating in the music industry. There are copycats whoever use the others’ creation without their prior permission. In that case, the original composers are deprived of both money and fame. Such a frustrating experience can be averted if they opt for music licensing and get their music placed in a music library.

Downloading music and movies from internet has become very common and popular. This industry is achieving tremendous growth. Most of the people are joined with this because of the fantastic opportunities. The choice of material is unlimited and it tempts us to enjoy the comfort and privacy at homes with a minimal cost.

Many people are living with a perception that downloading unlimited music from internet is over now. However, the situation is opposite. The truth is that anyone can still download loads of music by choosing the right music websites. There is no need for paying expensive software to enjoy your most adored music.

One can join a music download website that offers the unlimited download for just a onetime fee. Above that there are various other sites as well on which the downloading can be done without paying anything. These are free of cost and do not charge anything even if you downloads several songs or the music albums per day. Once you click the music download websites link, there you can find out various options for different websites that can allow the free music downloads. Moreover, it is not required to pay per download like the other paid sites.

These contain a variety of albums. The old and classic songs are easily available on these. One does not need to go to the music shops and purchase the album of his most adored songs. Rather, he can get the same sitting at home and without paying anything extra.

Before starting the downloading, make sure the internet should be broadband connection and there should be enough space on the computer’s hard disk as well because you may be downloading very large files. The next thing that comes is that while downloading the music files from music websites, check the format of the same. It should be compatible with the music player. Choose the one that is accepted by the DVD player. The sound quality should be checked after the download because any sites do not provide very good quality music.

Most of the sites will give an easy to use members area in which step by step guidance will be displayed through which one can download the music file or any video. It will show all the ways to download the material. There are different websites that offers several lengths of time for the membership in case you need to join the same. These does not only give access to download music albums, but also allows getting movies and games as well which can be downloaded in the free time. Make sure, the website you choose should offer unlimited high quality download at best possible price.

Music websites are very popular for various other reasons as well. Free legal music download is available on hundreds of sites on the internet. No matter if you are a music lover or an artist, mp3 download can serve all purposes. The sites keep on updating the data base and can provide almost every song, a person can desire.

No doubt the unlimited number of websites has simplified almost every possible download. However, there are some, which are not trustworthy. One has to protect himself against such sites.